Friday, June 23, 2017

Arriving at my goal weight ...

Two weeks ago, I arrived at my goal weight.  I set my sight on 143 pounds, which would leave me at the lightest I've been since my sophomore year of high school.  It's just a number I came up with and seemed somewhat realistic.  Even though I never even came close to it in adulthood or since having my children.  I came home from the hospital at 187 pounds and have been resting around 158-160 pounds since the baby weight (and more) came off. 
I graduated from high school in the 170's and only went up from there.  I lost weight when I took up running in 2005, but with several pregnancies and three episodes of gestational diabetes, my weight always rested between 155-160 pounds.  I was comfortable, but I was uncomfortable.
I started leading virtual weightloss challenges last fall and they've been really successful and have kick started weightloss for several women, including myself.  But it wasn't until early-May when I really decided to be extremely dedicated to tracking my food and exercise.  I wanted to see exactly why I wasn't losing weight with all of the running I was doing.  I quickly realized that I had really good days, but I also had bad days with my diet.  I felt like I deserved extra treats and crazy portions a couple days a week because I'd also burn 1,000-2,500 calories some days from running.  But, I was easily consuming those calories in some meals.  Tracking consistently - the good and the bad - really helped me see what I was doing.  I also started sharing my food logs online with my accountability groups.  This kept me on track myself. I also was proud to see how much activity I consistently fit into my days.  Even when I don't run, it's pretty typical for me to log 20,000 steps or more.  Sometimes closer to 30,000.
People keep asking me what I've been doing to be so successful in such a short amount of time.  It's simple.  I'm not eating all of the calories that I'm burning.  And I'm being conscious of what I'm eating. 
This has not been a diet for me.  And I already have the lifestyle Ithat  want.  The process of tracking my food and exercise has simply been an eye opener.  We all know what to do. I'm not different that you. It's just a matter of doing it.  Doing it consistently.  And being honest with ourselves.  Just because you didn't track that Dairy Queen ice cream doesn't mean that you didn't actual eat it.  And yes, I've enjoyed my share of DQ and Culver's.  But I've opted for a cone instead of a mixer or lemon ice with fruit instead of custard.  When we went camping, I packed a healthier option to chips and enjoyed Boca Burgers when my family enjoyed hamburgers. We went through a drive-thru recently and I ordered a kids meal instead of a big burger and fries.  My family had birthday cake and I enjoyed an entire pint of Halo Top ice cream guilt-free.  It's about choices.
I've become quite religious - and sometimes annoying - about tracking my food and exercise.  But if I don't do it in the moment, it's easy to forget about what all went into my salad; or how many servings of casserole I had; or how many times we went on a walk or run during the day.  I'm still consuming 1,400-1,900 calories a day on average.  But I'm trying to end each day with a difference of 500 calories or more consistently.
When I arrived at 143, did I feel great?  Yup, you bet I did!  I went downstairs crying to my husband and was so proud of myself.  It was a number that I never EVER thought I'd see staring at me.  Did I feel different? Yes and no.  I felt great and comfortable in my skin and my clothes.  But I didn't feel like a different person.  I didn't feel like "Wow, I'm there.  I never have to think about my weight again.  I'm done".  Nope.  This is a lifelong journey for me and one that I want to continue.  143 is seriously just a number.  I've lost a little more since that fun weigh in.  And want to lose a few more pounds and then the maintenance begins.  There is a reason why I have never comfortably been able to rest below 160.  I'm still learning about myself.  What my triggers are.  Why I've binged in the past.  Why I struggled with bulimia as a teen. 
It's awesome being comfortable with yourself and your choices.  You are the only one in control of that.  If you are stuck, you're really not.  You're the only one standing in your way. Just be honest with yourself, open the door, and move forward.

It's just another marathon ...

