Friday, May 18, 2012

Ya Gotta Look Good

The RDM 10K group is having their practice 10K run this weekend and I'm so excited for them.  Their "real" race is at the end of June.  This is one eager and determined group of ladies!  MOTIVATED MANIACS!

And, because ya gotta look good when you race, I just received their team shirts.  One of my former clients also owns a screen printing company .... Screen Door Printing Studio (HERE) in Madison, Wisconsin.  Dorla turned these shirts around in no time at all and they look very professionally done.  I can't wait to work with her again for future races.

I decided on a royal blue technical tee (with a cotton feel).  The women's fit is super flattering and the shirts are soft, but keep you dry.  I recently designed the new RDM logo and we placed that on the front ........

We threw around some girly phrases, as well as some funny sayings for the back of the shirt. Majority rules .........

I'm running
and smiling
I've found
my happy pace.

I'm in LOVE with these shirts!!!
I ordered the royal blue and the light pink for myself.


  1. Cute shirts. I really like your saying on the back.

  2. Love the saying on the back!!! That's awesome!! I would love to see that on the back of someone while running a race!

  3. Very cute shirt and love the saying :)!

  4. I love that shirt! And the saying. Might need to start those at the running store.