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Couples Couch to 5K – Starts Sept 1 in Sun Prairie

Couples Couch to 5K – Starts Sept 1 in Sun Prairie
Registration (HERE)
Couples Couch to 5K is a great opportunity for a weekly active date night! If you and your spouse are interested in getting active or you are a runner and want to share your passion with your partner, join Joel and Jamie Adcock, for this gentle introduction to running. 

Class will meet on Thursday evenings at 6:00-6:45 pm at various parks and trails in Sun Prairie.  This is a nine week session.  The first class will meet outside of the West Side Community Building in Sun Prairie.

This program slowly and painlessly prepares your mind and body to run a 5K race in a supportive community environment. We’ll start off alternating between walking and running small distances, and slowly build up endurance over the course of nine weeks, so you’re ready to run 5 kilometers - or 30 minutes non-stop for the Haunted Hustle 5K Race on Saturday, October 29. This program also includes injury prevention and stretching tips. Race registration is not included and is optional. Children are welcome in jogging strollers.

To avoid the fee, please contact runningdivamom@yahoo.com to pay by check.


Try a FREE class at The Barre Code Madison

Looking for strength, restoration and cardio classes that are PERFECT for runners?

The Barre Code Madison, is coming to downtown Madison this summer!  They will be holding FREE preview classes throughout July and August prior to their grand opening on August 27th!!

To stay in the loop ... please "like" their Facebook page or send an email (madison@thebarrecode.com) for more information on trying out one of the many great classes The Barre Code has to offer and becoming a member of their community of fitness-minded and empowered women. Please join me for a FREE preview soon!

Living by "The Barre Code" is more than just great exercise, it's a way of life!

Online:  Visit The Barre Code Madison online to learn more and view schedules
Location:  316 W. Washington Ave., Suite 125, Madison, Wisconsin


Curious?  Learn more about The Barre Code strength, restoration and cardio classes ....


TBC stands for both Total Body Conditioning and The Boot Camp. This bootcamp-style workout consists of functional, full-range-of-motion strength training exercises designed to challenge the whole body with a host of props, including heavier weights as well as body weight exercises. Though predominately strength-based, this class is bookended by high-intensity cardio intervals. 


Brawl, which has been recognized by SELF magazine as one of the best workouts in the country, is an intense class that combines cardio kickboxing sequences with strengthening work for the thighs and glutes.


A choreographed sequence of dance-inspired cardio moves interspersed with strengthening sections for the arms, abs, and glutes. Be prepared to sweat and strengthen in this two-for-one class.


Get ready to push yourself to your physical, mental and emotional limits on this 50-minute, three-dimensional ride. Built on the principles of High Intensity Interval Training, this class focuses on four rounds of cardio intervals with active, strength-based recovery sections interspersed throughout. Sink into the beat of the music and prepare yourself for an energizing journey through plyometrics, speed work, agility training and coordination development.

Barre Code

Lengthen and strengthen your muscles during this 50-minute, full-body workout. Incorporating the best of Barre, this cornerstone class will push you to challenge both the body and mind while focusing on working each muscle group to fatigue. Work through dynamic, full-range movements alongside targeted, isometrics to really feel the shake and burn. Round out the total-body experience with a mindful, deep stretch that will leave you feeling accomplished and centered.


Our Barre Code class held in a 95-degree F room! In this full-body workout, the heat aids in detoxifying the body and elevating the heart rate, providing an intense, sweaty experience.

Barre Stretch

The Barre Code’s active stretching class that fulfills the restoration pillar of our fitness program. This 30-minute class is meant to be a physical, mental, and emotional release. During class you’ll find a mixture of dynamic and static stretches, movements for greater mobility and flexibility, and ample guidance and assistance from the instructor. In this class you will focus on the breath, deep core & pelvic floor muscles, mindbody connection, and positive mental/emotional release. The perfect “reset” from any physical and emotional stresses that life throws your way.


A class consisting of vinyasa flows and deep stretching to nurture and restore, acting as an ideal complement to the rest of The Barre Code regimen.

