Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Couch to 5K Classes - Summer 2016

Spring / Summer Running Classes

5K classes start with one minute intervals of
running/walking for 20 minutes.
10K training starts with two fifteen minute running intervals.
Half marathon training starts with two twenty minute running intervals.

1 mile Fun Run

Girls - Sun Prairie
Starts Monday, July 18, 6:00 PM
3 Weeks
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5K Training

Ladies - Sun Prairie
Starts Wednesday, June 8, 6:30 PM
9 Weeks
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Starts Thursday, August 25, 6:30 PM
9 Weeks
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Co-Ed - DeForest
Starts Friday, July 15, 6:00 AM
9 Weeks
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Stroller - Sun Prairie
Starts Tuesday, June 7, 8:30 AM
9 Weeks
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Stroller - Monona
Starts Friday, June 10, 9:00 AM
9 Weeks
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A child is your REASON. Not your EXCUSE.

A child is your REASON. Not your EXCUSE.
I struggle with mom guilt quite often, just like you. But, my kids know that this is my lifestyle and that working out makes me a better mommy. I either keep my commitment to myself and head out the door for my scheduled solo miles. Or one joins me on his bike while cranking his tunes on his bike radio (Then I don't need headphones and we solve all of the world's problems together!). Or one joins me in the jogging stroller or observes, surrounded by toys next to the treadmill. Little Diva has been known to push Mini Diva in the stroller on a bike path, while I coach a class. Little Dude enjoys participating in my kids running classes, too.
They are already excited that we have an active date on the calendar for the next weekend we are together. I will be pushing Mini Diva in the jogging stroller, while the other two bike. A three mile trip to our favorite diner for a sweet treat, a trip to our favorite park and a three mile trip back home.
Schedule your time. Either with your family or a few solo miles. Make it an adventure - not a chore. Show them that YOU are worth it. And that you MAKE IT HAPPEN.
Remember that every small step counts and that they add up quickly. Those small steps leaving lasting footprints. And your kids will follow them ...

Ladies Half Marathon Weekend Training Group - Sun Prairie/Madison

Ladies Half Marathon Weekend Training Group - Sun Prairie/Madison
Starts August 7

Register now:http://www.eventbrite.com/e/ladies-half-marathon-weekend-training-group-sun-prairiemadison-tickets-25596709447

This running group is designed to take runners from the 5K to the half marathon (13.1 miles) in twelve weeks.  A full training schedule with locations will be emailed to program participants at the end of July.  We will meet together once each week on Saturdays at 7:00 am(*First class will take place on a Sunday - see schedule below)  Parks/locations will rotate in Sun Prairie, Deforest and on Madison's Eastside.  Class starts on Sunday, August 7 at 7:00 am.  Must be able to run/walk two twenty minute intervals at first class.

This non-competitive running group is geared towards women of all paces and abilities.  Everyone will run/walk at their own pace and an out-and-back route will be planned, so that the entire group can stick together.  This is a very encouraging and fun atmosphere and is perfect for runners that have run a handful of 5K or 10K races.

Interested in joining with a friend??  Choose the Running Buddies registration option for a discounted rate!  If you are interested in avoiding the processing fee, please reach out to runningdivamom@yahoo.com to pay by check.

We will be training for the Haunted Hustle Half Marathon on Sunday, October 23.  This race is optional and is not included with your session registration.

Sun*, Aug 7 - 7 am
Sat, Aug 13 - 7 am (no instructor)
Sat, Aug 20 - 7 am
Sat, Aug 27 - 7 am
Sat, Sept 3 - 7 am
Sat, Sept 10 - 7 am
Sat, Sept 17 - 7 am (no instructor)
Sat, Sept 24 - 7 am
Sat, Oct 1 - 7 am
Sat, Oct 8 - 7 am
Sat, Oct 15 - 7 am
Sat, Oct 22 - 7 am (optional breakfast/coffee after class)
Sat, Oct 29 - No Class (packet pick up in Middleton)

Sun, Oct 30 - Haunted Hustle Half Marathon (Middleton)

Ladies 10K Summer Running Group – Sun Prairie/Madison-East - Starts July 14

Ladies 10K Summer Running Group – Sun Prairie/Madison-East

Register now:

This running group is designed to take runners from the 5K to the 10K in eleven weeks. We will meet together approximately once each week. Parks/locations will rotate in Sun Prairie, Deforest and on Madison's Eastside. Class starts on Thursday, July 14 at 6:30 pm. First class will meet at Orfan Park in Sun Prairie. Dates/times will vary; full schedule provided below. A full training program with locations will be sent to participants during the week of the first class. Must be able to run/walk 30 mins at first class.