Every time I am scheduled to run another marathon, I feel like people think it's just another race or another day in the life of a running coach.  Truth is - I'm scared as $&*# and have a little anxiety.  I have hundreds of miles in this training cycle, but never really "train" for events anymore.  I'm always coaching and fitting in miles in here in there or back to back, that my official training has pretty much been non-existent. So this always sits in the back of my mind -- am I ready?
I've been nursing a sore right calf and shin.  Some days it annoys me more than others.  The good thing is that the longer I run and the faster I run ... the less it seems to hurt.  At least up until a certain point.  That leaves me with a little anxiety for tomorrow's race.  26.2 miles a really long way.  Even to me.
I've been doing good self-care this week.  Something that I really hope to continue.  I've been rolling out my legs a ton - and a ton beyond that.  I'm wearing compression socks the past two days.  And sneaking ice packs in them to reduce additional pain in my right leg.  I've been forgetting the flip flops for weeks and wearing running shoes when I can.  I also switched two a new pair about a week ago.
Then there comes the other pre-marathon obsessions and rituals.  Being careful to shave.  Trimming your toe nails just right.  Applying body glide and lotion everywhere.  Checking for pebbles in your shoes.  Making crazy packing lists that include every single thing that you wouldn't want to forget.  Do I need to pack the toaster for my English muffin?  Drinking water and sports drink like it's going out of style.  Thinking and rethinking what time you will need to wake up to get to the start line.  What if I over sleep?  Will I sleep at all?  Double and triple checking that all of your devices are well-charged.  Yeah, my watch died about half way through one of my marathons last fall.
But all of those things don't carry me through to the end.  It's me.  It's my belief in myself.  A positive attitude and energy.  It's me realizing that I've done it before.  And that I can do it again.  But most of all I will remind myself that I do this -- because I enjoy it.  It's a gift.  One that I will continue to unwrap and enjoy over and over again.  Even though I may not feel that way at about mile 22 tomorrow.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Hylete Insignia Racer Tank & Invex II Crop Review

I have had some items from Hylete sitting in my drawer to try out and review.  Their apparel is super soft and comfortable and feature an awesome cut.  However, I wasn't feeling too comfortable in my skin, so I wasn't happy with how the racer tank fit me ... until now.  I finally have had a chance to try the Insignia Racer Tank and Invex II Crops over a couple of runs.  These were done both indoors and outdoors.  And I really love them!

The crops stayed up and never moved or slipped - something that I often struggle with.  I would be hesitant about ordering bottoms online, but these worked out great.  I love the matching tank too.  It was longer, but not too long and the racerback is super adorable when paired with a fun sports bra.  I also loved how light the tank was.  Super light and airy.
I typically wear a medium and both pieces were sent to me in a size medium.  They didn't fit great before, but fit perfect now.  I was sent the mint/black/grey combos.  Both pieces are sweat-wicking.

The tank comes in four different colors, including basic black.  It also comes in five different sizes.  The tank retails for $50 on the Hylete website.  I loved the four-way stretch - who doesn't?!

The crops come in a few different colors as well and retail for $70.  They come in five different sizes.  The smooth fit promises to be flattering to every body type and the elastic waistband stretches up to four inches.  You can wear as is (like I did) for medium rise or roll the waistband for a lower fit.  

Nathan Switchblade Belt Review

I'm not typically one for hydration belts.  I almost always run with my handheld water bottle.  But, occasionally I do find a waist belt handy - including when hiking with the kids. I don't usually like anything bulky or extra around my waist.  But, as I've been slimming down, I'm finding it easier to wear something around my waist.

I received Nathan's Switchblade 24 oz 2-Bottle Belt.  This style comes in four different colors and I received the fashionable Coral version.  The belt retails for $49.99.  This is a "one size fits most" belt and isn't available in different sizes.  It is very adjustable however.

Nathan offers many different styles of hydration belts, packs and bottles to fit all of your endurance training needs.  If you are looking for more or less for storage, size, water holding capabilities and different types of compartments, you will surely find an option that will work for you on their site.  If this style or size doesn't suit your training needs -- look around.

The bottles and pockets are movable throughout the belt and you can customize it to suit you.  The belt is great for training or for races and the expandable zipper pocket has tons of rooms for storage.  It's huge.  The pocket is also compatible with iPhone 7 Plus for storage.

The belt is pretty light wait as are the bottles.  I liked the no-slip grip (referred to as "sticky" for no-slip) of the bottles and it was easy to remove while hiking or on a run. The 24 oz bottles were a little larger than other bottles I've carried with me around my waist.  They were also really easy to sip from.

There was also a lot of comfortable padding on the belt to prevent rubbing or chaffing and it didn't bounce as much as some other belts I've used.  The belt didn't only include the large pocket, but there are also loops for external gel storage and even an awesome gel trash pocket.  Who knew?
Bottles are dishwasher safe and you are able to hand wash the belt.

