Thursday, May 30, 2013

Med City Marathon 2013 Race Report

I was so happy to have the opportunity to serve as an ambassador for the 2013 Med City Marathon (HERE).  I was even more thrilled to have The Fiance joining me for his first 26.2 mile journey.  We did a lot of our training runs together my kid-free weekends over the winter and spring months.  We had a tough spring in Wisconsin weather-wise - which made it pretty unpredictable with our training.  We had everything from frigid cold temps, snow, rain, and intense heat.
We dropped the kids off on Saturday morning, and headed north several hours to the race expo in downtown Rochester, Minnesota.  We stopped in the Lacrosse area for lunch on the way.  Parking was available for free.  We picked up our packets in a breeze and were told that the race shirts were going to be "finishers shirts" and given to us after we crossed the finish line on Sunday.  The expo was small and I picked up a few headbands.   After the expo, we headed north to our friends' home in Byron.  Ironically, one of The Fiance's friends lived just a mile away from the elementary school in Byron, where the startline would be staged.  We arrived at their home and they drove much of the country roads and course with us, which really helped us gain perspective of the course, the hills and scenic landmarks.  Much of the course is on paved paths in town, so it was helpful to see the various parks and neighborhoods we would be running through.  We then dined with their family at a family-friendly pizzeria in town.  We headed back home for a relaxing evening of chatting and early to bed. 
We woke up to the alarm at 5:30 am.  I quickly rolled out of bed and got dressed in my race attire, that I strategically layed out with my bib number and timing chip the night before.  I applied my makeup (yes!) and headed downstairs for the first of several potty breaks and then tried to eat some breakfast.  I always have difficulty chewing the morning of a big race, and this morning seemed to be even worse.  I downed yogurt, but then had trouble chewing my cereal.  I tried several bananas, but they also made me gag.  I loaded my handheld water bottle with some H20 and stored four gel packets in it (I only ended up using three of them).
At 6:30, our friend and his daughter drove us one mile to the startline.  The race was starting at 7:00.  It was dark and looked like a storm was brewing.  We got out of the minivan and quickly adjusted to the wind and frigid temperatures.  We were grateful we brought along some long sleeve options and layered them over our short sleeve technical tops.  After a change of clothes, we headed to the startline to a sea of runners.  The half marathon, relay marathon and full marathon would run much of the course together.  The full marathon would have only 350ish runners - compared the the 45,000 runners I ran with at Chicago Marathon.  The size seemed comparable to Madison Marathon, Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee and Haunted Hustle Marathon in Middleton.
And, soon, we were off!
The 26.2 mile course is available online (HERE).
The marathon course description:
The Marathon starts in Byron, Minnesota; a community of 4500 people 8 miles west of Rochester. After running a couple of miles in Byron, runners proceed on rolling country roads for six miles. The course then traverses about 6 miles along a creek and lake before entering the neighborhood streets and parks of Rochester and finishes in Downtown Rochester. The course is closed to traffic and very scenic. Miles 8 to finish are relatively flat. Course is USATF Certified and a Boston Qualifier.

We headed on a frontage road and then onto sixish miles of rolling hills and country roads.  When we drove the course the night before, I feared the hills and the amount of them.  However, I didn't struggle with them like I thought I would.  We were on pace with about 9:30-9:45/min miles.  I had no lofty goals for this race - I was no near my recent 4:02-4:11 finish times.  I felt like I was just "shuffling" along.  I didn't feel like I had power in me - but I was moving.  The Fiance just had a goal of finishing.  But, I could tell that he had a lot of energy in him for the first eighteen-or-so miles.
I was struggling with a cold all week and even took a day off of work the week prior.  The cold was effecting me and I felt slugglish and tired.  I sipped on a gel packet over a four mile stretch (and would consume only two more over the rest of the journey) and continued to take water from my handheld bottle.  I grabbed lemon-lime (ew!) Gatorade at almost every water station along the course.

