Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sports Beans

My favorite fuel during my long training runs and races is definitely Sports Beans by Jelly Belly. They are just as tasty as the original Jelly Belly jelly beans, but Sports Beans also have the added carbs, electrolytes, and vitamins B and C.

I first discovered these yummy, little running candies as I trained for my first full marathon. They are affordable (only about $1.00/pack), super tasty and store easily in your pockets. At only 100 calories a pack they are super affordable on your calorie budget for the day, too.

I usually have a packet pre-race, since I have trouble downing too much before I get to the finish line. I also carry a pack in my running shorts. I simply empty them right into the pocket of my shorts and grab a few as I need them. The serving size works out great for a half marathon. I simply take two every 2-3 miles and I'm good to go. They give me a burst of energy each time.

My favorite flavors are orange and fruit punch. The EXTREME cherry and watermelon are not only EXTREMELY tasty, but they also have 50 mg of caffeine, to give you that extra boost when you need it.

Check Sports Beans out online at: http://www.sportsbeans.com

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  1. I'm always interested in how people fuel for workouts and races. I've tried some Clif Bloks recently and liked them, but I usually eat gels.

    Thanks for sharing!