Monday, July 30, 2012

Giveaway Winners!!

I was recently given the opportunity to review several awesome products.  You can read all about my fabulous experiences at the links below.  Please visit them online and start shopping.

Giddy Up & Go Granola - RDM Review (HERE) - Company Website (HERE)
Winner - Christina @ Lace It Up & Run (HERE)

Shaun White Board Shorts - RDM Review (HERE) - Company Webesite (HERE)
Winner - Holly & The Pioneer Apron (

Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits CD - RDM Review (HERE) - Company Website (HERE)
Winner - Christi @ Christi's Running Blog (

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Thank you for following my journey!!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catalyst Commercial (featuring little ol' me!)

If you have been reading RDM for awhile, you'll know that I crossed paths with the owners of Catalyst Active Store at the Madison Marathon Expo back in 2011.  You can check out all of the clothing and gear for your ACTIVE LIFESTYLE on their website (HERE).  Stop by Catalyst at 2045 Atwood Avenue in Madison and tell them I sent you.  Jim is one of the UW track coaches and is very knowledgeable about getting you fit with the right shoes, foot strike analysis and proper running form.  You won't be disappointed in the individualized approach they have at Catalyst ... and first time customers that mention my name and this blog post will get a 15% discount.

Six months after we met, they asked me if I would coach their store's first Couch to 5K session.  That group of ladies was awesome to work with and they are all still meeting every Wednesday night at 5:30 to run together.  Awesome.

I started training another group of fine women there last week.  Can't wait to see how their journey unfolds over the next nine weeks.

A couple of months ago, Gail and  Jim were trying to figure out how to get the word out about their cute store on Atwood Avenue.  They decided to run a commercial on Madison's Channel 27.  I was stoked to receive an email from Gail, stating that they would be shooting a commercial in the store and wanted me to participate in it.  She confirmed that I would have no speaking part (thank goodness!). 

Awesome opportunity after awesome opportunity.  I love all of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences that this sport has offered me.

Gail had me stop by the store one night after work.  She had selected some pieces that they wanted featured in the commercial.  I tried on each outfit and her sales associate took pictures of me in each ensemble.  I loved everything, but especially loved the bright and bold outfits that I posed in.  And, that is what she chose.

I showed up a few days later and the camera and marketing crew from Channel 27 was at the store bright-and-early.  I wore my work attire and they took some shots of me "shopping" in the store.  We did the same things over and over ... and over.  It's funny to see how these shots literally are shown for a second or two in the actual commercial.

I then changed into the fun outfit that they chose for me.  We headed outside to the commuter path and they shot video of me running back and forth, with frequent pauses for commuters headed to work that morning.  I even got to wear my staple Bondi Band and use my favorite handheld water bottle that they sell in the store.

After that, we headed over to Monty's Blueplate Diner and shot some video of me and my "active lifestyle".  I put a light jacket on over my outfit and the marketing associate pretended to be my BFF at the restaurant, where we were meeting for lunch after my workout.  This was so me.  So my lifestyle.  It really felt natural.

Two days later, I was asked to come to the Channel 27 studio.  I showed up at 10:00 am, shortly after the news crew left for the morning.  We were shooting my photographs in front of the screen where the weather is done, but were using a white screen.  It was really surreal seeing the news sets.  Thought it was dark and empty.  Pretty neat.

Three outfits were waiting for me in the Green Room.  They had a variety of running gear, props and running shoes for me to pose in.  I couldn't believe I was doing this.  The crew gave me some ideas on how to pose, how to move, how to smile ... then they just let me go with it.  What fun.  Posing and doing my thing.

The commercial went live on Channel 27 last week.  I can't believe how quickly they threw it together.  I have received so many emails and phone calls from friends, family, co-workers and neighbors that have seen me on the tv.  I unfortunately haven't seen it live yet, because we no longer have cable or local channels at this point.  Go figure.

Until I see it live, I will just keep laughing hysterically, every time I replay it on my computer.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Training Run with Dean Karnazes (Yep, you read that right!)

Oh, the power of social media!  Late last week, my boyfriend saw an update scroll across on Facebook, that one of our friends was attending a training run with Dean Karnazes.  Huh?!?  Seriously?!?  We were just out running with our friend last weekend and Dean came up as a topic of conversation over our twelve mile run.  I thought it couldn't be true.  Well, after investigating on Facebook and the North Face website (HERE), it WAS true.  Dean was coming to Madison's Hilldale Mall on Sunday morning for a 10K training run.  Sign me up.