At about mile 8, we were welcomed to Rochester by spectators and headed out on a nice flat path that wound us all through town.  The path was beautiful and reminded me of the Pheasant Branch Conservancy in Middleton, WI.  Much of the rest of the course continued to be flat, which was appreciated.  However, I felt really, really deflated by my cold.  I didn't say much to The Fiance about it until the nine mile mark.  Knowing that I still had seventeen miles ahead of me -and I wasn't even to the half marathon mark - I wasn't sure I would be able to finish.  I felt paralyzed inside, but kept moving.

We passed some over a bridge and a pretty stream with waterfall, followed by more path.  I kept trudging along and picking up Gatorade, hoping I would catch a burst of energy from it. 
There was a marathon relay and we quickly realized that they were all wearing white bibs on the back of their shirts.  They were passing us left and right with their speed - because they were only running a fraction of course.  It as completely deflating.  I hated it.

Around mile 11-12, the half marathon runners headed in toward the finish line and we split off to the left.  It was very isolated and quiet.  At one point we laughed and commented how we felt like we were out together on a training run. 
We saw our friends sometime after mile ten.  It was uplifting to see them.  The volunteers and spectators were super motivating and supportive.  But, the clusters of spectators were at the suggested spectating spots or at the exchange points.  The rest of the course was pretty quiet.  Volunteers and police officers are always super, super encouraging!

We headed into the beautiful Nature Conservancy and it was beautiful under the tree cover.  I enjoyed those couple of miles, even though I felt like quitting.  I asked The Fiance if he wanted to go ahead, but also said that I didn't think I could finish if I were alone.  Of course he stayed with me, as I cranked my tunes and we left the Nature Conservancy and out onto a busy highway for the next mile.  As we turned the mile 15 marker, we ran into our friends with these cute signs.  It was right when we needed them.
And, then the rain came.  It rained ... and it rained.  I was so grateful that we put on that extra layer of long sleeves.  I could not have continued otherwise.  My hair was wet and my clothes were dripping.  We dodged puddles and I thought our shoes stayed relatively dry ... though I found out later that they weren't!
At mile 20 I felt better - much better.  I got a surge of energy.  The Fiance said he needed to use the bathroom and would catch up to me.  I knew that if I stopped, that I would not be able to get started again.  I zig-zagged the next few miles along the river and through a park.  I kept looking back through the rain, and eventually saw The Fiance behind me in the horizon.  I was feeling good, and he was slowly catching up.  We ran into our friends, who were seeking cover in their minivan, around mile 23.  The Fiance was not far behind me at this point, with just over three miles to go.  I kept telling myself - only a 5K to go ... !
We headed back along the river and I was trying to calculate times in my head.  I had no clue where I was at with pace, but I knew from the beginning that I wasn't going for a PR - or anywhere close.  As he still hadn't caught up to me, I ran a couple minutes back to him.  It was a great moment, when we caught up again.  We zigzagged all over the place together.  If I had to retrace my steps of this full marathon course - I wouldn't be able to.  I don't recall looping so much in one course.  The last two miles seemed the longest  ever - even if we were going the slowest ever.  Some people were walking - some were passing us.  I could tell he wanted to quit the last few miles and I stuck with him.  Afterall, he had stuck with me for the first twenty miles, while I felt like absolutely no energy. 
We never walked - the entire 26.2 miles!!!
We just ran together - slowly towards the end - and approach that Mile 26 sign!  What a sight!  I said, "You are a marathoner, Babe!".  And he got very emotional and teared up.  He got some energy and sped up.  I said, "Now, don't go passing me to the finish line!". 
We smiled as we approached the wet finish line (maybe me more than him!), with our friends cheering to the left, cameras in hand - barriers lined with sparse spectators, umbrellas and empty bleachers.  Not quite the overwhelming noise at the finishline with cheers and cowbell like those I had in Chicago - but quite memorable nonetheless.
We finished together and continue to be a great team - even in an individual sport.
Chip time:
(10:08 pace)
224/355 finishers
Event statistics:
144 female marathon finishers 
355 marathon finishers
796 half marathon finishers
100 relay finishers
Thank you to the Med City Marathon for allowing me to participate in this event and write about our journey.  I enjoyed experiencing the Rochester-area on foot (the BEST way to explore a new city!).
And, thank you to our wonderful hosts and support crew in Byron - Mike, Jenny, Kyla and Ryan.  You were the most thoughtful, coordinated and supportive crew we could ask for!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Monona Couch to 5K - Spring 2013