Friday, June 10, 2016

{BOOK REVIEW} My Year of Running Dangerously by Tom Foreman

I recently finished reading "My Year of Running Dangerously" by Tom Foreman. And I couldn't put it down. I could totally relate to his story, even when he started training for an ultra-marathon. He made me reflect on where I've been and where I'm going with these running adventures. And he made me relate and laugh quite often. I found my copy at my local library. I would highly recommend adding this read to your list.
CNN correspondent Tom Foreman's remarkable journey from half-hearted couch potato to ultra-marathon runner, with four half-marathons, three marathons, and 2,000 miles of training in between; a poignant and warm-hearted tale of parenting, overcoming the challenges of age, and quiet triumph.
As a journalist whose career spans three decades, CNN correspondent Tom Foreman has reported from the heart of war zones, riots, and natural disasters. He has interviewed serial killers and been in the line of fire. But the most terrifying moment of his life didn't occur on the job--it occurred at home, when his 18-year old daughter asked, "How would you feel about running a marathon with me?"
At the time, Foreman was approaching 51 years old, and his last marathon was almost 30 years behind him. The race was just sixteen weeks away, but Foreman reluctantly agreed. Training with his daughter, who had just started college, would be a great bonding experience, albeit a long and painful one.
My Year of Running Dangerously is Foreman's journey through four half-marathons, three marathons, and one 55-mile race. What started as an innocent request from his daughter quickly turned into a rekindled passion for long-distance running--for the training, the camaraderie, the defeats, and the victories. Told with honesty and humor, Foreman's account captures the universal fears of aging and failure alongside the hard-won moments of triumph, tenacity, and going further than you ever thought possible.

RDM Contributes to Runner's World Magazine

I've been featured in several popular local and national magazines. But, I never thought I'd see my name in THE Runner's World Magazine, in their Ask the Experts section.
Enjoy running groups or running with a friend? Learn when to choose a faster running buddy versus a slower running buddy for each of your workouts

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Momentum Jewelry; The Motivate Wrap Review

I'm so in love with my new MOTIVATE WRAP from Momentum Jewelry! I was able to pick my color and my motivational phrase and everything. Momentum Jewelry creates an array of pieces that MOVE YOU.  I loved picking out my own phrase ... BE THE BEST VERSION OF YOU!

This wrap/bracelet is super comfy. The t-shirt material is a great combination with my active wear. It's like fine jewelry's version of "comfy clothes".  Each wrap goes around the wrist 4-6 times and are non-bulky and light. They tie in the back, which I adore.  There is so much jewelry on the market, but these are UNIQUE.
The Motivate Wraps come in so many different colors and phrases.  Everyone can identify with one.   At around $19 per wrap, these make great gifts, teachers gifts, coaches gifts - or a gift for yourself!  Think of including some in holiday stockings and Easter baskets, too.  Give someone special in your life a little extra motivation today.  Everyone could use a little boost (or a cheerleader) every now and then.

{BOOK REVIEW} Running: A Love Story by Jen Miller

I've been really into reading the past couple of years. It's a good balance with my go-go-go personality.  It forces me to sit down and relax.  I welcomed the opportunity to review "Running:  A Love Story" by Jen A Miller.
Running: A Love Story is Jen A. Miller’s witty, brutally honest account of her lifelong relationship with running, and an exploration of the many ways that the sport carves a path to empowerment.  As a middle-of-the-pack but tenacious runner, Miller hones her skill while navigating relationships with men that, like a tricky marathon route, have their ups and downs. As she pushes herself toward ever-greater mileage, running helps Miller learn to love herself first, revealing independence, discipline, and confidence she didn’t realize she had.
I really identified with Jen's story because she is a lot like me.  As middle of the pack runners we really need to work for every mile and try to enjoy the process, while trying not to compare ourselves by other more-natural runners.  Her honest story about getting into running and having it eventually become a passion really hit home with me.  We don't all love running at the first step - but eventually we get hooked and love what it does for us physically and mentally.  This book would be super motivating for new runners and a great read for those that are experienced.
I enjoyed reading about Jen's dating experiences, too, while she navigated running and training for a marathon.  The things she learned about herself through both sometimes messy and difficult experiences were a true joy and amusing to read.  I could relate to it all and sometimes laughed out loud and found myself smiling while I read this book on my commute by bus.

