Friday, May 5, 2017

Studio doors opened so many opportunities

It’s now been six months since I first opened the doors to my indoor running studio for women.  Last fall, I was a little (ok, a lot) scared about the ongoing financial commitment, worried about rejection and lack of interest, and concerned about the time commitment and logistics that go along with making something like this successful (while having three active children and a supportive husband at home – not to mention a day job).  But, it has been an amazing blessing for me and my family.

The studio has been a huge turning point for my business.  Typically I would slow way down with coaching over the Wisconsin winter months – or even stop.  But I was able to coach 10-15 sessions per week over the winter and help keep my clients motivated and working toward their goals. 

My studio also kept me moving and physically fit.  My weight and fitness level is right where I left off with marathon training last fall. 
I am currently way beyond where I projected I would be with my business by the end of 2017.  With seven months still ahead of me – I can’t wait to see where the studio and my drive are going to take me professionally.

Personally, individual private sessions have offered my clients and I so much.  It’s been truly wonderful getting to know each client individually and touch base privately on their workouts and on life.  I truly value the friendships, connections and trust that have been formed between us.

Last fall, I also took the leap into online weight loss challenges and accountability groups to help supplement the fitness access of my business.  This has allowed me to connect with a new set of clients that are seeking my accountability in a different way.

I’ve had other ideas and class formats that have been tested and been unsuccessful.  But, I’m still learning every single day about what my clients want and need.  I am already booking out through fall for private sessions and classes. 

I’m trying to stay true to me and my “brand” and my studio space.  I want both to reflect me and who I am, while supporting my clients.  Authentically.  I’m excited that we are quickly growing out of my current space (a stepping stone – yeah!), and hope to move into a new, inspiring space later this fall. 

What all started with a teeny tiny blog in 2009 has now grown into a local movement, outlet and space for women – all shapes, all sizes, all goals.


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