Thursday, April 8, 2010

BIG Milestones and Giveaways!

I had a 5K on the treadmill planned for tonight. Little Diva had dance class, it was bath night for the kiddos and both hubby and I needed to workout. The multi-tasking mama that I am, asked hubby to take Little Diva to dance class so that I could workout with Little Dude. This way I could bathe them and enjoy the bedtime routine with them while he worked out.

Little Dude went downstairs with me while I worked out and for some odd reason wanted to play with his sister's Polly Pockets while I ran. They entertained him the entire time and I never had to stop the treadmill once. What a good boy! I did have to put Polly Pocket's limo together three times while I ran -- somehow managing to assemble it each time while my feet were moving under me!!!!

I realized tonight that I had 4.5 miles left until I reached 400 miles for the year!! So, I added an additional 1.4 miles onto my 5K treadmill run.

40:17 minutes and 4.5 miles later .........


I have found that hitting milestones like this have given me a little incentive and have helped me add a few extra steps to my workouts ... helping me rack up the miles.

Tonight's after workout glow!! Feelin' good and accomplished!

I realized I have the perfect Bondi Band to match the technical shirt I received in my goody bag at the Disney Princess Half Marathon last month!!



Today, I also realized that there are
over 200 of you following my journey!
Thank you for joining me. WELCOME to all of you newcomers!!!!!
I have so many great running events coming up that I will be blabbing about
as well as over 25 awesome product reviews, giveaways and raffles
over the next few months!! STAY TUNED.
I'd like to give a big shout-out to some of new followers.
Check out their blogs for some inspiration.

There are a few days left in my current giveaways ....
if you haven't already done so, please check them out!!

Win an assortment of Girls on the Run Items, Running Books and a Mommy and Me Running Skirt Outfit + MORE!!!
ends Saturday, April 10th

ends Thursday, April 15th


  1. Girl...you are too sweet! Thanks for the sweet words! Congrats on hitting the big 2-0-0! You rock! xoxo

  2. Wow, 400 miles already - way to go!

  3. wow, great job with your goal, I am sadly waaaay behind!

    btw, I have a VitaTop giveaway going on if you want to check it out!

    : )

  4. 400! Go girl! Im in talks with GOTR Manhattan still. What a helpful awesome lady that's been helping me. Just waiting for the go ahead from the Dr on Friday and then..I'll be heading for my first marathon!!

  5. Now I don't feel so bad that my son plays with his sister's Barbies. :)

  6. can I get a holla for 400 miles!! Holy smokes lady you are rocking!!

  7. Way to go. I would love to be at 400 miles - I am at 1/2 that. I have got to pick up the pace - or I won't make 1000 miles by year end. I am trying to do that this week and am only being marginally successful. Oh well - I will stick to it and hopefully the warmer weather (when it comes back) will help. Here's hoping next wed. works out and we get to meet up. ;-)

  8. Nice job on the 400 miles!!!!
    Thanks so much for the shout out!!

  9. Congrats on the 400 miles.

  10. Great job on 400 miles! And on over 200 followers! I am beginning to think I will have to do a giveaway to get more followers. :) That is what running moms seem to enjoy!

    Polly Pockets - a very popular activity at our house too. (Even with the boys! Which I think is pretty funny!)

    Have a great weekend.

    Judi :)

  11. Nice job on pushing yourself another 1.4 miles to reach 400! Wahoo!

  12. Congrats on hitting the 400 mile mark!

  13. Congrats on the 400 mile mark, thats impressive

  14. wow well done on the 400 miles and thank you for the shout out xxx

  15. Congrats on teh 400 - that's amazing! Keep going!

  16. Congrats on the 400 miles in a year! Thats amazing!! It's definitely motivating me to keep track of all my mileage (which I do daily) but to really stay on top of it so I know how much I've ran in a year too! :) Thanks for the shout out as well!! :)