2016 Parkinsons Half Marathon Race Report

Well, this race report is LONG overdue ... but, here it is.
I have run the Parkinson's Half Marathon a couple of times already.  But I was a wee bit scared when I picked up my packet on race morning this year.  This was going to be my first race since having my baby in December.  And it wasn't just a 5K - it was a half marathon. I hadn't really trained for it.  I wasn't prepared - mentally or physically.  I had run a few double digit miles post-pregnancy, including a half marathon I ran on my own around town.  But still, I didn't feel ready.  And I knew I would be sore after.

I was going to pick up my packet in Cottage Grove the evening prior.  But I opted to save gas - and time - and pick up my packet the morning of the race.  I'm glad I did.  Parking was easy and packet pick-up was convenient.  On the way in I also was greeted by former clients, running friends and acquaintances.  It was great.  And, I got #2.  Nope - I'm not elite or anything.  Talk about pressure ...

I headed to the startline and saw a lot more familiar faces before we headed out.  We headed out on a quick mile around the neighborhood in Cottage Grove, before entering the Glacial Drumlin Trail.  This is one of my favorite places to run.  The crushed gravel can be hard for some to adjust to and hard on your ankles.  But, once you're use to it, I find it therapeutic, listening to my feet crunch against the gravel.  I quickly met up with an old friend, who ended up running the first half of the race with me.  I turned my tunes down low while we chatted and caught up.  He did a good job distracting me from what was ahead.  My pace was way faster than what I was use to post-pregnancy.  I was clocking 9:30-9:45 minute miles.  Something I hadn't done in about a year.  I was pushing it and knew I needed to slow down. 
I drank water from my handheld, downed a couple of energy gels along the way and picked up sports drink at the water stations.  I really enjoy the out and back route so that you can cheer fellow runners on, give some high fives and welcome the distraction.  At the turnaround, I decided to slow down as my friend opted to try and catch up to some of his other friends.  I turned up my tunes and focused on my breathing and slowing down.  The sun was hot and something we weren't use to at this point mid-April.  It was getting warm - very quickly.  Runners were turning into walkers.  I saw folks walking with their hands on their hips in frustration.  I slowed down, but I didn't walk.  My stomach felt fine, I had enough energy, but I was hot.  I continued to drink water and sports drink for the remainder of the run. 
There is one big hill at the very end of the race, and I prepared for that as runners with medals around their necks were cheering us on.  I was slowing down, but I was getting up that darn hill.  Step by step I trudged my way up and then down the hill to the finish line.  at 2:10, this was my slowest half marathons EVER, but I did it.  My normal pace is around 1:58 or so.  But, I finished.  And my daughter was only four months old and waiting for me back at home.  The race gave me a baseline for where I was at physically and I could only get faster and more fit from there.
After the race, I drove to a local park to run with two young clients to log a couple more miles and soak up more of the day outdoors.

Chip time:  2:10:02
9:56 min/mile
231 / 384 overall
19 / 42 age group
99 / 211 gender

Give me 20!

A couple of weeks ago, I headed out the door for a "long run".  When I headed out for my run, I wasn't sure just how many miles a "long run" meant.  I'm not officially training for anything right now.  I just like to say that I'm training for life.  I have a half marathon coming up later this month, another in July and a half and full marathon in the fall.  But, I feel so fortunate that I am able to run when it fits into my schedule, rack of the miles while coaching several classes in one day and do what I can, without putting the pressure of an intense training program on me right now.  Life is busy.  And running is still a constant in my life.  I'm just fitting in the miles when I can.
When I headed out the door, I wanted to run at least twelve, maybe fourteen to fifteen miles around town.  It was a beautiful morning, but it was also going to be hot.  I didn't get out as early as I had planned, because I slept in an extra thirty minutes and enjoyed a couple cups of coffee with my husband. 
My handheld water bottle, my tunes and I headed out shortly after 7:00 am for a "long run".  I ended up stopping a total of four times to refill my water bottle, because the sun was intense and I was feeling it.  I mixed some old favorite running routes with some exploring on paths that were new to me.  I ended up on the other side of town and had the option of taking a left and heading back for a total of fifteen miles, or taking a right and completing twenty.  Could I do it??!!
I opted for twenty.  I knew that there would be more opportunities for water along the way, and I took advantage of that.  Each time I drank, refilled and squirted water on my head and neck to cool down.  At mile seventeen, my legs were starting to buckle, which was a familiar feeling from all of my previous marathon training.  It had just been awhile since I felt that.  I was pushing myself.  My last couple of miles would be bringing me to one of the busiest parts of town, and a big hill.  My pride had me take an alternate, flat route that took me on a less-traveled path.  I was feeling rough and must have looked even more exhausted and my pace slowed from a 10:15 to a 10:45 to just over 11:00 minute miles.  I was fine with that, but I didn't want my death march to be documented by every car that drove past.  The flatter route was a better option for me as I brought in my final two miles towards home.
I was hurting afterwards.  I stretched a lot.  Took a nice, cold shower.  And refueled with a chocolate protein shake.  Most importantly, I kept moving for the rest of the day, so that I didn't cramp or tighten up.  Taking the dog on walks, pacing and rocking the baby during my son's baseball game and working a little in the yard that afternoon really helped me feel less sore the next day.
So, I proved to myself that I've still got it.  I can just go out there and log twenty miles.  Twenty miles??!!  Sheesh.  It sounds a little insane when I type that and read my words.  This girl who hated running the mile in gym class.  She just ran twenty miles around town.  For fun.  They weren't twenty fast miles.  But they were mine.

