Thursday, March 28, 2013

Honest Fizz by Honest Tea Review & Giveaway

I have featured so many great products from Honest Tea (HERE) over the past year - Honest Tea, Honest Ade and Honest Pouches for kids.  I was suprised to get this wonderful assortment of Honest Fizz (HERE)  recently.  honest Fizz is a zero calorie / zero sugar natural soda.  I'm obsessed with Diet Mountain Dew and love carbonation.  These were a welcome break from my addiction.
The kids, The Boyfriend and I all sampled the assortment of four flavors:
Lemon Limey
Orange Pop
Professor Fizz (Cherry)
Root Beer
I honestly loved them all.  I'm not a big lemon lime fan after all, so I would rank that as last on my list.  But, the other three flavors were really really great.  I also liked the slender, tall 12 oz cans. 
These were a nice zero calorie indulgence during my work day and laying around the house.


One lucky winner will win a sampler of
Honest Fizz
by Honest Tea


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Enter now though April 5, 2013.

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Knuckle Lights Review & Giveaway

My Knuckle Lights (HERE) came in handy at the end of winter, here.  Winter seemed to be dragging on and on ... and on.  Our evenings were cut short by dark nights.  But, now with the time change, the mornings are dark again, making it difficult for early morning runners.  I'm always look for new ways to be safe out on my solor runs and out with my couch to 5k groups.  I've tried various blinky lights - but they are cheaply made, don't always work and usual bust within a few sessions.
Knuckle Lights is the first and only light designed specifically to be worn on your hands, in the perfect position to light the path in front of you and be seen on your next run or walk in the dark.
I received a pair of Blue Knuckle Lights (HERE).  They retail for $39.99.  These also come in black, pink, yellow and silver.  Unfortunately, the pretty pink ones were out of stock - bummer.
45 lumens each light
Extra wide flood beams
Blinking, Lower and High Beam options
Adjustable Silicone Strap
Batteries INCLUDED
These light your path and also allow you to be seen at the same time.  Perfect for busy roads when you are running against traffic.  Or if you are out running on dark, unlit trails.
I totally didn't mind using these on my hands, because I always carry a handheld water bottle with me and love having something in my hands.  They are light and easy and comfortable to hold.  If you are a handheld water bottle user - you can place your bottle in one hand and a Knuckle Light in the other.  These are also perfect when sharing with a running buddy out on a run.  You both can be seen.

I played around with the strap too much mid-run, so one of them came unfastened and I was unable to fix it without stopping. So, I just held it in my hand.  I should have tested it out more before that first run to know how the adjustable strap worked.  But, the adjustable strap was super easy to use the next time.  The cushion on the insight of the Knuckle Light provides even more comfort for your hands.

I would recommend Knuckle Lights to anyone that is doing runs in the dark.  They seem to be the most powerful option out there.  My kids found them fun, too.

The power button on top was super easy to maneuver with my thumb.  I had fun playing around with the three different settings.

Free priority shipping in the US and a 5 year guarantee.  Can't beat that!


One lucky winner will win a set of
Knuckle Lights

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Running Buddy, Jr.

Little Diva and I will be coaching together this spring.  I'm excited that she will be helping me coach a mommy-and-me group - ten moms with their sons and daughters.  The class sold out in just a few days.  I'm looking forward to seeing her develop some leadership skills, continuing the active lifestyle, and spending some quality time together - doing something a little bit different from the norm.  She's already talking about all of the advice that she is going to give the moms and their youngsters.
I mentioned recently that she's been enjoying the ocassional mile run on the ol' treadmill in our basement.  But, now that the weather is getting a little bit nicer and the roads are getting clearer - we started heading outdoors.  The other night we ran two miles together around our new neighborhood.  We put on our winter running gear and charged up our ipods.  We cranked the tunes and also snuck in a couple of good conversations.  It's amazing how the dinner conversation of "I did nothing today" can turn into "I did this and that" while running together.  I love our little running chats and am looking forward to many more.  I love the look of pride on her face, the sweat on her brow, and the hug and high five I get at the end of our runs together.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Cupcake Flavored ChapStick Review & Giveaway

I have had the opportunity to review products from ChapStick (HERE) before.  Who doesn't love a good tube of flavored-Chapstick!  The kics, The Boyfriend and I all love moisturizing our lips with various flavors.  I was thrilled when they wanted to work with me again and send over some of their new limited edition flavors - cupcake flavors nonetheless!