This non-competitive running group is geared towards women of all paces and abilities. Everyone will run/walk at their own pace and an out-and-back route will be planned, so that the entire group can stick together. This is a very encouraging and fun atmosphere and is perfect for runners that have run a handful of 5K races.

Interested in joining with a friend?? Choose the Running Buddies registration option for a discounted rate! If you are interested in avoiding the processing fee, please reach out to runningdivamom@yahoo.com to purchase by check.

We will be training for the Zoo Run Run 10K in Madison (Henry Vilas Zoo/Arboretum) on Sunday, September 25. This race is optional and is not included with your session registration.

Thurs, July 14, 6:30 pm at Orfan Park

Sun, July 24, 9:00 am

Thurs, July 28, 6:30 pm

Sun, Aug 7, 9:00 am

Wed, Aug 10, 6:30 pm

Wed, Aug 17, 6:30 pm

Wed, Aug 24, 6:30 pm

Sun, Sept 4, 9:00 am

Sat, Sept 10, 10:00 am

Wed, Sept 21, 6:00 pm - Course at Henry Vilas Zoo/UW Arboretum

Sun, Sept 25 - Zoo Run Run 10K (Henry Vilas Zoo/UW Arboretum

May Miles

I logged 108 miles this month. Many of them with this little one in the jogging stroller. How are you doing with your goals this year?

Running life - full circle.

I always try to remind myself that they are always watching. This little one knows nothing different than mommy lacing up her running shoes daily (sometimes several times). She's been watching me get on the treadmill since she was two-and-a-half weeks old. Now she joins me in the jogging stroller. 
This past weekend, my two oldest joined me at a race that I coached. They cheered on my couch to 5K class, consisting of fourteen women at a local 5K (one cheered more than the other!). My daughter has observed my training and racing since she was eighteen months old. Now she is nearly thirteen and is finally expressing all of the things that I was hoping she was observe. She told me that I did a good job - not only running back and forth during the race, but "helping those ladies out" and proving to them that they can do it. She said that she admires me for sharing my passion with others and it proves to her that she can do anything in life (not just running). She said she realized that these women are busy women and moms - just like her mom. And that they are learning to set aside sometime for themselves - healthy, alone time. Just like her mom.
Sure, the calorie burn is nice. And it's great to be fit. But THIS is one of my main reasons for running and coaching. For pushing myself and others. I am continuously reminding myself that I can do anything and to set a good example for my kids. They are realizing that with a little sweat and hard work, that THEY can do anything they want, too!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Dreams over dishes.

I typically love to wake up and have my bed made. It starts my day off right. I also love to have my kitchen sink and counter cleaned up before I head to bed. It brings closure to my day.
Last night, my counter was a mess. There were dishes to be washed and bottles to be cleaned. But, I piled the kids into bed and we read books. One went in her crib. One fell asleep, cuddled up next to me. I drifted off after a few minutes and the other got drowsy and eventually headed to bed.
This morning I woke up to the coffee pot and the dog barking to go on a walk at 5:00 am. I jumped out of bed and I felt refreshed for my morning walk at sunrise. I woke the kids up around 6:00 and they were ready to go, too. There weren't any major disagreements or forgetful minds this morning. We had a nice, quiet ride to school. Drop-off was followed by an early-morning trip to the grocery story and then a productive morning while the baby napped.
And the dishes were still there this morning. So, I got them done. Nothing tragic happened because the dishes weren't done last night. Sometimes I get so caught up in my to-do lists that I forget to chill. I'm afraid to sit down, because I'm worried that everything won't get crossed-off, because I nod off. I watch a movie, and I'm OUT. I read a few pages of my book and I'm a goner. I'm trying to listen to my body more and more lately. When I'm craving a run I pound out a few miles. When my body is aching, I need to take a day off of running. When my mind is tired, it needs rest.


My afternoon running group was cancelled due to rain. Normally I would make my classes run in the rain. However, this group has to work together in an office atmosphere for the remainder of the day. Don't any of my evening classes get any ideas!! They opted to hop on the office treadmills for their workout and check in with me via email.
I opted to hold myself accountable as well and took my cheering squad downstairs for a few miles on the treadmill. It's been a month and a half since I returned to work and I haven't ran on the treadmill much since then - or with the little one while on the treadmill. I wasn't sure how long we'd last ... so I decided to push myself. Put in the hard work. And get it done.
I pounded out three miles in 24:38 - close to a PR for me. All of that hard work the last couple of months post-partum has really paid off.
And, I've obviously "taught her young", because Baby Girl did amazing and didn't complain once. She's grown and graduated to the exersaucer and just watched me run in place, while she played with her toys. We also enjoyed my cool down walk and stretching together. 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Took the stroller for a spin ...