Here we go, on another wild adventure

I absolutely love running with this kid.  Running with her makes me motivated to get out the door.  And, what mom doesn't like multi-tasking??!!  It's special time together, I'm getting in my workout, we're exploring together and she usually gets in a short cat nap.  I don't dread pushing her in the jogging stroller either, because 1) She absolutely loves it., and 2) The BOB jogging stroller that we purchased is easy-peasy to push.  I can honestly say that sometimes I forget that I'm running and get that runner's high and even with her in tow, I forget that I'm pushing a stroller.  It just glides across the pavement.  It turns with ease.  And all of comforts - and my kiddo - are at my fingertips.
Mini Diva just sits in the stroller and looks at all of the scenery.  At the start of each run, she tends to hold onto the straps - perhaps to say "Here we go, on another wild adventure!".  I love showing her our neighborhood and small town on foot.  We are going to see so much together over the years.  She always drifts off to sleep within the first mile and I love seeing her little, bare piggies peeking out from the front of the stroller.
I'm so thankful for my beautiful child and my older two children.  I'm thankful for this amazing sport that I'm so passionate about.  And I feel so blessed that both things that bring me such happiness can be enjoyed simultaneously.  It makes life that much more beautiful.  My heart is so full.

The next generation of couch to 5K coaching.

And, here she is ....
The next generation of couch to 5K coaching.

Friday, June 3, 2016

New Balance Family - Vazee Running Shoes

My fit family has been blessed with so many wonderful experiences through Running Diva Mom.  We are thrilled that our active family will be representing New Balance during this summer's nature hikes, family runs, playground play dates and errands around town.  A wonderful assortment of New Balance running shoes arrived on National Running Day earlier this week.
When I worked at a running store a couple of years ago, runners (new and experienced) seemed to gravitate towards New Balance running shoes.  With so many different styles, there was always something for every kind of runner.  New runners enjoyed the cushion and stability of some of their running shoes.  Experienced runners enjoyed the long-standing tradition and technology of the shoes.
Little Dude received the Vazee Rush, which he is so in love with.  He had to wear them to school the next day and he really liked the black mesh material with lime green accents.  He was in desperate need of new athletic shoes and these will be great.  He loves to run with me and ride his bike around the neighborhood.  They retail online for $64.99.
Feel the rush in our Vazee Rush running shoe for boys. With a cushioned midsole and an ultra-sleek design, this shoe keeps you comfortable no matter how fast you go.
Little Diva and I were sent the Vazee Prism running shoe.  They are available in four colors for women and are also available for men.  They retail only for $99.99.  These shoes are perfect for me, as they are suited for the runner that needs stability and motion control.  These shoes are much lighter than my other stability shoes.  As I suffer from bunions and tons of other foot aches and pains from logging miles and wearing high heels for too many years, I always welcome the "no-sew" design of shoes.  These really help prevent extra chaffing and allow the painful parts of my feet to be more ate ease when running and walking.  No "tightness" or discomfort.  I also love the stretchable fabric.  They would be a great option for those with wide feet or that typically need to go up a size for comfort while working out.  New Balance refers to this as "second skin fit".
Find the extra push you need to stay focused on your goals in the Vazee Prism women’s running shoe. Designed for speed and surprisingly supportive, this newest addition to the Vazee running line-up features a medial post for extra stability when you need it.
Product details:
This isn’t your typical stability running shoe for women. With a sleek look, fast feel and superlight and responsive REVlite cushioning, Vazee Prism’s light support won’t hold you back!
  • 8 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 8 mm drop are approximate
  • Bootie construction
  • Full EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) strobel board for all-day comfort
  • Medial post located on inside edge of shoe to help prevent overpronation
  • No-sew material application
  • Performance stretch lace
  • Synthetic/mesh upper
    Even Mini Diva received her first pair of New Balance shoes.  I can hardly stand it!  These Velcro kicks are so adorable.  They will be a great walking shoe, as I ordered them a little big.  New Balance offers both crib and infant "running shoes".   
    Mini Diva received the Infant Vazee Rush in size 4.  These retail online for $44.99 and are available in four colors.  With all of the unpractical shoes we have in her closet, these will be great for when she starts crawling and walking on her own later this year.  And we may just have a few adorable running outfits to wear with them.  They were very easy on and off.  And I love that she will be comfortable.



