Friday, April 9, 2010

Potty Training Little Dude

Little Dude turned 2 in December and I keep hearing from some people that he should be close to potty training. He's been sitting on the potty for about six months, but rarely goes. He loves sitting on it and emptying out the EMPTY bowl and flushing it. But rarely is successful. Little Diva wasn't potty trained until after her 3rd birthday, because she was resistent. My sister and I were both trained at 18 months, so I know that it's possible. But, I also know that boys can be different. With her we set the timer for every 45 mins and had her go. I received advice from someone recently that said you should fill them up with water frequently and make them go about every half hour for a whole day or two.

I'm armed with underwear with his favorite characters, Diego pull-ups and flushable wipes. I'm hoping to tackle this in about two weeks, since the next couple of weeks are quite busy for us. And, I want to make sure we spend time on this at home.
What helped your little dude get potty trained?? How old was he? What kind of incentives did you use?


  1. I can't wait to read the comments on this. My boy is approaching two. A couple weeks ago he told me he had to "poo-poo a potty." So we rushed in there and he peed! I was so excited. I know because he later reminded me: "mama ess-ited." But that's been it.

    PS: Found you through Lorian's blog. Looking forward to following you. :)

  2. I use to nanny for a family had to train their little boy how to go potty... mind you I was 18 and clueless... so I would put cheerios in the toilet and have him "shoot" at them. If he did it he would get some m&m's. The boy was potty trained quickly as he thought it was a fun game!

    good luck!


  3. My son is very type A and does not like messes. I tried pullups, and he just didn't get it. Having an accident in underpants broke his heart. We let him go naked at home for a few days and that did the trick. He learned what it felt like to need to go quickly, and was less frustrated.
    Good luck! Each kid/boy is so different.

  4. Wow potty training seems so long ago and yet again I will be doing it myself soon enough!

    I was lucky with Army son, he was easy for a boy! Simple consistancy worked with him. Take him to the potty, take him to the potty, take him to the potty.... You get the picture. I think all kids learn via example and habit. And yes I always took my kiddos with me to the potty. Example. Sorry if that grosses everyone out but it works. ;-) Good Luck...potty training also makes for great post material, uh I mean memories!

  5. My BEST advice is - they are ready when they are ready. We read "potty" books, which both boys enjoyed. Of course we purchased special undies and made a big deal about being a big boy. Just be aware - once he has figured it out and starts standing . . . don't distract him. I remember both of the boys, simply turning to see what was going on . . . while peeing . . . and of course the stream followed where they were looking. Pee all over.

  6. I never had the opportunity to potty train a boy. I have two amazing little girls here but I wanted to wish you luck. I have friends who used the cheerio method with M&M rewards after.

  7. NAKED---now that the warmer weather is here, you can even do this outside. Bring the potty outside, set up play area and a comfy chair for you. You can do naked inside, but you may need to clean up:) I have 3 boys who all turned 2 in the Summer so the timing was perfect.

    Potty Presents---my mom went to the dollar store/target and bought a bunch of little toys and wrapped them nicely and placed them in the "Potty Present Bin"--at first if they use the potty for #1 or #2--they would get to pick a present----once they master #1 then the presents are only if they go #2.

    Use pullups only when out of the house---if they begin to think of the pullup as a diaper, the training is delayed.

    Let them pick out the underpants at the store--this was a big deal---dinosaurs, Bat Man, Spider Man, Sponge Bob--all can be very motivating. They also sell plastic like pants that go over the cotton so they can feel the wetness (they still leak) but this was good for times when naked was no appropriate.

    Invite friends with boys who are potty trained for play dates---they like to copy behavior.

    ALWAYS carry extra clothes:) and good luck.

  8. My son just finished potty training at 3 and a half. I took it slower with him as compared to my daughter. I did an M and M for every potty success and a sticker for every time he was dry when he used the potty again. 20 stickers = toy at the toy store. He got a cake and mini party when we got rid of pull-ups and went to undies.

  9. We waited until Bugs was ready before working on potty training. He was 3 years 1 week when he mastered it and it only took one morning for him to figure it all out!

  10. We used M and M's too after every success. Nothing like the power of sugar.

    With my two boys we did a long t-shirt and nothing else underneath.

    I never used pull-ups. I've been fortunate not to have bed wetters so we just went straight to 24 hours in big boy or girl pants. A few accidents at first but then completely dry at night.

    After potty training two girls and two boys I do think everything has to do with when they are ready, others may disagree with me though. (Like Susy relates in the above post her son mastered it in a morning - he was ready.)

    Sunshine was 36 months, Swimmer was 27 months, Pitcher was 32 months, and Stretcher was 33 months.

    Good luck! ;)

  11. My first was about 3 before he was potty trained. We let him run around pant-less so he knew when he was going and that seemed to help. Our second trained himself at around the same time. He was around 20 months but he's always been competitive.

  12. We waited until my son was 3, and it was summertime. I literally kept him home for 3 days, without pants or a diaper on, so he had to use the bathroom if he needed to go. We also made a sticker chart, and he got a sticker each time. It worked, and he only had one accident. Good luck!

  13. I had to potty train twin boys so I waited until they were good and ready - somewhere around three. I remember spending what felt like about two days straight in the bathroom, underwear (no pull ups), books, and a jar of Skittles. They got one everytime they did something on the potty during training. Worked like a charm if they're ready.

    Good luck!
    BTW - Are you on Daily Mile?

  14. I let them run around buck naked so they did not have panty hassle.

  15. Good luck. I've got no tips. I started too early with my oldest and it took along time.

    Ugh...I should start training MM (my youngest) but the idea of it..sigh. I did this once with Li. I
    don't want to do it again. But she's not quite 2 yet so I've got some time.