Me with Dean Karnazes after a seven mile run

Dean Karnazes is the Ultra Marathon Man.  You can check out his truly motivational journey on his website (HERE).  Dean has done some amazing things, including running 350 consecutive miles and running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days.  I've truley enjoyed his UltraMarathon Man DVD that documents those marathons.  I've watched it over and over and have convinced runners and non-runners to watch it along side me.  The boyfriend and I were just watching it last week, when we needed a quick tv fix, since we omitted cable tv.  He was indulging in it again a few evenings later.

The training run was at 9am on Sunday morning.  We showed up a little early and The North Face store had about twenty people waiting to see this influencial icon in endurance sports.  The rain had stopped and we were excited to see him walk through the front door. 

It was amazing hearing his story and a very motivational talk.  He talked about his recent experience at Bad Water and his 50 consecutive marathons.  He also announced that he would be running a marathon in every country world-wide from 2013-2014 ... I can't even imagine the running, let alone the logistics of that journey.  After a 20 minute talk and Q&A session, we headed out for a run around Shorewood Hills and a trail run at Picnic Point on the UW campus.

The group pretty much stuck together on the roads, until the trails.  We ran side-by-side or single file on the hilly course.  Not incredibly technical, but definitely something different for a road runner like myself.  I enjoyed mixing things up a bit, running with my boyfriend, a friend and Dean Karnazes.  It was fun watching Dean interact with the other runners.  I love how this sport is different than others.  You can truly participate along side the icons in this sport.  You can compete in events like the Chicago Marathon, where the best of the best are battling their nerves at the start line, right in front of you.  I literally traced Dean Karnazes' wet footprints on the sidewalk yesterday.  THAT, my running friends, is cool.  Too cool for words on this blog.

We ran seven miles yesterday morning.  My first trail run and I enjoyed it.  Everyone in the back of the pack with me got a little disoriented on our trip back to The North Face store.  But, we all eventually got back for a meet-and-greet with Dean.  My only regret is that I didn't make more time to chat with Dean during the run or at the meet-n-greet.  I think my nerves got the best of me.  The option was definitely there.  I just didn't take it.  He is truly down-to-earth, personable and in love with the sport of running.

The North Face gave us some free posters, to get Dean's autograph and I also brought along my UltraMarathon Man DVD.  I told Dean how we got rid of cable TV, because we've been too active to actually sit down on the couch now; and how we put in his documentary when we need a fix.  I also thanked him for my first trail run.  Then we posed for some pictures.  He had me get in the middle, so that I was surrounded by these two men .... that made my day.  I can't believe that this moment happened.

Best running buddies ever:
My boyfriend ... and Dean Karnazes

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits Review & Giveaway

Little Diva and I always love working with Kidz Bop.  We were excited when they contact us about one of their newest releases, Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits (HERE). 

The all new Ultimate Hits album features your favorite hit tunes - sung by kids for kids! Little Diva sings constantly.  She knows many of today's hits word-for-word ... which isn't always a good thing!  Kidz Bop takes their favorite snappy tunes from the radio and censors them when other kids are resinging the hits.  It's a great way for you all to sing together at home ... or in the car as we prefer to do!!  The new CD features 13 awesome new hits that your kids ... and you! ... will enjoy singing along to!


1. Tik Tok
2. Dynamite
3. California Gurls
4. I Gotta A Feeling
5. Billionaire
6. Party In The USA
7. Break Your Heart
8. Hey Soul Sister
9. DJ Got Us Falling In Love
10. Fire Burning
11. You Belong With Me
12. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)
13. Fireflies


One lucky winner will win a copy of
Kidz Bop Ultimate Hits


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2 – Follow Running Diva Mom on Facebook HERE. LEAVE ME A COMMENT
3 – Visit the Kidz Bop website HERE and tell me what you think is fabulous. LEAVE ME A COMMENT

4 – Become a fan of Kidz Bop on Facebook HERE (and let them know Running Diva Mom sent you!). LEAVE ME A COMMENT

5 – Post about this giveaway on your blog, Facebook or Twitter account. LEAVE ME A COMMENT FOR EACH.