    HALF OFF Custom Training Programs & Virtual Coaching

    Custom Training Programs & Virtual Coaching
    Use discount code: HALFTRAINING50
    Ready to advance beyond the 5K??
    Virtual coaching options include weekly check-ins and motivation from your running coach (for the duration of your package). Virtual coaching also includes a CUSTOM training program, designed to help you achieve your goals around your other personal commitments. Runners complete a custom training program survey to help design your program around your life - not the other way around.

    Tuesday, May 31, 2016

    Couch to 5K Classes - Summer 2016

    Spring / Summer Running Classes

    5K classes start with one minute intervals of
    running/walking for 20 minutes.
    10K training starts with two fifteen minute running intervals.
    Half marathon training starts with two twenty minute running intervals.

    1 mile Fun Run

    Girls - Sun Prairie
    Starts Monday, July 18, 6:00 PM
    3 Weeks
    Register Now

    5K Training

    Ladies - Sun Prairie
    Starts Wednesday, June 8, 6:30 PM
    9 Weeks
    Register Now

    Starts Thursday, August 25, 6:30 PM
    9 Weeks
    Register Now

    Co-Ed - DeForest
    Starts Friday, July 15, 6:00 AM
    9 Weeks
    Register Now

    Stroller - Sun Prairie
    Starts Tuesday, June 7, 8:30 AM
    9 Weeks
    Register Now

    Stroller - Monona
    Starts Friday, June 10, 9:00 AM
    9 Weeks
    Register Now

    A child is your REASON. Not your EXCUSE.

    A child is your REASON. Not your EXCUSE.
    I struggle with mom guilt quite often, just like you. But, my kids know that this is my lifestyle and that working out makes me a better mommy. I either keep my commitment to myself and head out the door for my scheduled solo miles. Or one joins me on his bike while cranking his tunes on his bike radio (Then I don't need headphones and we solve all of the world's problems together!). Or one joins me in the jogging stroller or observes, surrounded by toys next to the treadmill. Little Diva has been known to push Mini Diva in the stroller on a bike path, while I coach a class. Little Dude enjoys participating in my kids running classes, too.
    They are already excited that we have an active date on the calendar for the next weekend we are together. I will be pushing Mini Diva in the jogging stroller, while the other two bike. A three mile trip to our favorite diner for a sweet treat, a trip to our favorite park and a three mile trip back home.
    Schedule your time. Either with your family or a few solo miles. Make it an adventure - not a chore. Show them that YOU are worth it. And that you MAKE IT HAPPEN.
    Remember that every small step counts and that they add up quickly. Those small steps leaving lasting footprints. And your kids will follow them ...