I'm also happy to announce that ChapStick is a proud sponsor of the Run Like a Diva Retreat I am hosting on May 5th (HERE).  Each participant will receive a tube of ChapStick!
I received both new limited edition flavors, Cake Batter ChapStick (HERE) and Velvet Cupcake (HERE).  We also received a cupcake party in a box - sure to be a good time down the road with Little Dude and Little Diva!
Supplies are limited, so place your order now!  These limited edition varieties are available now until approximately March 31st exclusively at Wal-Mart, CVS and Walgreens nationwide.
These unique ChapStick flavors were a nice, little treat.  They were creamy and yummy and - definitely tasted and smelled like the really thing.  But, they were a zero calorie indulgence!  Little Diva and I both loved them.  I'm a huge cupcake fan and these didn't disappoint.  What fun for Easter baskets, little birthday party favors or a special treat for mom!

You can also check out all of the ChapStick Classic Flavors (HERE) and Active Flavors (HERE) for your long runs.
One lucky winner will win a
Tube of ChapStick
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“The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare.”

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twenty Miles.

This past Sunday, I hosted a free group run for running buddies and former couch to 5k participants.  We expected about 20+ runners on Sunday morning.  But the icky forecast caused me to receive a lot of texts and emails early Sunday morning, from runners cancelling.  I keep hoping that spring will be here soon - especially when planning these events.  But, the weather just doesn't seem to want to cooperate.  I didn't pay too much attention to the forecast before we ventured out to the trailhead.  If I know it was supposed to be blowing snow, I probably wouldn't have been so unopinionated about my twenty miler that morning.  It was also going to be The Boyfriend's first twenty mile training.  So, it's especially just as well that he didn't know what was waiting for us either.  We ended up meeting about ten folks for a group run.  Everyone was different paces and running different distances.  But, it was nice to hold eachother accountable and show up and commit to our training - whatever level.  The loop is five miles.  Some were running a half-loop; some one loop; some two loops and The Boyfriend and I were running four loops.  Our friend was also running to meet us half way and finish the run with us.

We headed out for one five mile loop and I alternated running with various members of the group.  The skies were gray, but the ground was pretty clear and the snow wasn't falling.  On the second loop, the snow started to fall and then blow.  My running buddy, Michelle, ran with The Boyfriend and I on the second loop.  Snow was starting to accumulate on the path and boardwalks.  During the third lap, our friend, Dwight literally ran into us and joined us for the remaining miles.  The snow was really pelting at our faces.  I just kept looking down at the ground and watching my footwork on the snow and ice.  When we started the fourth loop, every single step was the furthest The Boyfriend had ever ran.  His knees were starting to bother him.  Even though we both took energy gels, he was starting to lose energy during the last loop.  He was running slower and walking up hills.  I kept running and would swing back to get him.  Because, I was worried I wouldn't be able to get going again if I stopped - and also a bit worried I would pee my pants!! (TMI)  Despite the weather, I was feeling full of energy.  I could have kept going quite awhile.  My hip flexers weren't acting up too badly; my knees were fine.  It was just my lower back that was starting to ache, like my other runs. My friend thinks I might try to lean back to much, while trying to keep good posture.  Next time, I'm going to try to lean forward a bit more.  After mile 17, Dwight headed home and The Boyfriend and I had about 2.5 miles to go. 

We headed back up the biggest hill on the beautiful path.  The Boyfriend tried walking it, while I ran ahead.  Again, I was worried I wouldn't be able to get going again if I stopped.  I got to the top, conquered the hill - and then I slipped on the same patch of ice we had been trying to avoid all morning.  It was now covered in snow and more slippery than ever.  I slipped, I fell on my lower back, and then I hit my head on the snow-covered 1/2 inch of ice.

I just layed there, not moving for moments - which seemed like minutes.  The skies were grey and the snow was falling on my face.  My handheld water bottle was busted.  I must've used it to break my fall.

I immediately thought, what am I going to do if I'm hurt?  I didn't have a phone on me.  I thought of the other people running with us - and all winter long in my groups.  I thought of them and was immediately thankful that this didn't happen to any of them on those cold, dark, icy nights.  I would've felt terrible.