The belt hasn't converted me from a handheld to a waist belt yet.  But I definitely liked it and having everything at my fingertips.

TheraBand Foot Roller Review

I've been having a number of foot and shin problems, various aches and pains the past several weeks.  I have been looking for something to easy the discomfort.  I've been rolling out my legs and feet and icing a lot of my problem areas.  And I have also been taking my own personal advice of ..... resting.  Interesting concept, huh??!!  The kids also treated me to their own version of a sports massage recently.  It hurt so bad, but left me feeling better than I have in a really long time.  I think they liked torturing me!  But, the way it made me feel afterward, made me realize that I really need to schedule regular massages for my well-being -- or more than once every couple of years.

I also tried this small foot roller from TheraBand.  I've had it in my box of goodies for some time and was excited to finally give it a try.  I know that I have been struggling with plantar fasciitis for some time and just continue to work through it.  I was hoping that this would help.

This roller retails for less than $10 and provides great relief from pain and discomfort, just like your foam roller.  This is a small investment for what you can gain from it.  This affordable tool is very effective and provides temporary relief.  The really cool thing is - it can also be chilled or frozen to help reduce inflammation or pain.  I loved it.  And of course, my kids wanted to try it too.  It was soft and formed to the shape of my feet.

I also used the instructions that were included with the roller to perform a self rolling massage and various toe stretches.  It did provide temporary relief.

It is super small and portable and perfect for your gym bag or luggage if you are traveling to races.  You could even use it under your desk at work to temporarily ease discomfort.

No one said that my husband married me for my beautiful marathon feet, blisters and bunions.  They aren't pretty, but they carry me mile after mile.  And I'm determined to keep going and stay injury-free.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

VIRTUAL Couch to 5K Running/Walking Accountability Group

VIRTUAL Couch to 5K Running/Walking Accountability Group
Investment in yourself:  $50

Join Running Diva Mom for a virtual training group - targeting a 5K (3.1 miles) in early September.  This nine week training program will consist of three progressive runs/walks on your own each week and will begin July 2. Absolutely no experience is necessary, as runners will start with alternating running/walking one minute for twenty minutes.  After nine weeks, participants will be able to run the 5K distance in 30-45 minutes. Participants will receive a full training program filled with additional challenges and activities and access to our private Facebook group for accountability, support and motivation.

Participants should select a 5K in early September and may participate from anywhere.

If you are interested in paying by cash or check, please contact me at runningdivamom@yahoo.com.  Session fee does not include race registration.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Womens Fall Running/Walking Group - Starts Sept 27

Womens Fall Running/Walking Group
Starts September 27 - Wednesdays, 7:00 PM
Investment in yourself:  $50

This womens running group is a great option for someone who has completed a 5K or two but isn't really interested in pursuing longer distances - such as a 10K or half marathon. This class will help you continue to fit running into your routine, while we complete longer run/walk intervals at our own pace for four weeks. Runners and run/walkers welcome.  A training program with park locations will be provided which will include three workouts per week. The group will run together once per week on Wednesday evenings. Jogging strollers welcome.

Four week class (Sept 27, Oct 4, Oct 11, Oct 18). Parks/locations rotate.

Please contact me at runningdivamom@yahoo.com if you would like to pay by personal check.

Small Steps = Big Results | Fitness & Weightloss Accountability Group with Running Diva Mom

Small Steps = Big Results | Fitness & Weightloss Accountability Group with Running Diva Mom
July 9-30, 2017
Investment in yourself:  $30

Run, Walk and Run/Walk training options available!


- Three week calendar with running or walking program and wellness challenges to be completed on your own- Personalized daily step goals- Weekly private individual weigh-ins virtually with your coach - Gain additional accountability by sharing your daily step count and food log with the group (optional)- Daily group fitness check-ins, weightloss & nutrition tips and motivation from your coach- Private Facebook group for motivation

Participant with the highest percentage of weightloss will receive a FREE ENTRY into the August accountability group.

If you would like to avoid the Eventbrite fee, please email me at runningdivamom@yahoo.com to pay by cash or check.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

New Plexus Slim Review

One of my clients posts often about her Plexus business and I love watching her help other women live a healthy lifestyle.  Plexus recently reformulated their Plexus Slim drink.  You may have heard this referred to as the "pink drink".  And, it's just that! I received a sample of the old and new formulas to try.

