Thursday, October 15, 2009

Product Review: owater -- come for the label; come back for the taste

After my recent post about owater , I received a follow-up email from Amy from owater! She noticed I hadn't actually tried the product I was raving about and offered to send me some samples to try! How awesome is that?! A few days later, this lovely box arrived at my door, filled with owater products. I was able to try a variety of infused owater and unsweetened owater flavors.

I had a longish run planned for Sunday, of 10 miles (on the treadmill, ugh!). So, I decided to give it a try. I tried a bottle of strawberry unsweetened owater, followed by the infused owater in coconut flavor. I must say, I had the MOST AWESOME long treadmill run experience to date. I never even opened up my package of Sports Beans!! Which is completely unheard of in my world. The unsweetened strawberry was awesome and refreshing. The strawberry taste wasn't overly-sweet or over-powering. It was just right, to quench my thirst. ZERO CALORIES and ELECTROLYTE ENHANCED. That 20 oz bottle went down like a charm. During the second half of my workout, I tried the infused coconut-flavored water. The 17 foz bottle has approximately 70 calories, 9 g carboyhydrates and has ELECTROLYTES. I must say, I was really interested in this coconut flavor and admittedly a little scared during my first gulp. I wasn't sure what to expect. But, it was the coolest thing ever. The after-taste had just a little bit of coconut flavor ... just the right amount. At one point (maybe I was going a little crazy 80 minutes into my treadmill run), I was pretending I was running on the beach! Needless to say, I had a great experience using owater during my training run. I never felt sluggish or overly thirsty. I felt energetic and had a bounce in my step the entire 90 mins I was on the treadmill.

To date, I have also tried the unsweetened wild berries flavor (not while working out). It was just as good and refreshing. I enjoyed trying these out and can't wait to try the other flavors I have been offered to try. I will surely by more, the next time I see them at the store.

I loved that the beverage was clear and had no articificial colors. How many of us worry about making a mess during a long run, only to find out later that we've stained our cute, new running top? How many times have you poured the Gatorade over your head instead of the water?! No problem with this stuff!!

I must also note that the bottles are really nice and sturdy -- especially those used to hold the infused version. I'm saving them to refill, because they are so nice; not to mention the cute labels on the front!

And, these labels. They are the cutest things I've ever seen! And each one has a story. You are sure to find someone JUST LIKE YOU!!!! I love it. That's what initially attracted me to this product.

That's why I've titled this post "come for the label; come back for the taste"

Check out all of the labels online at: http://www.owater.com/people/index.php

Infused owater:
Infused owater is everything you want from a sports drink and none of the junk you don't. It's pure water with replenishing electrolytes and revitalizing antioxidants. The formula is clear and all natural and not too sweet.
-40% less sugar than others inthe sports drink category
-Sweetened witha touch of pure cane sugar
-Unique owater electrolyte and antioxidant formula
-Refreshing, all-natural fruit flavors for great taste
-Clear--product has no added coloring or neon hype
-Diverse flavor mix including coconut and blueberry

Unsweetened owater:
Unsweetened owater is the perfect electrolyte drink with a little bit of natural fruit flavor and no sugars or fake sweeteners. It's complete hydration that's refreshing and not sweet. Think of a glass of cool water with a slice of lemon ... or lime, strawberry, peach, wild berries or mandarin orange! No sugar. No sweeteners. Electrolyte enhanced.
-No sugars or artificial sweeteners
-Natural fruit flavor profile
-Clean and refreshing real fruit taste
-owater electrolyte formula for complete hydration

Sport owater:
Sport owater is simply that; pure water charged with replenishing electrolytes. Sport owater helps keep your body in balance and your head in the game, no matter what the sport. It's a completely hydrating water for atheletes. ZERO CALORIES!

Check out owater online at: http://www.owater.com/

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