I layed there still, not knowing if I could move.  I was stunned.  In Shock.  Then, I rolled over onto my belly.  I had my arms in a push-up-like position and tilted my head and could see The Boyfriend running again, up the hill to see me.  I was happy to be moving and happy to see him. 


I layed my head down in the snow and tears started rolling down my face.  I didn't speak.  He came up close to me, layed his face next to mine in the snow and kept asking me if I was ok.  I managed to say that I was fine.  His eyes were filling up with tears, too.  (He later stated that he was getting emotional - just at the thought of having to carry me over his shoulder for the two miles to the trailhead.)  I layed there for a bit, just trying to figure out what happened and trying to get my barings.  I stood up and looked at the sky, looked at my watch and grabbed my broken water bottle.  We still had over two miles to go to the trailhead.  I decided I was ok to run and was going to finish this.

He ran/walked the last two miles.  I ran ahead and continued to circle back to him.  The trail was getting more and more covered and the board walks were slick.  I figure that I ran about 21 miles with all of the turning around I did on our route.  We were out there for 3:38 (didn't stop my watch during the fall - but thought about it - LOL).

Sometimes, I really wonder why I run these monumental training runs; why I run in the sleet and snow; why I get up at ungodly hours on the weekends when I could be sleeping in my warm bed.  But, even after an accident like this, I am left with a huge sense of accomplishment for just getting out there - and then finishing.  I rarely - if ever - regret a run.  And, I have such admiration for him having completed this distance - being a non-runner just over twelve months ago.  I'm so happy we get to continue this journey together.
Running truly is a test of not only the legs - but also of the heart.

And, I am not alone in this .... THINK SPRING!!!!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

2013 Madison Shamrock Shuffle Couch to 5K Race Report

This was one tough Wisconsin winter for running.  I can't emphasize that enough.  I started the Sun Prairie Couch to 5K winter session with sixteen runners and ended up with ten that ran the race.  The Catalyst group started with nine runners and ended with seven at the race.  The men's group started with six and ended with five at the event.  From below freezing temperatures, to icy conditions, and blizzard after blizzard on Tuesday evenings - it made it especially difficult for The Sun Prairie Ladies and Mens groups to meet each week for their group runs.  Wednesdays were a little forgiving for the Catalyst group - but it was nothing mild like last year. 
The logistics posed a whole new set of problems this year.  But, I learned a lot.  And, I kept reminding those that continued on with the program that things would seem so much easier once spring came.  If they could start this now - they would definitely be able and willing to continue it as a lifestyle change in the future.  Many became scared of the outdoor conditions, but wanted to continue with the program.  So, they opted to run on treadmills on their own, checking in with me weekly and asking questions.
This was The Boyfriend's first time coaching and he loved getting to know the guys in his group and watching them run longer and longer distances each week. 
My Sun Prairie group varied all sorts of paces and age groups this time.  I had my youngest participant of 18 yrs old and still in high school - to a 60-something year old woman.  We completed a lot of out-and-back routes to keep everyone somewhat together in the dark, cold nights.  My whistle came in very handy this winter.

We ran the Shamrock Shuffle (HERE) in downtown Madison as our event.  The atmosphere was fun and festive.  However, I think the massive group of 4,500-5,000 runners was a little intimidating for some of the new runners.  I could see some stunned and nervous expressions on their faces on race morning.  Many of us had ran the course the week prior and were aware of the route and the venture up the landark hill, Observatory Drive.  They all tackled the hill - in both directions - and conquered the race.  Everyone finished in the timeframe that I quoted them from the beginning - 30-45 minutes.  It's truly amazing seeing them get their family and friends involved and seeing them change their lifestyle over a short nine weeks.  The Boyfriend and I were very, very proud of everyone that attempted and completed the program this winter.  Many new runners have started their journey and are on their way to a happier and healthier 2013!! 

Thank you again to Market Street Diner & Bakery (HERE) in Sun Prairie, for hosting the Sun Prairie groups' end-of-season pasta party.  The cake was delicious (and adorable!), too!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Giveaway Winners ....

I was recently given the opportunity to feature several great items/events for active families.  You can read all about my fabulous experiences at the links below.

One winner was chose at random to receive these items. 

Random.org chose ……..