The older version tasted similar to a fruit punch or cherry flavor.  The new formula Tasted more like a raspberry lemonade with a hint of watermelon.  I enjoyed both samples, but liked the new version a bit better.  It was more "summery" to me, too.

I don't like drinking my calories.  This drink has only five calories and includes no artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors (despite the color).  It is 100% vegetarian and gluten-free.

I've seen so many clients and friends posting about this "pink drink".  So I admit - I was curious.  Plexus slim has been clinically demonstrated to help you lose weight.  Unfortunately, I haven't tried it frequently enough to see the benefits yet. It also promotes gut health and a healthy glucose metabolism.
Did I mention there is a 60 day money back guarantee?  Feel free to shop Slim and other Plexus products on Heather's website or reach out to her for additional information regarding Plexus products.

Running or Walking + Yoga - Starts July 19

Running or Walking + Yoga
Wednesdays, 5:45 pm


Join Jamie Adcock, Madison's Running Diva Mom, and Katie Flottum, Certified Yoga instructor, for a unique fitness experience on Wednesday evenings.  Groups will rotate four different parks and trails in Sun Prairie. Class will begin with a thirty minute run or walk at your own pace on local trails and will end with a thirty minute yoga and stretching session at the park.

Wednesdays, 5:45-6:45 pm
July 19, 26 and August 2, 9

This will be a fun, encouraging and motivating atmosphere and all ages, abilities and fitness levels are welcome.  Absolutely no running or yoga experience is necessary.  If you are interested in starting your fitness journey or meeting some new women in the area this summer, then this session will be perfect for you.  Paid children 10 years and up are welcome to participate.
Please bring a yoga mat/towel, water bottle and stop watch.  A full class schedule with park locations will be provided to participants mid-July.
Investment in yourself:  $80
Childrens rate (10 and up with paid adult):  $50
Please email me at runningdivamom@yahoo.com if you would like to avoid the Eventbrite fee.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Womens Half Marathon Running Group - Starts July 30

Womens Half Marathon Running Group
Saturdays, 7:00 am (*Exceptions below)
Investment in yourself:  $125

This running group is designed to take runners from the 5K to the half marathon (13.1 miles) in twelve weeks.  A full training schedule with locations will be emailed to program participants at the end of July.  We will meet together once each week on most Saturdays at 7:00 am(*Exceptions, see below)

Parks/locations will rotate in Sun Prairie, Deforest and on Madison's Eastside.  Class starts on Sunday, July 30 at 7:00 am.  Must be able to run/walk two twenty minute intervals at first class.

This non-competitive running group is geared towards women of all paces and abilities.  Everyone will run/walk at their own pace and an out-and-back route will be planned, so that the entire group can stick together.  This is a very encouraging and fun atmosphere and is perfect for runners that have run a handful of 5K or 10K races.

We will be training for the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon on Sunday, October 22.  Runners are also welcome to choose other fall half marathons, including the Milwaukee Marathon Half on October 15.  This race is optional and is not included with your session registration.

If you are interested in avoiding the processing fee, please reach out to runningdivamom@yahoo.com to pay by check.

Sun, July 30* - 7:00 am
Sat, Aug 5 - 6:45 am*
Sat, Aug 12 - 7:00 am
Sun, Aug 20* - 7:00 am
Sat, Aug 26 - 7:00 am
Sat, Sept 2 - 7:00 am
Sat, Sept 9 - 7:00 am
Sat, Sept 16 - 7:00 am
Sat, Sept 23 - 7:00 am
Sat, Sept 30 - 7:00 am
Sat, Oct 7 - 7:00 am
Sat, Oct 14 - 7:00 am
Sat, Oct 21 - No Class (packet pick up in Middleton)

Sun, Oct 22 - Haunted Hustle Half Marathon (Middleton)

Womens 10K Running Group - Starts July 5

Womens 10K Running Group
Starts July 5 - Wednesdays at 7:00 pm
Investment in yourself:  $99


This running group is designed to take runners from the 5K to the 10K in eleven weeks.  We will meet together once each week.  Parks/locations will rotate in Sun Prairie, Deforest and on Madison's Eastside.

Class starts on Wednesday, July 5.  First class will meet at Orfan Park in Sun Prairie.  Class meets for eleven weeks at 7:00 pm on Wednesday evenings.  (Exception:  Thursday July 13 instead of July 12)  A full training program with locations will be sent to participants during the week of the first class.  Must be able to run/walk 30 mins at first class.

