Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Boppy Pillow Review

Boppy pillows are amazing.  These colorful, fluffy U-shaped pillows can be used for just about everything for your newborn or toddler.  They are great for nursing, keeping a newborn comfortable while you are busy or resting, they help with tummy time and they are also great for keeping toddlers comfortable during playtime.  Baby Diva just played and played with toys (and Easter eggs!).
I love the fun pattern on the Boppy pillow that we were sent to try out.
Pillows range from $30-50 on their website and there are so many different options for different needs and ages.  You can select different patterns and styles to match your nursery, home décor and style.  Or you can select the Bare Baked pillow and choose from numerous slipcovers.  This is a great option if you are having more than one child and multiple needs.
Boppy also sells other fun newborn and nursing products on their website, including newborn loungers, baby chairs, nursing and tummy time props, nursing scarves, nursing pillows, pregnancy wedges and pillows - even skincare!
Visit Boppy:  http://www.boppy.com/

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