I ran my second Couch to 5K Session in Monona this spring.  We weren't very lucky with the weather this season.  It started out cold and dark and snowy in March.  The weather every Wednesday evening was cold and wet or cold and snowy or cold and windy.  Several toughed it out throughout the nine weeks - but we lost several ladies along the way.
We trained for the Lake Monona 5K, which started and ended at Winnequah Park, where we trained each week.  We even ran a practice run of the route before the race. 
It was fun meeting new women from the area and realizing how small the world can be.  Several us were connected in various ways or through common friends or co-workers.  I enjoyed seeing relationships form between new running buddies, who met for their other running days each week.  It was also nice to see existing friends join the program together and run/walk their way through the nine week session together.  What an accomplishment!

The next Monona Couch to 5K group will start in September.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Half Marathon Training Session this Summer!

I’m happy to announce that I will be offering a Half Marathon training session this summer!! We will be training for the Biggest Loser Half Marathon on September 22.

Class starts Tuesday, July 2, 5:30 PM at Catalyst Activewear, 2045 Atwood Ave, Madison.

The $109 session fee includes twelve weeks of training, program materials, support and a Bondi Band and car decal. 

Please email me if you, or someone you know, is interested! runningdivamom@yahoo.com

I Run Because ... Wine Glass from What Is Your Because? Review & Giveaway

I have been promoting products from What is Your Because? (HERE)  for some time now.  I love all of their products for all sorts of athletes - runners, cyclists, triathletes, yoga, volleyball - you name it.  They have a lot of fun apparel on their website as well as great gift-giving items or keepsakes for yourself.  Think unique jewelry, bags, glassware ....
I was sent this adorable and unique Wine Glass (HERE).  There is a cute, runner girl on the front, too.
One side says,
I Run Because ...
The other side says,
A Glass of Wine Has 110 Calories!
It's a perfect way to relax after a long day or celebrate after a big race!  At $15 this wine glass is perfect for a birthday gift for your mom or favorite running buddy.  A perfect Mother's Day gift, too.
For beer drinkers, they also sell a cute Beer Mug (HERE), for the same price.  Great for all of those pub runs you have been doing! 



One lucky winner will in a
What is Your Because?
Wine Glass


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[These opinions are all my own.  I received the products/samples for free and was not compensated for this review.]

Jay Bird Sport Bluebuds Headphones Review & Giveaway

Jay Bird Sport (HERE) contacted me about trying out their newly released, Bluebuds (HERE).  As an avid runner, my headphones and their comfort-level are super important.  Even more so than the sound.  I don't want to be fidgeting with an extra contraption or earbuds falling out of my sweaty ears.  So, I was curious to try them out.  Maybe the awesome sound-quality would even add a wow-factor to my workouts, too. 
The comfort is important to me and I have trouble finding almost any headphones that work well with my ears and the sweat that comes from them.  The secure fit (HERE) is different from anything I've ever seen or experienced.  They are definitely a great fit and super comfortable and up for out-lasting you and your workout or long runs.
If sound is important to you, then these are it for you.  The sound quality is intense and the beats are awesome.  Most likely something you've never experienced during a workout.
At $169, these headphones are more than I would be willing to spend on my headphones that may get lost at the gym or tangled up in my gym bag.  They also are a little out of the price range for young athletes.  However, I you are looking to invest in a great pair of awesome-sounding headphones that are versatile for workouts on the road or at the gym and have the extra money to invest - these would be a great option.  Unfortunately, I'd rather spend 150 bucks on a few race entries.  That's just me.