This afternoon, in between coaching classes and picking up the older siblings from school, Baby Girl and I took our new jogging stroller for a spin.  I've been waiting for this moment!!  We ran six miles around town and she really enjoyed it.  She just took in the scenery, nodded off a few times and took some deep breathes as we turned into a strong head wind.  Neither of us had any complaints this afternoon.  The stroller was really easy to push and maneuver.  I was surprised at how light it was, too.  I can't wait to log more miles with her, as it seems that we finally have some nice weather to enjoy.  I couldn't help but smile internally while I pushed her block after block in the sunshine.  Sometimes, moments seem like the biggest blessing.  And everything else just fades away.  And she faded away to sleep - until I stopped - then, she woke up and gave me the happiest grin.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Songs added to my crazy playlist ...

People would think I'm REALLY crazy if they listened to the mix of tunes on my ipod. I'm all over the map. Here are some songs, that I recently added to my list ... consider adding to your's ...
Worry - Jack Garratt
Fire - Barns Courtney
Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
Drag Me Down - One Direction
Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande
Naked - X Ambassadors
Jungle - X Ambassadors


The other day, I was listening to a morning radio talk show on my way to work - err, on my drive to the bus transfer point to my bus ride to my walk up Bascom Hill to work. They were talking about how the "American Dream" has changed a lot over the past several decades.  How people use to want the gorgeous house with the white picket fence, health, lots of nice things and money in the bank.   Now people are happy and satisfied more with experiences instead of things.  People want their health, to be surrounded by people that make them better and happier, omit those that bring negative energy to their lives ... and that people are learning to simplify. 
This really resonated with me.  Since I've gone through several life changes over the past five or six years and even more changes recently (good and bad), I've learned a lot about life and myself.  I use to go shopping to fill my time.  I spent money on things that I didn't necessarily need.  And sometimes I spent money on things that I didn't necessarily want.  I attended at home parties for friends hosting online businesses.  I felt the need to buy something.  When shopping, I also bought things that were "the new fad", because I thought that I was supposed to have them.  Not necessarily because I liked them or because I needed a new pair of shoes, gadget or outfit for my daughter.  These things were fad, I saw them in magazines or on friends' Facebook feeds.  I'm happy that I've learned life lessons and immediately have no problem saying "no" to at home parties, staying out of the mall unless I have a mission or need something and I am in awe at how much people spend on "things" sometimes.  I have no problem buying a garbage bag full of infant clothes for my child at garage sales or thrift stores - and thinking twice before I purchase something that she needs, even if it is only fifty cents.  Instead of going out and buying something new for myself or our home, I think twice about if I can fix it or if it can be repurposed.  Having more things and the best of these things doesn't necessarily make you happy.  I don't have fancy packages showing up at my doorstep - unless they are products to review for my blog.
After trying to find a balance with my schedule (which I'm learning is an ongoing process), I'm learning that less is more here, too.  I'm working half time and coaching several times a week.  My life is just as busy - if not busier.  But, I'm investing my time and energy in different places.  Things that are important - and most importantly, things that bring me joy.  And joy to others (my children).  I'm bringing home half of what I brought home five years ago.  Yes, HALF.  But, I'm so much happier with living simpler.  We still have everything we need and can take advantage of opportunities.  But we think twice (or three or four times) before committing to the things that we REALLY want to do.  I look for free/cheap outings and experiences that we can share together, rather than always spending money on expensive concert tickets and family vacations.  When we do make those extravagant purchases, it makes those experiences that much more special.  I've also been very open with my kids about how our family spends money.  I don't want them to be scared about whether we have enough money to put dinner on the table.  But, I let them be involved with making choices about doing one more expensive thing versus three more affordable options on a day off of school.  We can go out to lunch OR we can eat at home and do this fun activity afterwards.  I love having them involved in our decisions.
I use to feel the need to say "yes" to every opportunity that came my way.  I was afraid to tell people "no", even if I didn't find value in an experience or that it didn't bring something positive to my life or those immediately around me.  I said "yes" to satisfy others, not myself.  This is my year of saying "NO".
As I mentioned in my post yesterday, I use to feel the NEED to do every single race and travel all over the Midwest to experience races every weekend.  Not only should I not have done that from the aspect of my bank account.  But, after more than a decade of being a runner, do I need to prove to myself - or others - that I am a "real runner", by committing to so many events.  I am just as much of an athlete, running on my own or with friends and throwing a few half marathons and a marathon in there to give myself a personal goal to work towards. 
I am a runner.  Whether I run twelve half marathons this year - or three.  I am still a runner.  You may not see as many racing selfies of me on your Facebook feed this year.  You will probably be seeing me running by myself or with someone close to me or with my dog.  But I'll be putting in the miles, just like you.