Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Running life - full circle.

I always try to remind myself that they are always watching. This little one knows nothing different than mommy lacing up her running shoes daily (sometimes several times). She's been watching me get on the treadmill since she was two-and-a-half weeks old. Now she joins me in the jogging stroller. 
This past weekend, my two oldest joined me at a race that I coached. They cheered on my couch to 5K class, consisting of fourteen women at a local 5K (one cheered more than the other!). My daughter has observed my training and racing since she was eighteen months old. Now she is nearly thirteen and is finally expressing all of the things that I was hoping she was observe. She told me that I did a good job - not only running back and forth during the race, but "helping those ladies out" and proving to them that they can do it. She said that she admires me for sharing my passion with others and it proves to her that she can do anything in life (not just running). She said she realized that these women are busy women and moms - just like her mom. And that they are learning to set aside sometime for themselves - healthy, alone time. Just like her mom.
Sure, the calorie burn is nice. And it's great to be fit. But THIS is one of my main reasons for running and coaching. For pushing myself and others. I am continuously reminding myself that I can do anything and to set a good example for my kids. They are realizing that with a little sweat and hard work, that THEY can do anything they want, too!

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