    Ladies Half Marathon Weekend Training Group - Sun Prairie/Madison

    Ladies Half Marathon Weekend Training Group - Sun Prairie/Madison
    Starts August 7

    Register now:http://www.eventbrite.com/e/ladies-half-marathon-weekend-training-group-sun-prairiemadison-tickets-25596709447

    This running group is designed to take runners from the 5K to the half marathon (13.1 miles) in twelve weeks.  A full training schedule with locations will be emailed to program participants at the end of July.  We will meet together once each week on Saturdays at 7:00 am(*First class will take place on a Sunday - see schedule below)  Parks/locations will rotate in Sun Prairie, Deforest and on Madison's Eastside.  Class starts on Sunday, August 7 at 7:00 am.  Must be able to run/walk two twenty minute intervals at first class.

    This non-competitive running group is geared towards women of all paces and abilities.  Everyone will run/walk at their own pace and an out-and-back route will be planned, so that the entire group can stick together.  This is a very encouraging and fun atmosphere and is perfect for runners that have run a handful of 5K or 10K races.

    Interested in joining with a friend??  Choose the Running Buddies registration option for a discounted rate!  If you are interested in avoiding the processing fee, please reach out to runningdivamom@yahoo.com to pay by check.

    We will be training for the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon on Sunday, October 23.  This race is optional and is not included with your session registration.

    Sun*, Aug 7 - 7 am
    Sat, Aug 13 - 7 am (no instructor)
    Sat, Aug 20 - 7 am
    Sat, Aug 27 - 7 am
    Sat, Sept 3 - 7 am
    Sat, Sept 10 - 7 am
    Sat, Sept 17 - 7 am (no instructor)
    Sat, Sept 24 - 7 am
    Sat, Oct 1 - 7 am
    Sat, Oct 8 - 7 am
    Sat, Oct 15 - 7 am
    Sat, Oct 22 - 7 am (optional breakfast/coffee after class)
    Sat, Oct 29 - No Class (packet pick up in Middleton)

    Sun, Oct 30 - Haunted Hustle Half Marathon (Middleton)

    Ladies 10K Summer Running Group – Sun Prairie/Madison-East - Starts July 14

    Ladies 10K Summer Running Group – Sun Prairie/Madison-East

    Register now:

    This running group is designed to take runners from the 5K to the 10K in eleven weeks. We will meet together approximately once each week. Parks/locations will rotate in Sun Prairie, Deforest and on Madison's Eastside. Class starts on Thursday, July 14 at 6:30 pm. First class will meet at Orfan Park in Sun Prairie. Dates/times will vary; full schedule provided below. A full training program with locations will be sent to participants during the week of the first class. Must be able to run/walk 30 mins at first class.

    This non-competitive running group is geared towards women of all paces and abilities. Everyone will run/walk at their own pace and an out-and-back route will be planned, so that the entire group can stick together. This is a very encouraging and fun atmosphere and is perfect for runners that have run a handful of 5K races.

    Interested in joining with a friend?? Choose the Running Buddies registration option for a discounted rate! If you are interested in avoiding the processing fee, please reach out to runningdivamom@yahoo.com to purchase by check.

    We will be training for the Zoo Run Run 10K in Madison (Henry Vilas Zoo/Arboretum) on Sunday, September 25. This race is optional and is not included with your session registration.

    Thurs, July 14, 6:30 pm at Orfan Park

    Sun, July 24, 9:00 am

    Thurs, July 28, 6:30 pm

    Sun, Aug 7, 9:00 am

    Wed, Aug 10, 6:30 pm

    Wed, Aug 17, 6:30 pm

    Wed, Aug 24, 6:30 pm

    Sun, Sept 4, 9:00 am

    Sat, Sept 10, 10:00 am

    Wed, Sept 21, 6:00 pm - Course at Henry Vilas Zoo/UW Arboretum

    Sun, Sept 25 - Zoo Run Run 10K (Henry Vilas Zoo/UW Arboretum

    May Miles

    I logged 108 miles this month. Many of them with this little one in the jogging stroller. How are you doing with your goals this year?

    Running life - full circle.

