Saturday, July 24, 2010

Waunafest 10 Miler 2010 Race Report

On Saturday I ran my third 10 mile race at the Waunafest Run in Waunakee, Wisconsin. There are tons of events for the whole family at Waunafest all weekend long. The event included a 10 mile run, 5K run and a 2 mile walk.

The race started at 7:30 am. It rained a TON over the past two days and the night before. It was pretty dark when I woke up at 5:50, but nothing was falling from the sky. I would welcome cloud cover! We decided that the family would come along to cheer me on. We arrived to pick up my packet and parked right near the door at the community center. The restrooms inside were empty and it was awesome to use nice, clean facilities (twice!).

Pre-Race with Little Diva

The large cannon went off at 7:30 and boy was it loud! I forget about it every year!

The routes were slightly different this year, due to road construction. Most of the route seemed to be the same, except between 6 - 7.5, and we started facing the opposite direction and took a slightly different approach than last year.

We headed through the industrial park and through a nice, newer neighborhood that has lots of young kids with their own water stations and sprinklers. I always love seeing their excitement as you take a cup from their hands. There is also a cute, little bridge that we ran through. There are quite a few (may five?) decent hills along the course. I typically don't mind hills so much ... I just approach them with quick, little steps.

My pace was just over 9:00 min miles which made me feel slow. I was running much slower than last year. I wasn't feeling tired or sick and I didn't have side-stitches. I was just s-l-o-w. But, I was enjoying myself. I do realize that running three times, and a total of 20 miles, on Sunday was probably not the best decision. I was doing this race as a "training run" ... but yeah, you know that never happens when you show up for race day!!! I am on target for about 160 miles this month and have only taken off 4 days in July. Sooo .... my legs are definitely trashed, I guess.

I realized that I ran with mostly men the entire race and approximately the same 10 guys the whole way. I'd pass them, then they'd pass me. I often found myself running solo and not in a pack of runners.

As I approached the last half mile, I heard a guy yell my name. I turned around to see who it was, and he said, "Hey Jamie, I read your blog!". I couldn't believe it!!! What?!?! I slowed down a bit to chat with him, since he was behind me. We talked for the last part of the race. His name was Jason (**Hey, Jason!!**), he was way off pace, too. He said that he had also recognized me in the mass sea of people at Crazylegs, but didn't say anything. I guess we apparently run the same identical pace?!?! ... or my Bondi Bands stand out in a crowd?!? :-) Crazy. He asked if my family was there and then I saw the kiddos and hubby cheering me on towards the finish line. Jason and I came in together. Good luck at Chicago Marathon, Jason!!

Running with a pack of dudes
along the entire course
including at the finish
My chip time was 1:31:35. I was VERY disappointed in my time, since I was five whole minutes off of my time last year. (and six minutes off of my 10 mile race PR) Last year I ran several half marathons and my only long runs were pretty much the races I ran each month. I realize I need to allow my legs to rest. I've been so concentrated on getting the miles in, that I'm not allowing my legs to recover. I will rest more this week, before the half marathon in Chicago (even though I have the week off of work!!!).
I'm also realizing that I don't like to push myself to uncomfortable places. I like to trot along and enjoy myself. And, I guess there is nothing wrong with that. I will never be fast, but I CAN go the distance. I've proved that to myself time and again. I've never had a DNF. I like to enjoy it ... is there anything wrong with that?!? I kind of feel like if I ever DON'T enjoy it, that I just won't be motivated to do it anymore.
I had always wanted to be
bib #262,
so that I could do this!!
Every year the dude carrying a beer appears on a different colored techinical t-shirt. This year was plain old white. I always order size medium and need to remember just how HUGE these shirts run every year. This will be going to my hubby's collection! We also got Waunafest Run stickers. This year we didn't receive the finishers ribbons that we received in 2009.

Here is how my stats compare from both races. This was my first race in my new age group. My placement is actually pretty similar, despite the five minute chip time difference. The race felt a lot smaller this year, and it appears that there were about 50 less participants than last year.

Overall: 207/378
Division (F 30-34) : 8/24
Gender: 61/168
Time: 1:31:35
Pace: 9:12

Overall: 249/424
Division (F 25-29): 9/28
Gender: 77/190
Time: 1:26:30
Pace: 8:39


  1. Empty and clean restrooms = score!

  2. Way to go on a great run! You ROCK. Your milage for the month is insane. It's a wonder you can walk :) You looked Super Cute in your Running Outfit too.

  3. I noticed your bib number right away...how cool!!! Congrats on your race- you did great!! Rest those legs my dear! ;-)

  4. Rest your legs! As you probably saw in your comments on 3 things Thursday, I too am running Chicago. I am in corral 8 and yes I was planning to scope out your bondi band to see if I could find you on the course and meet you :). I think we run very similar paces.

  5. How fun to run with a reader! Good run :)

  6. Awesome that that guy recognized you! I was recognized in a store parking lot and was amazed.

  7. I guess I need to get faster so I can run with the guys!

  8. You look super cute in your running outfit + Bondi Band. How are you enjoying your new age group? You go pretty fast for me and if I can sustain that pace, I would be extremely excited. I like to PR but I love to enjoy the run/race even more. So, I don't think there is anything wrong with that. :) Have a wonderful Sunday!

  9. If you weren't enjoying it, you wouldn't be doing it (or shouldn't be doing it!) so you've got the right approach!

  10. Sounds like a nice race. Not every race has to be a PR, sometimes running comfortably is good for the soul. Glad you had a good time.

  11. I guess training run means base pace and not race pace in other to give your legs a break, so you did great in listening to your body and following your plan. Seems like you had fun and that is part of the whole reason why we do this.

  12. Sounds like a great race in spite of your disappointment with your times (which I think ROCK!). Rest up girl!

  13. A cannon you say? Way to start it off with a bang! ;)

  14. Congrats on another race! You did very good in this weather! Rest up for the 1/2 this weekend :) Your legs will thank you.

  15. Sorry you're disappointed with your time. I think you did great! Speed is nice, but it's more important to enjoy running. Otherwise, why do it? Get some rest and good luck at the Chicago 1/2!!

  16. You did really well, even if not a PR. I also noticed your bib number right away. 262 -- how cool is that!?!

  17. Running in a pack of guys? Being recognized by the paparazzi? That's my kind of race.

    Good job. This is a tough time of year to be racing that kind of distance. Now, go rest.

  18. Don't be disappointed, you still had a great finishing time, and ran 10 miles in this heat! PS bondi bands look funny on me, yet you always look so cute in them! Not fair.

  19. Enjoying it *is* important. And I still think you did a great job. :-)

  20. I like your attitude, to enjoy yourself while running. I really do enjoy it and I'm a new runner. I'm learning to take my body places it has never gone before at 41 and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Good job on your race! I'm glad you had fun.

  21. Gotta make sure you take care of those legs and build in rest and recovery days!

    Glad that you still had a great time even though you didn't meet your pace. Having fun is more important.

  22. The stats from year to year are fun to look at. Since I am new to running I look forward to being able to compare races. I LOVE it when people recognize me!!

  23. Don't worry about it too much. You've had awesome races all year long- especially the marathon you rocked when everyone else was laying on the side of the road suffering from heat stroke. Sometimes "not so great" races just happen. Like you said, you are doing some super high volume training right now, and that doesn't always make for fast races.