Thursday, May 24, 2012

Destination Run: Lake Michigan Lakeshore

After The Color Run last weekend, we had all day on Sunday to explore Racine's lakefront.  I had visited a triathlon even there several years ago, and knew that the Lake Michigan lakefront was awesome.  I recalled a nice running path, sandy beach and great 'dream park' playground.  You would swear you were at the ocean, during the warmer Wisconsin months.

I had 10-12 miles planned for Sunday run.  J had only run 6-7 miles with me prior.  So, I wasn't sure what he would be up for.  It was HOT and we both loaded up handheld water bottles. This was his first time carrying one.  I don't think he regretted it one bit!!

I read online that the Lake Michigan Pathway went 10 miles from north to south.  We parked at North Beach and headed north.  There were a few hills along the beach and then we headed into a nice residential area.  We came to a dead end and were told by a resident that the path no longer went further north.  So we turned around.  We retraced our steps and then headed south, toward the site of the Color Run from the day prior. 

We passed a lot of boat slips and some nice beachside restaurants.  We stopped to take a few pictures at an observatory look-out.  It was a really nice way to explore the city and see how it all fit together.  We stopped to fill up our water bottles and kept running. 

At one point, I noted that we would probably be finishing around nine to nine-and-a-half miles, by the time we returned to the car.  He was excited to be done, I think.  I reminded him that 9.5 miles was awesome, but it was not ten.  I told him that it would be quite a story to run the double digits along the Lakeshore with me … unplanned.  So impressive.  So, he agreed to keep going with me as we looped past the car and then back to the park. 

He continues to impress me with his motivation to do more.  His ability to go out and run mile-after-mile with minimal training, just to be by my side and to further develop his love for his new hobby.  His commitment to helping me stick to my plan.

It takes a great person to understand
WHY you need to go out and run.
But, it takes a partner to go out and do it WITH you.

How does your
support your journey??


  1. Such a cute entry! My husband comes to my events and even runs 5k's with our daughter while I run the longer races. He does a few 5ks a year to show his support as well. We don't train together, but we did just start riding bikes together ( I participate in Duathlons...). It makes all the difference to have his support!

  2. My husband brings the girls to all my races, and he makes sure they get up and ready on Saturday mornings when I'm doing longer runs. Without all the support from him, I know I couldn't do what I do!

  3. My hubby and I both run...but not together. Although we both started running at the same time, two pregnancies (which stopped me in my tracks for a while) and his natural, innate ability to run have propelled him way out of my league. We support each other by going to each other's events and allowing each other the time to do our long runs on the weekend. So far, it's been working really well!