Enter now though Thursday, July 26.
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Shaun White Board Shorts from Target Review & Giveaway

Did you know that Shaun White's apparel is sold in Target stores near you?   Shaun White Apparel from Target has everything a kid needs, including: shoes, board shorts, caps, tees, belts, wallets and so much more. Affordable and stylish.  Designed by Shaun in partnership with his brother, Jesse, the collection, first created in 2008, draws its inspiration from the life and times of our era's most recognizable action sports athlete. From two Olympic Gold medals to unprecedented wins in both the Winter and Summer X Games, Shaun has an unparalleled drive and ability to succeed. Shaun's unmistakable personal style and passion for travel, art and music shines through with his fashion line at Target, that is exclusive without being expensive.

With the HOT HOT HOT Wisconsin summer we've been having, the kids have been swimming a ton and bopping around in little-to-nothing even when they aren't getting wet.  I was ecstatic when they asked if Little Dude would like to try out some Shaun White board shorts ... perfect for the hot and humid weather!!

The Shaun White board shorts retail for $16.99 exclusively at Target (currently on sale for under 15 bucks!) and are currently in stores.

Little Dude received the Shaun White Boys Block Swim Trunk in White, sold at Target (HERE).

· Sizing: Kids (4-16) Sizing
· Garment Detail: Sewn-in Mesh Liner
· Closure Style: Elastic Band Closures
- Material: 100 % Polyester
· Lining Material: 100 % Polyester
· Protective Features: UPF 50+ Sun Protection
· Care and Cleaning: Machine Wash Cold, Line Dry

Little Dude is 4 1/2 yrs old and the size 5/6 board shorts were a little big on him.  They fit ok for right now, but will fit for another year or two to come ... perfect!

The bright colors and bold patterns really fun and set him apart from the other little dudes at the pool.  He really looked like a "big boy" in this pair.  The elastic band closure made it for easy on/easy off.  The colors didn't bleed and held up great at the pool.  They are a super affordable option for your little guy, too.

You can check out all of the Shaun White Apparel at Target (HERE).


One lucky winner will win a pair of
Shaun White Board Shorts from Target


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Enter now though Thursday, July 26.

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Giddy Up & Go Granola Review & Giveaway

I as recently sent a package of Giddy Up & Go Granola (HERE) from Thoughtful Food Inc (HERE).

Thoughtful Food, Inc., an organic and gluten-free heath food distribution and production company. Giddy Up & Go Granola is a delicious granola blend promoting healthy digestion, which offers the optimal daily requirement of Omegas needed for brain development. Starting with the finest ingredients available, Thoughtful Food created two granola blends so pure that they are one of the only brands on the market to be certified both organic and gluten-free. Products are made using only 100% organic agave nectar, and may be a safe choice for some diabetics as well.

Thoughtful Food Granolas are made in a dedicated certified gluten-free facility, guaranteed dairy-free, vegan and certified USDA organic products. GU&GG is currently available in two flavors – “Notoriously Nutty” and “Seriously Seedy.” Loaded with protein, “Notoriously Nutty” is made from only organic fruit and nuts to ensure only the best possible fuel for the body. Keeping in mind those with nut allergies, “Seriously Seedy” was created with organic pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds to add the textured crunch while the antioxidant rich dried fruit adds the full flavor. “The positive response to Giddy Up & Go Granola has been inspiring,” says Thoughtful Food Founder Jennifer Bielawski. “We strive to make sure our blends are as healthy and delicious as possible, and the consumer’s feedback is what makes us confident in the products we are creating.”

I love granola mixed with my plain, non-fat Dannon yogurt.  That, paired with a hot cup of my coffee, is my favorite way to start a morning at home.  I often eat it while I'm blogging on Friday mornings.  I was excited to try a new kind of granola, "Notoriously Nutty".  It was crunchy and chewy at the same time.  Also a good mixture of fruits and nuts.  I found it had more fruit than the other brands I frequently purchase.  A great way to off-set the tartness of my plain yogurt.  The 1.5 oz bag was filled with all kinds of wholesome goodness that kept me filled and satisfied.  At $8.97 for a bag, it was a bit more expensive than the brands I normally purchase at my grocery store.  I'd give it an A on the tasting scale and a B- on price.


One lucky winner will win a package of
Giddy Up & Go Granola


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Enter now though Thursday, July 26.

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Destination Running Article Feature

My article on destination running has been featured in the July / August 2012 issue of This Mother Can Run.  You can read my article on pages 26-27 of the current issue (HERE).

10K Runners Crossed the Finish Line

Last fall I met a group of fun and determined women through the Couch to 5K women.  These women were dedicated to their new outlet.  It was time for themselves (many of them mothers).  It was a good social outlet.  It was structured group exercise that fit around their busy life.  The GOTR 5K in November gave them a goal to focus toward.  And they conquered.

