Thursday, November 3, 2016

Nathan SpeedShot Plus Insulated Flask Review

I have tried all sorts of handheld water bottles before.  So have many of my clients. Some fit your hand well.  Some don't.  Some leak.  Some don't.  Some are hard to sip out of.  Some aren't.
I tried the Nathan SpeedShot Plus Insulated Flask - Handheld Water Bottle on and off this fall.  Little Diva and Hubby have used it several times, too.  Yes, Hubby isn't afraid to sport his pink!  I've been pretty happy with all Nathan products in the past and was happy to give this handheld a try.
It's just the right size for mid-distance running.  It holds 12 ounces and fits your palm well.  They also offer a 22 oz size. I did not find leaking but other members of our household have said it leaks a little.  The spout was great and not difficult to use like some of the other handhelds I have tried on the market.  It's a pretty flat design.  It's available in three different colors/designs.  The insulated bottle is designed to keep your water or sports drink cooler for longer.  Unfortunately, I don't have enough experience with use of this bottle in warmer temps to confirm.

And with early morning and night time running being in the dark, the reflective design is also a big plush.  The zipper pocket is also a great size to fit a key and a couple of gels.  This handheld retails for $29.99 online.


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