This non-competitive running group is geared towards women of all paces and abilities.  Everyone will run/walk at their own pace and an out-and-back route will be planned, so that the entire group can stick together.  This is a very encouraging and fun atmosphere and is perfect for runners that have run a handful of 5K races.

If you are interested in avoiding the processing fee, please reach out torunningdivamom@yahoo.com to purchase your session by check. 

We will be training for the Zoo Run Run 10K in Madison on Sunday, September 24.  This race is optional and is not included with your session registration.

Step it Up Fitness & Weightloss Accountability Group with Running Diva Mom

Step it Up Fitness & Weightloss Accountability Group with Running Diva Mom
June 4-18, 2017
Investment in yourself:  $25
Run, Walk and Run/Walk training options available!


- Fifteen day calendar with running or walking program and wellness challenges to be completed on your own
- Fitness videos/classes incorporated into new session format
- Progressive step goals each day (8,000 to 15,000 steps)
- Weekly private individual weigh-ins virtually with your coach
- Gain additional accountability by sharing your daily step count and food log with the group
- Daily group fitness check-ins, weightloss tips and motivation from your coach
- Private Facebook group for motivation

Participant with the highest percentage of weightloss will receive a FREE ENTRY into the July accountability group.

If you would like to avoid the Eventbrite fee, please email me at runningdivamom@yahoo.com to pay by cash or check.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Boppy Pillow Review

Boppy pillows are amazing.  These colorful, fluffy U-shaped pillows can be used for just about everything for your newborn or toddler.  They are great for nursing, keeping a newborn comfortable while you are busy or resting, they help with tummy time and they are also great for keeping toddlers comfortable during playtime.  Baby Diva just played and played with toys (and Easter eggs!).
I love the fun pattern on the Boppy pillow that we were sent to try out.
Pillows range from $30-50 on their website and there are so many different options for different needs and ages.  You can select different patterns and styles to match your nursery, home d├ęcor and style.  Or you can select the Bare Baked pillow and choose from numerous slipcovers.  This is a great option if you are having more than one child and multiple needs.
Boppy also sells other fun newborn and nursing products on their website, including newborn loungers, baby chairs, nursing and tummy time props, nursing scarves, nursing pillows, pregnancy wedges and pillows - even skincare!
Visit Boppy:  http://www.boppy.com/

WaterPura Baby Wipes Review

I was sent several packs of chemical-free WaterPura baby wipes to review.  WaterPura baby wipes are made in the USA and contain 99.9% water and .1% citrus extract.  These wipes include absolutely no fragrance or oils.  They are completely chemical-free.  They state that they are soft and strong and I agree.  These were much softer than the typical brands and store brands that I buy for my daughter.  She is starting to get fussy about diaper changes.  These wipes were developed by another mom, whose son struggled with diaper rash and sensitive skin.  These are very similar to the soft cloths and water that she used on her own child.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Studio doors opened so many opportunities

It’s now been six months since I first opened the doors to my indoor running studio for women.  Last fall, I was a little (ok, a lot) scared about the ongoing financial commitment, worried about rejection and lack of interest, and concerned about the time commitment and logistics that go along with making something like this successful (while having three active children and a supportive husband at home – not to mention a day job).  But, it has been an amazing blessing for me and my family.

The studio has been a huge turning point for my business.  Typically I would slow way down with coaching over the Wisconsin winter months – or even stop.  But I was able to coach 10-15 sessions per week over the winter and help keep my clients motivated and working toward their goals. 

My studio also kept me moving and physically fit.  My weight and fitness level is right where I left off with marathon training last fall. 
I am currently way beyond where I projected I would be with my business by the end of 2017.  With seven months still ahead of me – I can’t wait to see where the studio and my drive are going to take me professionally.

Personally, individual private sessions have offered my clients and I so much.  It’s been truly wonderful getting to know each client individually and touch base privately on their workouts and on life.  I truly value the friendships, connections and trust that have been formed between us.

Last fall, I also took the leap into online weight loss challenges and accountability groups to help supplement the fitness access of my business.  This has allowed me to connect with a new set of clients that are seeking my accountability in a different way.

I’ve had other ideas and class formats that have been tested and been unsuccessful.  But, I’m still learning every single day about what my clients want and need.  I am already booking out through fall for private sessions and classes. 

