Monday, November 7, 2016

Goals crushed.

I am starting to compose my race reports from this past weekend - before I forget all of the details.  I honestly don't know how I'm going to include all of my emotions into several paragraphs.  I was blessed with beautiful weather for both races and amazing courses.  Not to mention great support from family and friends.
My goal was to complete Saturday's half marathon in 2:05-2:10 and I finished in 2:00 on the nose.  On Sunday, I crossed the marathon in 4:17, about 25-30 minutes faster than I thought I would.  I have lost track - but this was half marathon #50-something for me and my twelfth full marathon.  Both races weren't close to my personal records, but that wasn't the goal.  I honestly didn't have very many struggles this weekend.  It almost seemed ..... easy.  My husband thinks it's because I didn't have too many expectations for myself, other than to cross the finish line standing.

I went on a few walks yesterday to keep my legs moving, stretched a ton and rolled them out a lot.  I was ready to head to bed about 6pm last night (no naps this weekend!), but piled the kids in bed to read books around 8:00.  I got about a paragraph into my book - and I was out.  Little Dude came into our bed to cuddle just after 4am this morning and I realized I had slept through the night.  I had been so restless leading up to this weekend and only got a few hours of sleep each night.  Normally my legs and body are restless after a marathon, but I dreamt last night and slept well.  When I cuddled with my son this morning, I realized that I wasn't really sore either.  After getting out of bed, I was able to walk down steps just fine and head downstairs for my morning coffee - lots of coffee this morning.  But, I'm honestly not really sore.  I have a few minor blisters on my feet that were pre-existing from last month's marathon (4:05 finish).
Goals crushed. As I'm starting to put all of my words into blog posts, I'm reflecting on what a great experience this was.  And I'm also wondering, what is next for me ...