Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Not talented; just tough.

I came across this quote (from Gymaholic) recently and I can't stop thinking about it. I really identify with it.

Quote: Gymaholic

Like many of us, I hated running the mile in gym class. I thought it was because I wasn't a "runner" or an athlete. I told myself that it was too hard and it must be easier for everyone else. That little girl just didn't know how to push herself outside of her comfort zone. I was too shy to try out for extra-curricular activities, until my parents nudged me along to do so. Even then I only went through the motions and never really put in the effort. I am not a naturally-gifted athlete. I didn't like playing basketball in junior high school. My stomach turned as I was in line to bat in gym class. I was awkward on the tumbling mat. I was not coordinated enough to hit a tennis ball. I was not driven enough to chase a soccer ball down the field either. 

As an adult, I've learned a lot about myself.  I was right ... I am NOT a naturally-talented runner. I'm not a gifted athlete. The awkwardness and the fight are what make the journey so rewarding for me. I work hard at it every day. I show up. I push. I struggle. I improve. I see results.

I put in the work.  I do what I ask of myself. I can do "hard stuff".

Life has thrown me several curve balls over the past decade -- in and out of my running shoes. I've struggled, I've learned, I've grown. But I never gave up. Running has proved to me that I am stronger than any obstacle that stands in my way. I don't have to better than anyone else. I don't have to be faster than the girl next to me at the gym. I don't have to outrun everyone else on the trail. I'm competing with myself and the obstacles that stand in my way.

I'm not talented. I'm tough.

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