Sunday, January 21, 2018

Spring Womens Running Group - Friday Mornings

Spring Womens Running Group - Friday Mornings
Fridays 5:15-6:15 am | Starts March 2 | Nine Weeks
Investment in yourself: $80

Start your weekends off right this spring with a group run on Friday mornings. Ladies will rotate various parks and trails in Sun Prairie on Friday mornings from 5:15-6:15 am. Get your workout in before your family rises for the day, before your work day and before your busy weekend of scheduled activities.

Ladies will run/walk 30 mins at various locations, plus a dynamic warm up, cool down and stretching. All paces and abilities welcome. Group starts Friday, March 2 at the Running Diva Mom Studio in Sun Prairie. Class will include nine sessions.

Email me at runningdivamom@yahoo.com to register via personal check and to avoid the online ordering fee.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ladies 10K Running Group with Running Diva Mom

Ladies 10K Running Group with Running Diva Mom
Starts Sat March 10 @ 7am || 12 Weeks || Investment in yourself: $99

This running group is designed to take runners from the 5K to the 10K in eleven weeks.  We will meet together once each week.  Parks/locations will rotate in Sun Prairie, Deforest and on Madison's Eastside.

Class starts on Saturday, March 10.  First class will meet at Running Diva Mom Studio in Sun Prairie.  Class meets for eleven weeks at 7:00 am on Saturday mornings.  There will be class, but no instructor on April 7 (Please consider running the Parkinson's 5K that morning.).  A full training program with locations will be sent to participants during the week of the first class.  Must be able to run/walk 30 mins at first class.

This non-competitive running group is geared towards women of all paces and abilities.  Everyone will run/walk at their own pace and an out-and-back route will be planned, so that the entire group can stick together.  This is a very encouraging and fun atmosphere and is perfect for runners that have run a handful of 5K races.

If you are interested in avoiding the processing fee, please reach out to runningdivamom@yahoo.com to purchase your session by check. 

We will be training for the Run Madtown Twilight 10K in Madison on the evening of Saturday, May 26.  This race is optional and is not included with your session registration.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Spring Couch to 5K | Starts April 18

Spring Ladies Couch to 5K | Starts April 18
Wednesdays at 6:00-6:45 pm – nine weeks
Program starts with one minute intervals of running/walking for 20 mins!

Are you interested in running your first 5K? Join Jamie Adcock, Madison's Running Diva Mom, for this gentle introduction to running. Jamie's program slowly and painlessly prepares your mind and body to run a 5K race in a supportive community environment. You'll start off alternating between walking and running small distances, and slowly build up endurance over the course of nine weeks, so you're ready to run 5 kilometers - or 30 minutes non-stop for the Her Madison 5K on June 24, 2018. This program also includes injury prevention and stretching tips. Program participants also receive a team shirt to wear on race day and a celebration party from Beans 'N Cream Coffeehouse. Race registration not included and is optional.

Crazylegs Classic Running Group | Starts Feb 18

Crazylegs Classic Running Group | Starts Feb 18

Join Running Diva Mom for a virtual training group - targeting the exciting Crazylegs Classic 8K (just under 5 miles). This ten week training program will consist of three progressive runs on your own each week and will begin online February 18. Participants will receive a full training program filled with additional challenges and activities and access to our private Facebook group for accountability, support and motivation.

Group will meet up at the race and be coached and supported by Running Diva Mom. The Crazylegs Classic 8K will take place in downtown Madison, Wisconsin on Sat, April 28.

If you are interested in paying by cash or check, please contact me at runningdivamom@yahoo.com. Session fee does not include race registration.

Women Working on Wellness | Fitness + Weightloss Accountability | Starts Feb 4

Women Working on Wellness | Fitness & Weightloss Accountability Group with Running Diva Mom
Run, Walk and Run/Walk training options available!
February 4-25, 2018
Investment in yourself: $30

Participants will receive:

- Three week calendar with an introductory running or walking program and wellness challenges to be completed on your own
- Personalized daily step goals
- Weekly private individual weigh-ins virtually with your coach
- Gain additional accountability by sharing your daily step count and food log with the group (optional)
- Daily group fitness check-ins, weightloss & nutrition tips and motivation from your coach
- Private Facebook group for motivation from other participants and your coach

Participant with the highest percentage of weightloss will receive a FREE ENTRY into the March online accountability group.

If you would like to avoid the Eventbrite fee, please email me at runningdivamom@yahoo.com to pay by cash or check.

Training Group for Dreambank Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K

Training Group for Dreambank Her Madison Half Marathon& 5K with PERSONAL Custom Training Program

Receive 25% off your race registration if you register for the training group January 1-31, 2018

Why train alone, when you can train together? This virtual accountability group will provide unlimited guidance and support, as we train together for the Dreambank Her Madison Half Marathon and 5K events on June 24. Whether it's your first running or walking event or if you simply need a plan and accountability, you will be surrounded by like-minded women and supported by Running Diva Mom. Group starts April 1. Participate and train from anywhere!

Each participant will receive the following:

·        Personal twelve-week CUSTOMIZED training program for the half marathon or 5K (each program will incorporate running, walking, cross-training, strength training and rest days; based on each woman's needs and schedule, after completing a survey)

·        Weekly private check-ins from Running Diva Mom as your coach

·        Daily motivation and accountability via private Facebook group

·        Resources and materials on stretching, injury prevention, nutrition

·        Exclusive discount for Dreambank Her Madison Half Marathon or 5K registration

Madison-area runners! Ladies Couch to 5K will also be led by Running Diva Mom through the Sun Prairie Parks & Recreation Department. Group starts April 18. Additional fee applies.

2017 Mileage

So ... I ran a total of 1,550 miles in 2017. This was my highest mileage year ... ever (in twelve years) ... despite being forced to rest for seven weeks this fall. I use to feel really accomplished if I reached 100 miles in a month, maybe closer to 130 with good weather and an open schedule. But I hovered around or above 150 miles during many months this past year. I'm proud of all I accomplished and learned. I had a good pace (pun intended!) up until the point of my injury mid-October. I coached ... a lot. I ran about 5-6 days a week, sometimes 2-3 times a day with clients. I ran 2-3 hours most days, but only got in 4-6 miles during that time. Running was different for me last year. Mileage by myself was limited, except for a long run approximately once a month and some low miles with the stroller.

I am thankful for 2017 and for all who joined me during some of my 1,550 miles. Thank you for joining me and for allowing me to be a part of your journey.

Congratulations to Darcey B, who won a free entry into the January Women Working on Wellness Accountability group, by guessing 1,500. You all set the bar REALLY high with your guesses at my mileage!

January - 127
February - 127
March - 143
April - 174
May - 178
June - 123.2
July - 157.5
August - 176.1
September - 183
October - 76.3 (seven weeks of rest and physical therapy)
November - 1
December - 84