Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Training Group for Dreambank Her Madison Half Marathon & 5K

Training Group for Dreambank Her Madison Half Marathon& 5K with PERSONAL Custom Training Program

Receive 25% off your race registration if you register for the training group January 1-31, 2018

Why train alone, when you can train together? This virtual accountability group will provide unlimited guidance and support, as we train together for the Dreambank Her Madison Half Marathon and 5K events on June 24. Whether it's your first running or walking event or if you simply need a plan and accountability, you will be surrounded by like-minded women and supported by Running Diva Mom. Group starts April 1. Participate and train from anywhere!

Each participant will receive the following:

·        Personal twelve-week CUSTOMIZED training program for the half marathon or 5K (each program will incorporate running, walking, cross-training, strength training and rest days; based on each woman's needs and schedule, after completing a survey)

·        Weekly private check-ins from Running Diva Mom as your coach

·        Daily motivation and accountability via private Facebook group

·        Resources and materials on stretching, injury prevention, nutrition

·        Exclusive discount for Dreambank Her Madison Half Marathon or 5K registration

Madison-area runners! Ladies Couch to 5K will also be led by Running Diva Mom through the Sun Prairie Parks & Recreation Department. Group starts April 18. Additional fee applies.

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