Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Running with Music

Do you run with music? During my first year of running, I HAD to have my mp3 player with me at all times on a run, or else I didn't think I had it in me to finish my training run or race. Well, at the start of my first half marathon (which was a HUGE deal to me at the time) in May 2006, my mp3 player wouldn't start. That battery wasn't dead. It always had some issue with starting after I loaded new songs on it. And, of course I loaded a huge "mega mix" the night before, to get me througth the long 13.1 mile journey ahead of me. And, of course I didn't check the thing to make sure it would start again!! So, I struggled and struggled with it at the finish line. I ended up seeing Jason right before the gun went off and threw it to him and went on my journey without my tunes. It was a great experience! This being my first "big race", I took in my surroundings, nature and the crowd support. It got me through it and I finished ... without music. I haven't listened to music while running ever since. And, I love it.

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