Run Like a Diva Retreat Entry
RDM Article (HERE)
Winner - Bethany Pelc (HERE)

What is Your Because ... Performance Shirt
RDM Article (HERE)
Website (HERE)
Winner - Christine Uniejewski (HERE)

RDM Article (HERE)
Website (HERE)
Winner - Justine @ Run Crazy Girl (HERE)

Hands Turned on Tee
RDM Article (HERE)
Website (HERE)
Winner - Sherrie @ Run for the Bling of It (HERE)

Congratulations!!!  Please email me at ( runningdivamom at yahoo dot com ) with your name, email and mailing address.  And, I will get you your prize!
Thank you for following my journey!!

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Kid-Friendly Running Tunes

When I'm running with my headphones, I'm typically listening to some explicit, nasty lyrics.  The better the beat, the dirtier the lyrics, the faster I seem to run.  When some of those words come through on my headphones, I have to laugh at what I'm listening to.  But, it's what keeps me going.

However, when I plug my ipod into my treadmill speakers for a short run, and the kids are home and closeby - I can't listen to my typical playlist.  And, with Little Diva recently taking an interest in treadmill running, I've had to provide her with some fun running tunes, too.

I've had to create an additional "kid-friendly running tunes" playlist.  This has included some great remakes of our favorites Top 40 hits on various Kidz Bop CDs (HERE).

But, some of my favorites have also made the playlist:

My Songs Know What You Did In the Dark (Light Em Up) 3:09 Fall Out Boy
Anything Could Happen 4:47 Ellie Goulding
Carry On 4:38 Fun.
Change 3:18 Churchill Change
Feel Again 3:06 OneRepublic
Hold On 3:46 Alabama Shakes
I Will Wait 4:37 Mumford & Sons
One More Night 3:39 Maroon 5
Paradise 4:38 Coldplay
Some Nights 4:37 Fun.
We Are Young (feat. Janelle MonĂ¡e) 4:11 Fun. 

Catch My Breath 4:10 Kelly Clarkson
Hello 3:56 Karmin
Daylight 3:46 Maroon 5
I Knew You Were Trouble 3:40 Taylor Swift
Girl On Fire 3:45 Alicia Keys
Call Me Maybe 3:13 Carly Rae Jepsen 

Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 Run Before you Crawl Celtic 5K Race Report

This past Saturday, The Boyfriend and I headed down to his hometown to run the Green County Run Before You Crawl Celtic 5K (HERE) in Monroe, Wisconsin.  This was his very first 5K one year ago.  I did not participate with him last year.  The race started and ended at the local YMCA.  So we had a nice warm place to hang out before the race.  Packet pick-up took place in the gym and was hassle-free and there were enough indoor bathrooms.  
We met up with my bloggy buddy, Bill from Love to Run (HERE) and his daughter, Melissa before the race. Their plan was to run the race together.  The Boyfriend I were not planning on running together.  Even though he recently started running, he quickly has exceeded my pace, especially in short distances.
It had been sometime since I ran a 5K for myself - or raced one.  I've been coaching so many 5Ks and running so many half marathons in the past few years.  My 5K racing experience has been minimal recently.  I wasn't sure what to expect out of myself.  
Even though the race was only 3.1 miles, I decided to carry my handheld water bottle with me.  I love having the opportunity to sip on my bottle when I want, and not stop at water stations.  This race didn't even have a water station, so it was nice to have it with me. 
We started off in the front of the pack, and I'm not quite sure why I did that.  Again, it's been some time since I ran a 5K.  We just got out there and lined up with all of the fast runners.  Oh well.  I was immediately passed by all of the speedy participants as we headed down the first street and up the first hill.  I was going out too quickly the first mile and found myself a little winded aroudn the 1/2 mile mark.  There were quite a few rolling hills, but nothing terrible.  I pulled back on my pace and was happy when my watch read 8:10 at the mile marker.  They had clearely marked mile markets, with volunteers calling out times.  With another big hill in the next mile, I slowed a bit and crossed mile 2 at 16:28.  I knew that 25 minutes would be within reach at the finish line.
I was not familiar with the area, so I had no clue where I was and didn't have landmarks to keep distance into perspective.  I saw the third mile marker up ahead, I pressed up a small hill and turned righ towards the finishline.  I crossed the finishline in 25:17 and saw The Boyfriend on the other side of the timing mat. 
I was ecstatic with my time, but the race reminded me how much I really like the half marathon and don't really care for 5Ks.  I love training people for 5Ks, and getting runners started on their journey.  But, I personally love to run the half marathon distance, because the race isn't over in moments, I get a real bang for my buck, and I feel like I have really accomplished something major.
I finished in 25:17 and The Boyfriend finished in 23:18.  He knocked five whole minutes off of his time from last year, his very first 5K.  We drove in town to get cleaned up and for an afternoon of enjoy the local pub crawl - mainly nursing our drinks and sipping on coffee as we watched others stumble past us on The Square.  Good times.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fifteen miles.