I’m trying to stay true to me and my “brand” and my studio space.  I want both to reflect me and who I am, while supporting my clients.  Authentically.  I’m excited that we are quickly growing out of my current space (a stepping stone – yeah!), and hope to move into a new, inspiring space later this fall. 

What all started with a teeny tiny blog in 2009 has now grown into a local movement, outlet and space for women – all shapes, all sizes, all goals.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

HILLY Lumen Optimum 360 Visibility Socks Review

My husband recently tried the HILLY Lumen Classic - Optimum 360 Visibility Socks.  These socks are unisex night sock and were size Medium.  I chose not to review these socks myself, because they were too tall for my liking and he prefers a taller sock.  He is currently training for Ironman.

Lumen Classic Sock by Hilly Socks (http://www.hillysocks.com/night/lumen-classic)

These socks are available in four unisex sizes and the only color option is the neon green/yellow color we received to review.  The night time visibility is pretty amazing and I told my husband these would be great for early morning bike riding or at dusk. We are always concerned about him being visible.

Maximum night time visibility and day time conspicuity.
  • 360 Degree 3M reflectivity & fluorescent colour for night time visibility
  • Zoned open knit structure for improved breathability
  • Mid level anatomical cushioning
  • Flex notches at ankle for a contoured fit
  • Under toe seamless construction

Here's what he had to say.

I recently tried the HILLY Lumen running socks on two different occasions.  One to bike and the other on a run.  I love the fit and feel of these socks.  On the bike, I rode for 2 hours in mild temperatures (70 degrees) and had no issue with sweaty feet, the material wicked away any moisture and absolutely no discomfort of rubbing of any kind inside my cycling shoes.  I love the bright visible colors as well, along with the reflective material on both the front and back.  I will be wearing these again for longer rides.
On my run, I had similar conditions and outcome, as far as moisture-wicking, and comfort throughout the run.  My only concern, is that the socks "fell down" and shifted during the run.  Not that it was very noticeable, but definitely different in comparison to other socks I wear that are cut similarly.  

Friday, April 28, 2017

7 Things You Should Do After Running Your First 5K

Running your first race is a fun experience.  This is something you will never forget.  I still remember mine.  You’ve just accomplished something amazing – perhaps something you never thought you could do!  But, you did it.  You should be so proud of yourself!  
Whether immediately after the race, or weeks following your event – many new runners often think “What do I do now?”.  Whether you are looking to run longer distances or wanting to stay injury-free, here are seven great tips on what you can do after completing your first 5K.

1. Don’t forget to stretch immediately after you race.  Grab some water and hydrate while completing a short cool-down walk, followed by 5-10 minutes of stretching.  Many new (and experienced) runners get all caught up in crossing the finish line (or think about collapsing) that they forget to stretch their entire body after such a grueling workout.
2. Take your bib home and write your finishing time on the back.  Hopefully this is the first of many races for you.  Soon all of your events will blend together in your mind.  It will be fun to flip back through your bibs and your finishing times and see how much you’ve improved and where you’ve set personal records.
3. Keep track of the mileage on your shoes.  Either keep track on your calendar, training log or a spreadsheet.  You can even try keeping track on the shoe box.  You are going to want to stay injury-free and trade in your shoes every 300-500 miles.
4. Continue running for thirty minutes three to four times a week – or every other day – to stay in 5K shape.  If you were running a few days a week previously, now you can safely add another training day to your routine.
5. Schedule another 5K three to four weeks after your event to keep you motivated.  This will help keep you working towards a goal.
6. If you are interested in running longer distances, find a 10K event approximately three months away to train for.  Twelve weeks is more than ample time to advance from the 5K to the 10K distance.
7. Consider hiring a running coach.  If you need a custom training program or an accountability partner, I would love to help keep you motivated and working towards your running goals.

5 Favorite Long Run Breakfasts

Many new long-distance runners asked me what I eat on race day or the morning of a long run.  A morning pre-run meal should include a well-balanced mix of carbohydrates and protein.  Here are five of my favorite long run breakfasts that keep me fueled for so many miles.  I always drink one cup of coffee before my run, but limit myself to the one cup.