The headphones

BlueBuds X are the smallest Bluetooth headphones available, yet they pack an incredible 8 hours of play time, double that which has previously been possible from a product this small. Enjoy a full day of music and calls, or work out an hour a day for an entire week on a single charge.

Using the device

Use your music device left/right side, above/below waist, it doesn’t matter with SignalPlus™. Considerable innovation has gone into SignalPlus™, the ability to run and play sports outdoors while using your music device anywhere on your body without the traditional limitations of your body
getting between the devices and blocking signal. Even put your phone/music device in a bag at the gym and workout at a good distance without signal droppage.
Comfort and functionality

A stand out feature of BlueBuds X is the ability to lift the cord off your neck for a super liberating
workout experience. JayBird’s patent pending X-Fit™ allows for the headphones to be used either in the traditional under-ear wearing style for music & calls, or over-ear, designed for those wanting a great sports music experience, free of anything on your neck.

The tunes

Traditionally when sound is compressed on a phone or music player, sent through the air by Bluetooth connection, and decompressed by the Bluetooth headphones, there is a substantial amount of packet loss. It means your music comes through lacking some soul, lacking some punch, and with a certain amount of static-like white noise. Through perfecting a custom implementation of the native Bluetooth SBC codec, which we call Shift™, we deliver a level of purity and sound that rivals and challenges the very best in wired headphones.  A great feature of Shift™ is that it’s pair and play, meaning, nothing special is required on your phone or music device, just standard
Bluetooth, Shift™ takes care of the rest.


One lucky winner will win
a set of
Jay Bird Sport Bluebuds / Headphones


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Premier Protein Bars & Shakes Review & Giveaway (5 winners)

I've always been a carboholic and had a sweet tooth.  I'll pass the meat for pasta and a somethin gto satisfy my sweet tooth anyday.  Problem is - I tend to get hungry quickly after I've finished a meal.  My diet doesn't consist of enough protein - to keep me fuller, longer.
I was recently introduced to a company called, Premier Protein (HERE).  They offer a lot of easy, on-the-go alternatives, to help fill you up and fuel your workouts.  Their shakes and bars were SUPER satisfying, filling and surprisingly tasty. 
The shakes are awesome, awesome, awesome!  I have trouble drinking my calories, but these really filled me up.  They were "worth it" to me.  The kids enjoyed trying them out too.  With 30g of protein in these low-fat shakes, you will be satisfied for quite some time.  I liked both the chocolate and vanilla flavors.  The consistency was fine, as I've had trouble downing some other shake varieties.
  • 11 fl oz
  • 30 grams of healthy protein, including all of the essential amino acids.
  • 24 vitamins and minerals.
  • An excellent source of calcium.
  • Just 160 calories.
  • Low in fat and only one gram of sugar.
These bars were PHENOMENAL!  They were solid and filled with 15-30 g of protein.  I hate when I eat a bar or granola bar and am STILL hungry afterwards.  Not with these.  These were some of the tastiest bars I've had.  I love caramel and the chewiness of these bars was awesome.  It truly was a "mini meal" without making me feel weighted down before a workout.  They were also great for mid-afternoon snacks at my desk, to keep me from snacking on other less desirable snacks before dinner.  The Crisp Peanut Butter Caramel Bar (HERE) was my absolute favorite.  Crispy and cheway and tasty.  I also really liked the Crisp Honey Caramel Bar and the Yogurt Peanut Crunch Bar.  These bars are also very competitively priced, comparison to other bars that you will find at your local grocery or retail store.
200 calories; 8 g fat
15 grams of healthy protein.
Excellent source of fiber.
Gluten Free.
No artificial flavors or colors.

