Thursday, August 16, 2012

RDM Featured in Brava Magazine

I was contacted by Brava Magazine (HERE) earlier this summer, Madison, Wisconsin's leading magazine for women of style and substance.  They wanted to send out a freelance writer to interview me about my coaching experience, see what it's like to start running, discuss the benefits of running, and then also to see what it's like to run a marathon.  They also said I could pick them the time, the best running location in town and that we would be running a few miles during the interview.  Seriously?!  How cool is this?

I left work early one afternoon and met up with Ann at Machinery Row, near Monona Terrace in downtown Madison.  It was in the 80's a HOT!  Ann was a short distance runner, but hadn't been running regularly as of late.  We ended up running back and forth with a photographer, Amber, for about a half hour, to get some good shots.  Then, we headed out for a run.  We ended up running between 5-6 miles on the Capital City Trail, while she asked me questions about how I got started with running, how I encourage others, appropriate gear and what it's like to advance from shorter distance to long distances races.  It was a blast!  It was fun to reflect on my personal experiences and those of my clients.  It also helped me think about future plans, goals and race expectations.

After the interview, I stopped at a local convenience store and treated myself to a fountain Diet Mountain Dew ... and waited a month or so until I could see the article in print ....

You can pick up your August 2012 issue of Brava Magazine (HERE) now at select locations in the Madison, Wisconsin area.