Friday, July 30, 2010

Miles for July

After a lower mileage month in June, I decided I needed a plan. I worked out my training program and posted my calendar on my refrigerator. This helped me tremendously and held me accountable. I also upped my Thursday evening runs to 6 miles. At a glance, I was able to see what runs lied ahead for me ... and what I'd already accomplished.

I did a lot of running with Little Diva on her bike (We even did a six miler!). And the family and I also went on a few four member treks around our neighborhood. The kids really enjoy the time together and I'm able to get in my miles. Awesome!

I had 166 miles planned for the month of July and only 4 rest days. I realized half-way through the month that my legs were trashed and needed rest. Even though I was able to fit in 6 runs a week and could work them into my family's schedule, it wasn't working for my body. My legs carried me a through a s-l-o-w 10 mile race on July 24th. During the last week of July, while on a "stay"cation, I decided to do a longer run midweek and take off a couple of days leading up to the Chicago Rock and Roll Half Marathon, that would occur on the first day of the following month. Hopefully my legs will welcome the rest.

I crossed the 800 and 900 mileage markers this month and am thrilled.

July: 150.5
June: 101.8
May: 163.9
April: 145.2
March: 115.9
February: 116.7
January: 132.5

Total for 2010: 926.5

Miles 'til 1,400 mileage goal: 473.5

Total Rest Days in July: 4 planned / 7 taken

Long Runs in July: 10, 20, 10, 9

What did YOUR body
tell you this month?
Did you listen?!
Are there any
virtual races
going on in August?


  1. MCM Mama is doing a virtual race in August.

  2. nice stats!!!
    congrats! that is really good milage for july (and all the other months as well)

  3. Wow! That mileage is very impressive. I'm going to hit over 70 running miles this month and that's a first for me. But I have to take into account that I bike and swim as well. But still, if I only ran, I'd never be able to rack the mileage you do. Way to go!

  4. Great month! You are going to fly this weekend! I just know it!

  5. Great month! Congrats on passing 800 and 900 mile marker! Definitely check out MCM Mama virtual race.

  6. Congrats on the miles! I feel your pain with the slow legs. I had started this month doing P90X and training for a half but my body was just not too psyched about it. I cut back on the P90X and will probably start again in August.

  7. Congrats - that is a lot of mileage!

  8. Great mileage - I can dream. I have to get going if I am going to get 1000 miles in this year.

    GOOD LUCK in Chicago and have FUN. I love Chicago, there are so many things to do and it is so close.

    Have FUN! You will Rock!

  9. Great job listening to your body! It's hard sometimes.
    Run Court Run is doing a virtual race: http://www.runcourtrun.com/2010/07/virtual-race-for-change-benefiting-lls.html

  10. Awesome mileage. My body told me to push myself more - and I am. Let's see how much further down I can really go.

  11. Holy tons of miles! That is awesome! I have no doubt you will hit your goal!

  12. You rock...That is one heck of a lot of miles. I'm glad you listened to your body and took the extra race days...It's not good getting injured and your races will start to suffer.

    I didn't do so well this month - a lot of external forces caused me to miss/skip a lot of miles. Not happy, but ready to kick back in to gear for August.

  13. My body tells me to sleep in every morning so I have to ignore it or I'd never get my runs in.

  14. Those are some impressive miles! I was thrilled to break 100 this month. I'm hoping to get back up in the more serious mileage this next month, without actually doing any super long runs LOL.

    Thanks for joining my virtual race!

  15. 150 miles is impressive! :) I am with others in that I was happy to break 100 this month! :)

    My body told me that I can't run super fast in the heat and humidity. I know this, but it's a big slap in the face every summer that I forget about!