Check out the awesome Premier Protein coupon deals on Facebook (HERE)

FIVE lucky winners will receive Premier Protein Prize Packs, including:

- 4 Premier Protein shakes: 2 shakes in each flavor (chocolate and vanilla)
- 3 Premier Protein meal replacement bars: 1 bar in each flavor (Chocolate Peanut Butter, Double Chocolate Crunch and Yogurt Peanut Butter Crunch)
- 3 Premier Protein Crisp bars: 1 bar in each flavor (Chocolate Mint, Honey Caramel and Peanut Butter Caramel)
- Premier Protein nylon bag


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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Where I've Been ....

Well, it's been a VERY busy spring.  I know that months of April-May would be extremely busy with planning spring/summer coaching sessions and the Run Like a Diva Retreat being held May 5.  But, I had no clue what else would be in store for me. 

We were engaged in early-April and decided that we wanted to get married this year.  We found the perfect location for our family and friends to join us in celebrating our love and set the date of September 14, 2013.  With so much to plan and get ready for a 160 person guest list, we had a lot of logistics to work out - quickly!  The very next week, I went shopping for my wedding gown and discovered that it wouldn't me in until three weeks before the wedding date.  I even met an RDM reader in the dressing room, while I was trying on gowns!  You just never know where you are going to meet other runners!!  She gave me a lot of fun ideas, that truly would bring out my personality during the day.  I found the perfect gown and can't wait to review all of the details and elements of our wedding day after is has passed.  I quickly got my four bridesmaids together and we decided on short black dresses with some diva-like hot pink shoes.  I can't wait for this perfect day to be here and for it to be a true reflection of us and who we are individually and as a couple.  There are so many fun details going into this super family-oriented wedding.

Speaking of family, the kids have been really enjoying spring and I have enjoyed spending all of the time together outside.  They've made new friends in our new neighborhood.

Little Dude and Little Diva have been voluntarily, very active in the running community this Spring.  They've spectated races.  Little Diva became an Assistant Coach with me at our new mommy-and-me couch to 5K session this spring.  We've met ten mothers with their sons and daughters as we provide guidance and camaraderie, as the families train for their first 5K together. 

Little Dude got new tennis shoes for summer, which he has called his "running shoes" - and they make him run really fast.  He's very into technical fabric - because it's comfy and easy to dress-himself.  He is regularly outfitted in "athletic pants" and technical tops. 

We've enjoyed many short family jaunts around the neighborhood, with headphones, ipods, Bondi Bands and handheld water bottles.  Because it's all about the gear - you know?!

We cleaned out the toy room and closets and quickly contributed some items to a family garage sale.  All of the profits were donated to Little Diva's fund for a new bike. She was rewarded with this fun comfort bike by Little Mismatched.  She's truly a Little Diva out on the neighborhood sidewalks.

I've been very busy with coaching and running, but it has also been really nice to maximize the daylight hours each day with my family.  Weather it is sitting outside, playing with sidewalk chalk, visiting a local park, or walking hand-in-hand with The Fiance on a bike path - we are outside and enjoying it.
I've been training with The Fiance for his first full marathon.  We are running the Med City Marathon together this weekend in Rochester, Minnesota.  I'm so excited ... it will be my sixth 26.2 mile journey.  I'm also excited for my training to be over, just in time for summer - so that I can really enjoy the weekends with my family and not feel obligated to do a long run.  I look forward to meeting friends frequently throughout the summer for "longish" runs of 9-12 miles - to keep me in half marathon shape and trim for the wedding in September.

We've even been enjoying the outdoors at dinner.  We are often found on our new deck, sitting at our new table, after cooking dinner on our new grill.  And we love sitting and swinging on the front porch swing and watching the sun set.  It's also a great spot for our weekend morning coffee.

It's been fun meeting a lot of new women in the area.  I started several new groups this spring.  The mommy-and-me-group after school one afternoon each week.  A co-ed group at Catalyst Activewear during the evening.  And a double-group of thirty-one women from Sun Prairie one evening a week.  It's been so much fun seeing them learn, grown and enjoy over the short 3-5 weeks I've known them.

After a brief hiatus from blogging, I'm coming back refreshed, recharged and ready for summer - and running for fun!