This winter has been a tough one to train for a marathon.  I can't even imagine if this was my first marathon.  It will be The Boyfriend's first marathon, when we cross that finish line in May.  He hasn't been strictly following a program, but he's been very good about getting the long runs in ocassionally.  I can't wait until it (hopefully) warms up later this month, so that we can tackle those twenty milers outside.
This weekend, we were slated to race a 5K on Saturday and then run 15 miles together on Sunday.  We delayed our long training run until after a brunch, then a drive home, then a short snooze.  I wasn't positive we were going to force ourselves out the door in the afternoon - the weather so dreary, cold and wet.  But, we did.  We drove ten minutes to my favorite new path in DeForest.  The path is an even five mile out-and-back loop.  So, we planned to run the loop three times.  Yikes. 
We headed out with double long-sleeved layers, hats, gloves, handheld water bottles and our ipods.  We both started our watches and our ipods and we were off.  This was one of the few times I never advanced my songs or messed with my playlist.  I was worried about the rain and tucked it under my double-layered sleeves and just let it play.  It was kind of fun just running along to whatever tune came on and set my pace accordingly.  This was The Boyfriends' first time on this path with me.  Too bad the weather wasn't better.  The path is so scenic and there are some significant inclines.  On the way back from the first lap, his pace was slowing significantly.  I wans't sure if he was having stomach issues, leg cramps, or what was going on.  He gestured for me to run ahead.  I kept a slight pace in front of him for the remainder of the loop.  There were several large puddles that were unavoidable along the path.  My feet would get soaked each time and then my socks and shoes would stomp out the water and feeling seemingly dry again after a few minutes. 
As we headed back to the trailhead, where our vehicle was parked, I was convinced he was done and was a little disappointed and mentally trying to plan how I would fit in the additional ten miles at home, the gym or on the treadmill.  And even more difficult for me, was the thought of trying to get him back out the door to complete those miles with me.  He needed the training run just as bad as me, if not more for his confidence.  We got back to the car and I pulled the car key out of my handheld water bottle.  He asked me what I was doing.  "I thought you were done?!".  Nope.  We were headed back out for more.  Thank goodness.
I told him how proud I was of him, as we headed back out for loop number two.  I was so amazed.  We traced our footsteps on the path and saw a few people out walking their dogs on this dreary day.  They were in rain gear and hunting gear and keeping warm as they walked the beautiful trail.  We weren't dressed quite the same, but I wasn't cold.  The only thing that got cold were my finger tips a few times.  The snow was melting from the rain and the path was getting significantly wetter this time.  My feet were soaking several times as I splashed around in the puddles.  I told him that I loved him several times.  And, would occassionally ask him how he was feeling.  He would give me the thumbs up.  We both had our Yurbuds in under our hats and had little-to-no conversation.  We were both in the zone, but doing this together.   
We got back to the trailhead again, and The Boyfriend was out of sports drink and opted to refill his water bottle.  I was fine and didn't need to replenish.  However, I was worried that if I stopped running that I may embarrasingly wet my pants after my muscles loosened up, so I laughed and told him I would run circles around the parking lot.  I ran for a few minutes and then we were ready to head back out.  The rain was really coming down now and our layers of clothing were seriously soaked.  My clothes were starting to feel heavy.  My feet were wet.  My body was starting too cool down a bit.  But, we ventured on.  We went slow and steady and again I communicated with him throughout the five mile loop.  The puddles were now out of control.  We didn't even try darting around them this time - we just dodged through them.  The hills seemed even more intense than the other climbs before them.  At the top of the largest hill, we were at 13 miles and I congratulated him for completing a half marathon out there in the cold and the rain.  We kept going, as we were in the home stretch.  Nice, slow and steady - together. 
We finally made it back to the car in 2:32 - sopping wet.  We snapped a quick photo, before taking off our soaking wet layers, putting on a few dry items, wrapping in blankets and cranking the heat.  There is no way I would have ventured out there alone, even for half of those miles.  It's amazing what support will do for you.  Just having someone there, that is going through the same thing.  The same experience.  The same discomfort.  I feel so fortunate that I have found someone that will take part of my lifestyle and help hold me accountable as well.  It just wouldn't be the same taking this journey solo.