1. Reduced-calorie english muffin with peanut butter and a low-fat greek yogurt

2. Oatmeal mixed with peanut butter

3. Butter wheat or sourdough toast with scrambled eggs

4. Almond butter toast with a banana

5. Protein bar

8 Race Day Hydration Tips

Hydrating during a race can be tricky, especially if you haven’t experimented much previously.  Whether you carry your own water with you on your training runs or never run with water, you should be hydrating during an event.  Here are eight tips for hydrating on race day.

1. Even though water is offered on the course, still bring your handheld water bottle or waist pack.  Water stations are only located every 1-2 two miles and it will be comforting to have water accessible, just like your training runs.
2. Know what sports drink your event is offering and try it out on your training runs prior to race day.  Not every sports drink will agree with your stomach.  Or carry your own sports drink with you.
3. Drink water at every water station and drink sports drink at every other.  So at some stations, you will be taking both water and sports drink.
4. If it is especially hot or humid on race day, take an extra cup of water and splash it on your neck or on the top of your head.  Be careful not to get water in your eyes, causing sweat and salt to sting and cloud your eyes.
5. When grabbing a cup of water or sports drink, the cups are either made of paper or plastic.  Gently pinch the cup so that cup is flat and drink out of one of the corners.  This prevents splashing in your face.
6. Take an energy gel every 4-5 miles or 45 minutes of running.  Try consuming your gels over an entire mile while sipping on it.  Try taking gels in between water stations, so that you can wash it down with water from the water station or your own water bottle.
7. There are typically trash cans after each water station for discarding your cups.  You should try to toss your empty cups and wrappers into the garbage.  Things aren’t always a slam dunk.  If you miss, there are typically volunteers who do clean up throughout the area.
8. Remember, it’s okay to walk through water stations.  Taking a well-deserved thirty to sixty minute walk break every few miles is a great way to break up the run and keep you from getting discouraged.  Even the most experienced runners do this.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Sun Prairie Running Community

Sun Prairie is such an active community and there are so many opportunities for runners to train in town.  We are so blessed to have so many community parks and trails for cycling and running.  So many of the paths connect across town, making it easy to piece together a long run. 

Some of my favorite running locations in Sun Prairie include:
·       -  Orfan Park
·       -  Sheehan Park
·       -  Carriage Hills Estates Park
·       -  Wyndham Hills Park
·       -  Stoneridge Estates Park

Attend the Strawberry Festival Run events at the Colonial Club on June 17.  Strawberry Festival offers both 5K and 10K options and a kids race.  The event will also offer fresh strawberries and desserts and Strawberry Land for the kids. There is also a vendor and craft show on site.

Register for the Book’n It Run events at Sheehan Park on August 5.  The family-friendly event offers both 5K and 10K events, as well as a one mile run and kids fun run with local mascots.  This community event also gives away several prizes to participants and funds raised benefit the Sun Prairie Public Library.

If female runners are looking for a little structure or motivation, women and mothers can join a running group with Running Diva Mom.  Runners will rotate several different parks and trails in Sun Prairie as they train together in a fun and encouraging atmosphere.  Runners may also reserve private lessons outdoors or at the indoor running studio for women, located in downtown Sun Prairie.

Runners are encouraged to get professionally fit for running shoes at Fleet Feet Sports in Sun Prairie.  Trained specialists will watch runners walk and run and select several options that best suit their foot strike and gait.  Fleet Feet also offers free weekly group runs and pub runs.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Nathan Hipster Review

I typically always run with my handheld water bottle, but am hesitant to place my phone in the zippered pouch.  I am very afraid of water damage.  I was excited to review the Nathan Hipster belt.  This expandable storage belt is designed to fit iPhone 5, 6 and 6+ and Galaxy S4, S5 and S6. This is a great option to have your phone on you and be safe while running.  You also won't risk water damage or dropping and cracking your phone mid-run.

The belt is available in five sizes from XS to XL and I was sent a medium in pink.  They offer seven colors - both bold and neutral for all personalities.  The fabric is super soft and stretchy.  After stepping-through the Hipster and easily adjusting it on my waist, it fit super comfy at the top of the waistband of my running tights.  My phone fit it really easily and it would also be great for gels and chews.  There were several hidden pockets - front and back. I didn't find it bouncing at all during my run, which was a welcomed surprise.  The logo on the belt is also reflective for early morning or evening running.  This would also be great for hands-free hiking and walking.

The Hipster retails online for $24.99 and would make a great gift or stocking stuffer for that special runner in your life.  Mother's Day is coming up ... just sayin'.