Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Kids Menu - airing online Feb 12-15, 2016

So, I am doing my own juicing and fruit/veggies detox this week to kick-start loss of that final baby-weight. Day #3 and down about five pounds and full of energy for my runs.
If you have watched either of the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead documentaries on Netflix, you are going to want to tune in for Joe Cross' next documentary online this weekend ... The Kids Menu. I know what we will be watching this weekend!! Little Dude and Little Diva have been curious about the changes I have been making this week and are enjoying their own juice and loading up their dinner plates with even more fruits and veggies.

Curious?!  Watch the Kids' Menu trailer online.  Also, check out Joe's website for the Kids' Menu tour dates.

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