Little Diva on the Run

Little Diva is full of energy and passion.  When she offered to participate in Girls on the Run last fall, I was excited to see her apply her ambition and passion to the sport of running.  I didn't want to push her into something that she didn't want to see to the end of the program.  Just like any other extra curricular activities, it's hard to know what kids actually want to do, want to try, for themselves.  It's been fun watching her try different sports, activities, theater and clubs in our community.
She crossed that finish line last November, and hadn't ran much since, other than finishing a few Couch to 5K sessions with my groups.  She loved encouraging the women so much and telling them about her training experience and race goals.  So, when the local rec department asked me about what my plans were for upcoming sessions, I asked Little Diva if she wanted to coach a group with me.  We will be hosting a Mom-and-Me Couch to 5K group on Fridays after school.  Ten women and their children will be training together for a local race.  I can't wait to see her share her experience and apply the skills she learned, and form some leadership skills at the age of nine years old.

With our group starting soon, Little Diva took it upon herself to start training herself again.  She got some motivation from various running magazines and books laying around our home.  And, then she got out a notebook and starting writing down pace and mileage goals for herself.  Do you think kids act on example?  Too funny.

Then, she's seen me do a few short runs on the dreadmill recently and asked if she could try it out herself.  She was curious how you set our pace and was amazed that the machine actually kept track of everything you were doing your workout.  She hooked up some Kidz Bop tunes and set her pace.  With a few walk breaks initially, she was setting a good introductory pace.  Then she decided to just go with it and run the last half mile continuously. 

The first night she ran, it took her on the high-end of fifteen minutes to run/walk a 5K.  Four days later, when she was back at my house, she asked to do it again.  This time, she knocked out a 12:46 mile.  I'm pretty proud of her for being so ambitious and motivated at such a young age.  Is it a phase?  Sure, maybe.  But, she has an interest in being healthy and being active.  And, that's all that really matters.  These experiences and her "routine" can be applied to so many other activities and areas in our her life.  I'm one proud mama.

Friday, March 8, 2013


Little Diva is always quite the artist.  When she's not reading the Harry Potter series, she's keeping herself busy drawing, cutting up scraps of paper and making her own crafts and creations.  I was super-delighted when she presented me with her latest work the other day, a portrait of me, as RDM.  She even incorporated my Bondi Band, Running Skirt and Catalyst coaching t-shirt ... and my big smile.
See any resemblence? ...

Friday, March 1, 2013

No one can take it away from you.

Hands Turned On Tee Review & Giveaway

Hands Turned On (HERE) is a company dedicated to teaching simple energy flows to help you with self-healing. Energy healing is the ancient art of healing through touch, breath, movement and sound. This form of healing affects the nervous system, decreasing the “fight or flight” reaction and increasing relaxation. Over time, energy healing can decrease the amount of overall inflammation in the body – an underlying cause of many illnesses we experience. Our goal is to help you gain awareness and skill at “turning your hands on” and using them for self-healing.
One's health and wellbeing are very important in today's hectic, fast-pasted world.  These t-shirts from "Hands Turned On' speak volumes:
· Occupy The Heart
· Relax, Let Go...Watch Everything Change
· Cool Head Neutral Heart
· Path Of A Thousand Miles
· Ten Seconds to Center
· It’s Your Dream, Trust It
I received the Path of a Thousand Miles shirt (HERE) in a size medium.  They offer sizes small through extra large.  It was a nice women's fit.  Perfect for running errands, yoga or group exercise or nice, family walks this spring.  The shirt says "The Path of a Thousand Miles Ends in the Heart" across the front.  I liked the length of the shirt and the neutral green color.  I do wish that the shirt was offered in a varity of colors versus just one.  This shirt sends a strong message for runners, walkers or anything that you may be experiencing/struggling with in life.
Shirt description:
Being centered in the heart is different than being centered in the me/mine attitude. This shirt comes with an instruction card to assist you in practicing the art of moving to the heart center – a center that can give you a different awareness of any situation.

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