Monday, July 19, 2010

Timeless Trinkets Product Review & Giveaway

Little Dude and I had the opportunity to try out some Scribblz Shoe Lace Charms from Timeless Trinkets.
Visit Timeless Trinkets online and find all sorts of fun, unique items that you don't necesarily need ... but, you'll definitely want (HERE).
Look at how happy Little Dude
is that he has a little
RACE CAR tied to what he calls,
his "running shoes"

These shoe lace charms are great for kids and great for runners.
Interested in having something to match your Road ID?!?! Trimeless Trinkets offers these awesome Shoe-Doodle Bracelets, and you can customize them with your own trinkets. Affordable and fun! Check them out HERE.
They also sell:
  • keychains
  • purses
  • shoe lace adapaters
Scribblz are fun, light weight and stay put. They are a great way to personalize your running shoes. There are tons of themes, sports, hobbies, holidays, cartoon characters, colors and even some BLING!
Check out all of their charms HERE.

Here are some of my favorites:
  • Alphabets/Letters (HERE)
  • Blinkeez (HERE)
  • Crystals (HERE)
  • Check out this cool leopard print charm! (HERE)

    I put a heart charm on one shoe and a fun daisy on the other. Daisies are my favorite and just make me happy. The heart reminds me of Little Dude and Little Diva when I'm out running and can not be home with them.

    These were pretty easy to put on to our shoelaces. They lasted through several runs, including a 20 miler. These things aren't coming off!!

Do you or your kiddos want to try these out?!?!


One lucky winner will win:
4 - Scribblz Shoe Lace Charms from Timeless Trinkets
(dragonfly, soccer ball, skater, kung fu)


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Enter now though Sunday, July 25th.
Winner will be announced on Monday.

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  1. What a fun idea. I like the idea of putting them on the running shoes - would make them stand out a bit more than the average :)!

  2. Those are mighty cute. (Although Little Dude outshines them all!) Please put my hat in the ring. And of course, I'm a follower!

  3. I visited their website and I think it is fabulous that you can search for treasures by characters! I had a total blast from the past looking at toys and dolls I had forgotten about years ago!

  4. I just want to pinch LM's cheeks.
    I'm a follower

  5. My wild maniac girls would love the BLINKEEZ

  6. I just saw you left a comment on my blog- I haven't really updated, but today I got back on track. Thank you for following me- I think it's great what you are doing, which is starting a passion for a healthy lifestyle in your kids early. Most definitely commendable!!

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  9. the banditz like the silly bands look cool. I might have to get some from the store. I've seen tons of people wearing them!

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  14. I have never seen the headphone charms before. Cute!

  15. I think my son would love these

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  17. I gotta admit that the Blinkeez are pretty cool.

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