Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I run for me.

Running was the very first thing I did for MYSELF as a new mommy. Seriously, Paige was 21 months when I did that very first run on the treadmill. That run was one of the very few, early times that I took a break from "being mommy" and was just Jamie for thirty minutes. After going on that treadmill for the first time, I realized that doing something for myself wasn't bad or selfish. It actually did something good. It made me a better mommy. It allowed me to take a break from life and do something for me ... that was good.

Our kids are now old enough to know that mommy and daddy NEED to workout. Not necessarily just because our training schedules say that we NEED to run six miles, but that our life requires it now. It is apart of us. Our little guy even points to the door to the basement and begs to go downstairs to his play area to go "runn-nee" with mommy. Our kindergartener has competed in a handful of kids races and seems to enjoy them and says she "feels great" afterwards. And both of them cheer us on for most of our road races and Jason's triathlons. It is apart of all of us now. And, I love it.

And, guess what my Road ID bracelet says? I run for me.

Always good to come home from a long run
to these two smiling faces.

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  1. Good for you...no one will do it for you! I put off running hard until my kids were in Jr. High and I wish I had started earlier. More smiling faces, earlier in our lives!