Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catalyst Commercial (featuring little ol' me!)

If you have been reading RDM for awhile, you'll know that I crossed paths with the owners of Catalyst Active Store at the Madison Marathon Expo back in 2011.  You can check out all of the clothing and gear for your ACTIVE LIFESTYLE on their website (HERE).  Stop by Catalyst at 2045 Atwood Avenue in Madison and tell them I sent you.  Jim is one of the UW track coaches and is very knowledgeable about getting you fit with the right shoes, foot strike analysis and proper running form.  You won't be disappointed in the individualized approach they have at Catalyst ... and first time customers that mention my name and this blog post will get a 15% discount.

Six months after we met, they asked me if I would coach their store's first Couch to 5K session.  That group of ladies was awesome to work with and they are all still meeting every Wednesday night at 5:30 to run together.  Awesome.

I started training another group of fine women there last week.  Can't wait to see how their journey unfolds over the next nine weeks.

A couple of months ago, Gail and  Jim were trying to figure out how to get the word out about their cute store on Atwood Avenue.  They decided to run a commercial on Madison's Channel 27.  I was stoked to receive an email from Gail, stating that they would be shooting a commercial in the store and wanted me to participate in it.  She confirmed that I would have no speaking part (thank goodness!). 

Awesome opportunity after awesome opportunity.  I love all of these once-in-a-lifetime experiences that this sport has offered me.

Gail had me stop by the store one night after work.  She had selected some pieces that they wanted featured in the commercial.  I tried on each outfit and her sales associate took pictures of me in each ensemble.  I loved everything, but especially loved the bright and bold outfits that I posed in.  And, that is what she chose.

I showed up a few days later and the camera and marketing crew from Channel 27 was at the store bright-and-early.  I wore my work attire and they took some shots of me "shopping" in the store.  We did the same things over and over ... and over.  It's funny to see how these shots literally are shown for a second or two in the actual commercial.

I then changed into the fun outfit that they chose for me.  We headed outside to the commuter path and they shot video of me running back and forth, with frequent pauses for commuters headed to work that morning.  I even got to wear my staple Bondi Band and use my favorite handheld water bottle that they sell in the store.

After that, we headed over to Monty's Blueplate Diner and shot some video of me and my "active lifestyle".  I put a light jacket on over my outfit and the marketing associate pretended to be my BFF at the restaurant, where we were meeting for lunch after my workout.  This was so me.  So my lifestyle.  It really felt natural.

Two days later, I was asked to come to the Channel 27 studio.  I showed up at 10:00 am, shortly after the news crew left for the morning.  We were shooting my photographs in front of the screen where the weather is done, but were using a white screen.  It was really surreal seeing the news sets.  Thought it was dark and empty.  Pretty neat.

Three outfits were waiting for me in the Green Room.  They had a variety of running gear, props and running shoes for me to pose in.  I couldn't believe I was doing this.  The crew gave me some ideas on how to pose, how to move, how to smile ... then they just let me go with it.  What fun.  Posing and doing my thing.

The commercial went live on Channel 27 last week.  I can't believe how quickly they threw it together.  I have received so many emails and phone calls from friends, family, co-workers and neighbors that have seen me on the tv.  I unfortunately haven't seen it live yet, because we no longer have cable or local channels at this point.  Go figure.

Until I see it live, I will just keep laughing hysterically, every time I replay it on my computer.

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