Friday, October 2, 2009

owater -- pretty cool stuff!

I came across owater on another mommy running blog, that I follow: http://fitnessformommies.net/

owater features 'real life people' on their labels. They simply promote their product at local studios and races and hand out samples to athletes. People obviously have fallen in love with this stuff and then they celebrate their stories and active, healthy lifestyle and give them their own label. How cool is this?

I love Rachel's label of her toting her little one in the bike trailer!!

I actually ran across this stuff at a natual/whole foods store in downtown Milwaukee, earlier this summer. I wish I would've picked a few up to try. They must be great, tasty drinks if so many athletes have fallen in love with the product. What a great idea!

Check owater out online at: http://www.owater.com/people/index.php

Visit Rachel's blog at: http://fitnessformommies.net/

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