    I always try to remind myself that they are always watching. This little one knows nothing different than mommy lacing up her running shoes daily (sometimes several times). She's been watching me get on the treadmill since she was two-and-a-half weeks old. Now she joins me in the jogging stroller. 
    This past weekend, my two oldest joined me at a race that I coached. They cheered on my couch to 5K class, consisting of fourteen women at a local 5K (one cheered more than the other!). My daughter has observed my training and racing since she was eighteen months old. Now she is nearly thirteen and is finally expressing all of the things that I was hoping she was observe. She told me that I did a good job - not only running back and forth during the race, but "helping those ladies out" and proving to them that they can do it. She said that she admires me for sharing my passion with others and it proves to her that she can do anything in life (not just running). She said she realized that these women are busy women and moms - just like her mom. And that they are learning to set aside sometime for themselves - healthy, alone time. Just like her mom.
    Sure, the calorie burn is nice. And it's great to be fit. But THIS is one of my main reasons for running and coaching. For pushing myself and others. I am continuously reminding myself that I can do anything and to set a good example for my kids. They are realizing that with a little sweat and hard work, that THEY can do anything they want, too!

    Tuesday, May 10, 2016

    Dreams over dishes.

    I typically love to wake up and have my bed made. It starts my day off right. I also love to have my kitchen sink and counter cleaned up before I head to bed. It brings closure to my day.
    Last night, my counter was a mess. There were dishes to be washed and bottles to be cleaned. But, I piled the kids into bed and we read books. One went in her crib. One fell asleep, cuddled up next to me. I drifted off after a few minutes and the other got drowsy and eventually headed to bed.
    This morning I woke up to the coffee pot and the dog barking to go on a walk at 5:00 am. I jumped out of bed and I felt refreshed for my morning walk at sunrise. I woke the kids up around 6:00 and they were ready to go, too. There weren't any major disagreements or forgetful minds this morning. We had a nice, quiet ride to school. Drop-off was followed by an early-morning trip to the grocery story and then a productive morning while the baby napped.
    And the dishes were still there this morning. So, I got them done. Nothing tragic happened because the dishes weren't done last night. Sometimes I get so caught up in my to-do lists that I forget to chill. I'm afraid to sit down, because I'm worried that everything won't get crossed-off, because I nod off. I watch a movie, and I'm OUT. I read a few pages of my book and I'm a goner. I'm trying to listen to my body more and more lately. When I'm craving a run I pound out a few miles. When my body is aching, I need to take a day off of running. When my mind is tired, it needs rest.


    My afternoon running group was cancelled due to rain. Normally I would make my classes run in the rain. However, this group has to work together in an office atmosphere for the remainder of the day. Don't any of my evening classes get any ideas!! They opted to hop on the office treadmills for their workout and check in with me via email.
    I opted to hold myself accountable as well and took my cheering squad downstairs for a few miles on the treadmill. It's been a month and a half since I returned to work and I haven't ran on the treadmill much since then - or with the little one while on the treadmill. I wasn't sure how long we'd last ... so I decided to push myself. Put in the hard work. And get it done.
    I pounded out three miles in 24:38 - close to a PR for me. All of that hard work the last couple of months post-partum has really paid off.
    And, I've obviously "taught her young", because Baby Girl did amazing and didn't complain once. She's grown and graduated to the exersaucer and just watched me run in place, while she played with her toys. We also enjoyed my cool down walk and stretching together. 

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016

    Took the stroller for a spin ...

    This afternoon, in between coaching classes and picking up the older siblings from school, Baby Girl and I took our new jogging stroller for a spin.  I've been waiting for this moment!!  We ran six miles around town and she really enjoyed it.  She just took in the scenery, nodded off a few times and took some deep breathes as we turned into a strong head wind.  Neither of us had any complaints this afternoon.  The stroller was really easy to push and maneuver.  I was surprised at how light it was, too.  I can't wait to log more miles with her, as it seems that we finally have some nice weather to enjoy.  I couldn't help but smile internally while I pushed her block after block in the sunshine.  Sometimes, moments seem like the biggest blessing.  And everything else just fades away.  And she faded away to sleep - until I stopped - then, she woke up and gave me the happiest grin.

    Sunday, May 1, 2016

    Songs added to my crazy playlist ...

    People would think I'm REALLY crazy if they listened to the mix of tunes on my ipod. I'm all over the map. Here are some songs, that I recently added to my list ... consider adding to your's ...
    Worry - Jack Garratt
    Fire - Barns Courtney
    Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
    Drag Me Down - One Direction
    Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande
    Naked - X Ambassadors
    Jungle - X Ambassadors