Friday, October 16, 2009

Edge Multisport

My husband, Jason, is currently working hard on promoting our multisport team of athletes and I personally wanted to share a bit about our group of "non elite" athletes.

EDGE MULTISPORT is an exclusive multisport team consisting of ameteur endurance athletes. Our athletes are runners, cyclists (road and mountain), and triathletes of all genders, beliefs, and goals. Based in the Madison, WI area with athlete representation in Colorado, and North Carolina, membership is by exclusive invitation, and provides benefits to its members thanks to unique corporate sponsorship.Founded in 2009, EDGE MULTISPORT promotes and encourages its athletes to compete and train together at a challenging level. Not exclusive to elite athletes, EDGE Multisport is however exclusive to athletes who promote team concepts and non-snobbery. Some of our athletes just happen to be elite. Additionally, EDGE MULTISPORT is assembled based on the ability of our athletes to be positive brand ambassadors for our corporate sponsors as well as for our respective athletic abilities.

Visit us online at: http://www.edgemultisport.com/

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  1. very cool, thanks for sharing! Where in NC? I'm just south of the border (literally, an hour below the giant Pedro land on 95)