When they asked me to start a 10K training group in the spring, I didn't think twice.

Over the past several several months, a structured training program has become a way of life for these women.  A part of them.  Many have run several more 5Ks.  They have packed their running shoes in their suitcase when going on family vacations or work trips.  They have become fund of the many paths and trails that our lovely community has to offer.  It has been fun watching them transform way beyond what I ever imagined I'd see.

They ran a HOT practice 10K back in mid-May, just to see what it was like to tackle the distance on their favorite new local trail.  They showed up ... together ... and they finished ... together.

After three months of running together, the ladies finished their 10K event at Sun Prairie's Strawberry Festival two weeks ago.  They each finished at their own pace on a very sparse 10K course (most participants competed in the 5K).  But they didn't care.  Because like I always tell them, they were doing it for themselves ...not anyone else.  This is their journey.  And, again they came back out to finish with the last runner and help her cross that finish line.  Who says that running is an "individual sport"??

But, I know that the finish line wasn't the end for these ladies.  Some have already ran another 10K over the Fourth of July holiday and several are talking about tackling a half marathon for the fall.

Congratulations to all of the 10K RDM Runners!!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Spring Couch to 5K Runners ... You did it!!

Back in April, I started a nine week adventure with fourteen women.  They had no clue what was in store for them as they showed up in their cotton athletic wear, ready to run/walk for twenty minutes. 

Fast forward nine weeks later ....

Their cotton t-shirts have transformed into technical clothing.  Their sloppy pony tails are now secured with fashionable Bondi Bands.  Their off-the-shelf sneakers have been put aside for some well-fitted running shoes.  Their gasps for air have been transformed into controlled breaths of fresh air as they have found a comfortable rhythm with their footsteps.  Frustration has turned into smiles.  Strangers have turned into friends.

But most importantly, "I can'ts" have turned into "I cans" and then "I did"!!

We experienced a few injuries this season; many were pre-existing conditions.  It was sad that everyone could not finish the program.  But, I'm told that some of them will be back in the Fall for more, after they allow their bodies to heal.

The ten ladies that did complete the program, ran their 5K on June 23 at Sun Prairie's Strawberry Festival.  Some of them have even included their children and their spouses in their running activities.  I love when the enthusiasm spreads throughout the family!!  And, these ladies finished strong ... I mean, one even competed with a double ear infection and a sinus infection!  38-45 minutes of strong running on a very hilly course.  I am very proud of each and every one of them!!


Congratulations to the 10 Ladies
that completed the
Spring Couch to 5K Program!!


Thank you for allowing
me to join you
on YOUR journey!!

Giveaway Winners (Lots of them!!)

Little Diva, Little Dude and I were recently given the opportunity to review several products geared towards active families.  You can read all of our experiences at the links below.  One winner was chosen to receive each of these fabulous products.

Congratulations everyone!!!  Please email me at ( runningdivamom at yahoo dot com ) with your name, email and mailing address. And, I will get you your prize!

Thank you for following my journey!!

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Ruffles With Love Custom Shirt (HERE)
Winner:  Run Find Your Happy Pace (

FRS Healthy Performance Products (HERE)
Winner: bayctygrl (HERE)

Hero Huggers Belt for Kids (HERE)
Winner:  The Pioneer Apron (HERE)

Chi Marathon Book (HERE)
Winner:  My Continuing Quest for Sanity (HERE)

Rae Cosmetics (HERE)
Winner:  The Brothers YZ (HERE)

Handful Bra (HERE)
Winner:  The Weatherley Adventure (HERE)

Ahnu Footwear (HERE)
Winner:  Mrsr1n1 (HERE)

Sharkies (HERE)
Winner:  Run Sofalvi Run (HERE)

For My Children Book (HERE)
Winner:  Run O'Donnell (HERE)

Zipfizz (HERE)
Winner:  Tales from an Average Runner (HERE)

SPIband by SPIbelt (HERE)
Winner:  Sucking Air (HERE)

Febreeze Detergent & Tide Laundry Bag (HERE)
Winner:  Tab a Dilly (HERE)

Proud Runner Socks & Armwarmers (HERE)
Winner:  Mag Mile Runner (HERE)

Americas ToothFairy Kids Club / Tooth Fairy 2 DVD (HERE)
Winner:  Girls Just Wanna Go Run (HERE)