Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Running is Like My Other Job

  • I need to arrange for daycare just to head out the door.

  • I want to hit the snooze button, when the alarms goes off.

  • I set-out fun, coordinated outfits the night before.

  • I consume large amounts of Diet Mountain Dew and coffee ... before and after.

  • I can't wait for it to be over, so that I can be at home with my family.

  • I look at my watch every two seconds, just to see how much time has gone by.

  • I pack an assortment of goodies and drinks, to keep my energy level high.

  • I have moments of motivation and moments of procrastination.

  • Once I actually get-it-done, I feel much better and wonder why I've procrastinated.

  • I think of my kids every five seconds, but know that they are just fine.

A view from my cubicle.
(you're digging the rhinestone
desk accessories, aren't you?!?!)

Why is running like your other job???
How do you keep it enjoyable, and not just
something else you NEED to do???


  1. Those rhinestone desk accessories are sweet! JEALOUS!

    I think the only way for me to keep my running enjoyable is to change it up and do other things as well.. like my swimming and biking..

  2. I so get it. I keep it enjoyable because I like some quiet. It is my only ME time....so it is enjoyable. Momma guilt gets me on occasion, but not too often.

    Love the rhinestone stuff!

  3. Wow, thanks for writing this. I am having a major meltdown over my running right now and reading that someone as successful as you (look at the run's you've done!!) can make that list... it helps. It helps a lot. Thank you!

  4. It's just too bad you don't get paid! LOL

  5. This post is great. I keep my running enjoyable because it is my me time. I prefer to run in the morning before I start my day and I think it just gives me that extra oompf needed to get off on the right foot. On my rest days I feel odd that I am not running and I really look forward to it.

  6. Running is enjoyable because it can be a time for me to recollect and focus. It can be a time for me to feel energized and excited. It can be a time for me to relieve frustration and anger. When I run I go where I want, however fast or slow I want. I don't think my job can do nearly as many things for me as a run can...but I'll keep showing up to work bc you gotta pay the bills somehow :)

  7. Running is like my job because I often find myself day-dreaming about things I'd rather be doing! ;)

  8. I feel like running is like a second job because I snooze the alarm waayy more then I should.. I constantly look at my watch, and I think about how eventually I will be done running and will be able to be lazy!!... I would LOVE to have running as a job though, if I could get paid to run it would be my all time favorite job!! :)

  9. Running is like my day job because they support each other. I need running for the sanity of the work and work to pay for running.

  10. I think you said it pretty well...

    I run because I love the feeling of accomplishment and challenge that it provides - this applies to my real job too :)!

    I do it so that I can be more centered and better able to handle my real job.

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  12. Great post! Running is like my job because I don't get to sleep in on the weekends. ;)