Saturday, May 26, 2012

Madison Marathon Cancelled

When I looked at the forecast for Sunday a week ago, I was a little concerned that it said 89 degrees.  Holy crap.  Over the week, the temperature in the forecast rose and rose to 91, then 93 degrees.  Runners received an email from the Madison Marathon race directors that there was high possibility that the full marathon event would be cancelled.  Runners like myself sat on pins and needles all week, wondering what was in store for us in a few days.  Was all our training for a hot and humid full marathon or did we do all of this training for a very expensive half marathon.

I believe that race organizers were quite concerned, due to the very hot Boston Marathon this year and the Green Bay Marathon that was ended last week, due to similar (but not nearly as not) conditions, where they reported local hospitals being full after twenty or so runners were sent to the hospital.

I ran in Madison Marathon (the full) in 2010 when temperatures rose quickly and a lot of runners were rushed to the hospital or pulled of the course.  Officials stopped the race clock that year, but allowed us to finish and receive our medals.  I finished 4:27 that year. 

Race organizers said that if the forecast changed this week, that there was still a chance for the event to go on as planned.   Well, it changed.  It just got hotter ....

95 friggin' degrees! ....

Runners received notice yesterday afternoon that the full marathon is indeed cancelled.  You can read the full report on the Madison Marathon webite (HERE).  All full marathon participants are automatically entered into the half marathon event.  You will also receive a $20 credit towards the 2013 event (regardless if you decide to run the event or not).  The course will be open until 11:30 AM, thereby increasing the pace from 14 to 18.5 minute miles.

The Wisconsin State Journal reports (HERE) that race directors believe that only 1% of marathoners would actually be able to complete the 26.2 mile event.

Part of me has
felt like this all
week .....

But, I don't want
to feel like this
tomorrow .....

And, I definitely
don't want
to end up like this .....

I have come to terms with the fact that all of my training has happened, with only an expensive 13.1 mile event at the end.  I have a few HOT 20 milers under my belt.  I was extremely dedicated, with a difficult personal schedule.  Had some great runs with friends.  Some much-needed quiet moments by myself with my ipod.  I've been hydrating all week, trading out my high heels for flip flops at work, embraced the taper and watched my mileage this past week. 
I've had the marathon experience, without the marathon.
Plain and simple.  I've done it before.  And, I will do it again.  People keep telling me, there's always another marathon.  Afterall, I'm signed up for two consecutive full marathons in October.

There is always a
positive side to things:

- I have more marathon training under my belt, for next time
-  I have a great base now and can keep up with long runs throughout the summer
I get to meet up with some great people from this blog before and after the race
-  I still have one fabulous blogger staying with me this weekend
-  My size six jeans fit me again
-  I feel better about my body than I did six months ago
-  I can add one additional half marathon to my 20-something 13.1 event list
-  I have something to blog about
-  I still get a medal
- I have a feeling that I will be thankful for this experience, oh, say around mile 10, when I only have a 5K to go, instead of an additional 16 miles
- I'll be able to walk on Monday morning and thoroughly enjoy my day off with Little Dude and Little Diva
-  I still get to enjoy a cupcake (or at least a 1/2 of one) on State Street after the race


  1. I've ran a marathon in HOT temps and it's not fun. Better they cancelled it than what I went through. I've also trained for a full and ended up running the half. It's a bummer, but the upside is you do get to enjoy the race and after-activities more. Maybe there's another full nearby you can run.

  2. As disappointing as it is, I think they were wise to cancel. I only wish there were half options in the sizzling Chi '07 and '10 marathons. Be safe out there!

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  4. Let's try this again!
    I know that you trained hard. But you know that Training is never a waste of time. ;-)
    I am sad for you that the Full was cancelled - but glad for me that we will have an easier time meeting up in the morning and I just might get to run with you and Amy for a little bit. And of course the cupcakes are something to look forward to!
    See ya bright and early!
    Getting ready to drink my 3rd glass of water for the day!

  5. That sucks to go through all the training and not get to run the marathon. But, you still have run the 20 mile runs in the heat and the miles are like "banked"- it will make your next marathon, maybe in the Fall or Winter, a lot easier now that you have the training under your belt. Anything beats a trip to the hospital, and it would have to be pretty bad forecast for them to cancel the whole thing. But I agree, it is very disappointing after all that hard work.

  6. I think they were wise to cancel considering how hot it has been. I know it is disappointing but it makes sense. Good luck in the half and hydrate well today!

  7. At least they did not stop it once the marathon had started like in Green Bay. I read so much about how people were upset about that... It has been so crazy with this weather. I went running this morning and it was like 87 degrees around 7:20 AM! Unreal.


  8. I'm sure it's disappointing, but probably for the best in the long run. Like you said, you have a great base right now and will be able to carry that through the summer as you train for fall races. Enjoy your post-race cupcake tomorrow! You've earned it, no matter which distance you're running!

  9. waht a bunch of pussies. I have 35 marathons and 25 5o milers under my belt. I'm glad I ran when people didn't need their noses wiped.

  10. Well, at least they are being safe. While I'm sure you could handle it, there would have been a lot of runners that may have had trouble and they considered that.

    You have a lot of positives out of the training and you'll enjoy the half and move forward from there!