Monday, February 29, 2016

Saturday's Step Count

Saturday's step count made me extremely giddy - it was all about fitting "life" in! 50 degrees in February in Wisconsin made it feel like spring - and I tried to spend every possible opportunity outside. I took the dog for a little walk around the neighborhood in the morning - this soon turned into a 7 mile run around our side of town. The dog was thrilled to say the least. I came home and spent time with the kids, pumped and chauffered Little Dude to karate. While he w...as in his thirty minute class, I was able to log an additional 3.5 miles on a nearby trail. I spent some alone time with Little Dude at the library and Costco. Came home and made the kids lunch, showered, put away some laundry. Then I headed on a walk with the three kids and playtime at the neighborhood park. This included a photo shoot with Little Diva. The older two headed home to play outside and then I headed back out on an hour walk with the baby and the dog until the sun started setting. My step count was through the roof after dinner. I finally relaxed, as we enjoyed the evening watching Fuller House on the couch. What a happy day of fitting everything in, making time for everyone and making time for myself, too!

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