MORNING Couch to 5K Session this Summer!

I’m happy to announce that I will be offering a MORNING Couch to 5K session this summer!! We will be training for the Sun Prairie Public Library’s Book’n It Run on August 10.

Class starts Friday, June 7 at 6:00 AM at Sheehan Park-West in Sun Prairie.

The $75 session fee includes nine weeks of training, program materials, support and a Bondi Band.  Register with a friend - and registration is only $125 for the pair!!

Please email me if you, or someone you know, is interested! runningdivamom@yahoo.com         

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Run Like a Diva Retreat 2013

My dream finally became a reality.  The first annual Run Like a Diva Retreat was held in Madison, Wisconsin on May 5, 2013.  I had envisioned this event for the past two+ years and the day at the Goodman Community Center finally arrived!  We gathered more than thirty active women from the Madison-area and beyond for a full day of active and informational session.
It was a hoot to meet people that I had conversed with on RDM, but had never met. It was fun to also meet virtual coaching clients in person.  And, of course to reconnect with former Couch to 5K participants and friends.  We had all levels and abilities attending, just as advertised. 

We started the day off with an overview of how I became a runner and eventually a running coach; which was followed by a wonderful keynote presentation by Jess from Run with Jess (HERE).  She gave some great advice for mothers and non-mothers, that juggle it all.  She also touched on weight-management and staying motivated.  Many of the women commented that the keynote session was the highlight of their day.  You can read Jess' Run Like a Diva Retreat Recap (HERE)
We offered three active sessions throughout the day, followed by a three mile and five mile run at the end of the full day of programming. 
Zumba by Melissa Ganshert
Runner's Yoga by Katie Schwartz
Intro to Bootcamp by Becky Ingebrigtsen from A & B Fitness Concepts (HERE)

Our registration and coffee hour was hosted by Lazy Jane's Café in Madison.
Our breaks throughout the day were hosted by Klarbrunn Water / Wispak and Honest Tea.
Thank you for keeping us hydrated ... and caffeinated!

Over the lunch hour, we offered a "runner's buffet", complete with carbs, Nutella and other healthy runner's favorites.  We also hosted a mini expo over the lunch hour.

There were several informational sessions held throughout the day.
Footstrike / Running Form by Jim Stintzi, UW Track & Cross Country Coach
Speedwork by Jim Stintzi, UW Track & Cross Country Coach
Injury Prevention and Stretching by Dr. Jeff King of LSM Chiropractic
Post-Run Stretching by Kathleen Conklin of Body Conscious
Mid-afternoon we also hosted a fun cupcake party with giveaways for everyone attending.  Everyone went home with something great - race entries, medal hangers, running apparel, spa gift cards, books - you name it!  Everyone went home very, very happy!!

Part of the group stuck around for the group runs at the end of the day.  We ran along the Olbrich path and towards the Wisconsin State Capitol.  It was a nice way to put in a few miles and get to know some of the participants better.

I really had a lot of fun hosting this awesome event with my friends, mentors and supporters - Jim and Gail, the co-owners of Catalyst.  Catalyst is an Activewear store on the near-East side of Madison that specializes in fashionable gear-to-go. I like to describe their store as a hip, runner's boutique for women.  You feel comfortable and welcome as soon as you walk in the door.  They also sell men's active apparel.
All participants also went home with some great swag bags, filled with Run Like a Diva Retreat Bondi Bands, Zym tablets, ChapStick, three pairs of Sof Sole Socks, Luna Bars, Body Glide, My Race Stickers and Nailpolish from Sundara Spa - and discounts galore!!
I learned a lot from hosting an event like this and a lot more about what people hope to learn from a fun-filled day like this.  I was surprised that many people primarily attending, just to meet some other active women in the area.  It was fun seeing them connect at the retreat and afterwards.  I hope that some new running buddy relationships have formed.
We are looking forward to the Second Annual Run Like a Diva Retreat in 2014!!  Stay tuned for more details.  We want your input!!