Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Living Your Best Life Series | Starts Dec 31

Are you wanting a more balanced and organized life? Do you find you’re wanting more time for yourself and your passions? Would you like to get active and live a healthy lifestyle? I want to help you get more out of life.

I’m currently enrolling clients for the winter session of my popular series, LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE. This twelve week transformation series will run December 31 through March 24. All sessions are private and customized to each client. The 2017 sessions transformed so many women and mothers (and a dad!) in three short months, as they developed new habits and routines at home and made time for themselves. Availability is limited to only five women.

Investment in yourself: $199

Register by sending me commenting, sending me a private message or emailing runningdivamom@yahoo.com.

What you’ll receive:
- Weekly accountability check-ins and support for twelve weeks
- Private weekly weigh-ins (optional)
- Three private accountability sessions (one hour each)
- Twelve week wellness calendar designed around your life to work on your health, wellness and personal lifestyle goals (each client will complete a survey)

What we will work on together:
- How to say “no” and give up unnecessary commitments
- Allowing yourself to say “yes” to the things that bring joy into your life
- Clearing clutter and getting your life, home and schedule organized
- Making time for yourself and your passions
- Pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle
- Meal planning for your family


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