Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Schedule it. Track it . Run it.

Since we've had children our lives have become pretty scheduled (even our unscheduled free time seems to be scheduled!). The four of us seem to thrive on it. I schedule my to do list, schedule some of our meals, schedule date time with the hubby, schedule one-on-one time with both kids individually and I also schedule my workouts.

Since this is my fourth year of "training", I tend to just do what works for me instead of a strict training program (other than full marathon training last year). It has been successful for me, since I've found that races seem to be more mental than anything. I keep getting a little faster with time, so I must be doing something right. Although, I'm sure I would really thrive from a strict training program.

I write all of my workouts on my calendar (and yes, I still keep a paper calendar). When I schedule a half marathon, I alternate my long runs on Sunday, to stay in tune with a true training program. Seeing my workout as an appointment for myself seems to hold me more accountable.

Then, I try to log all of my workouts in my training log for the ENTIRE WEEK. This also holds me more accountable. Who wants to hit the stop button on the treadmill at mile 8, when you're supposed to be running 12 miles that day?? I would feel totally bummed to have to go back in and edit my mileage for that day.

I use the online running log at: http://www.runnersworld.com/

This (below) is my usual (attempted) schedule every week, unless "life gets in the way". I work Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and am home with my son on Mondays and Fridays. I've adjusted my training schedule to accommodate my "free time".

Since my husband also trains, we have to alternate our time training and our time with our children. I feel like we've found a good balance. In the evenings, one of us usually works out at 8pm (usually me) and the other at 9pm (usually Jason), after the kids are both in bed.

This summer, when Jason was training for Ironman, I didn't usually get all of my workouts or distances in. But, I pretty much tried to stick to this routine. This summer, I was doing my Tuesday/Thursday workouts at 4:15 in the morning before work (I start at 6:30 AM). But, now that Ironman is over, I'm WAY over that!

Sunday - Longish run during morning or afternoon of 9-12 miles

Monday - 6 miles during day on TM with the little guy (day off work)

Tuesday - 3-4 miles in evening on TM or outside

Wednesday - Rest Day

Thursday - 3-4 miles in evening on TM or outside

Friday - 6 miles during day on TM with the little guy (day off work)

Saturday - 3-6 miles during morning or afternoon

I'm really happy if I get about 30 miles in a week.

What holds you accountable for your workouts? I'm interested in hearing what works for you??


  1. That's so great that you can alternate with your husband, true cooperation and collaboration! Since we don't have little ones around anymore, we have time to exercise together so we motivate each other. My husband keeps his own running log and I keep my mileage on The Daily Mile. I also have my own planning calendar that motivates me to stick to my schedule. 30 miles sounds great, especially for a busy mom!

  2. You are really organized! Training for a race is what keeps me motivated to get the daily runs in.

  3. Wow. I have a hard time getting my workouts in and I don't have a husband that also trains like I do OR kids. Major kudos to you guys!!