Friday, February 12, 2016

Her Half Madison Discount Code - Womens Half Marathon

You may have seen my recent post about serving as a 2016 ambassador for a womens half marathon in Madison this summer.  Her Madison Half race weekend will take place June 24-26.
Events include both the 5K and the half marathon.  The weekend experience includes a welcome reception on Friday evening.  There will be a shakeout run, morning yoga and race expo on Saturday.  The run and walking events will take place on Sunday morning.  It's a jam-packed weekend full of fun for women of every fitness level.
If you are a fan of Fellow Flowers, there will also be flowers blooming EVERYWHERE at this event.  You will be surrounded by encouragement, motivation and women pursuing their dreams and accomplishing their goals.  Be prepared to be motivated from the start line to the finish line.
I recently stopped by Endurance House to pick up my ambassador jacket, technical top and discount cards.  I've been enjoying running in my new ambassador gear.  And, I can't wait for you to get ahold of this discount!  Who doesn't love saving money on a race?!

Register Now:
Save $5.00
Discount Code:  5AMBASSADOR
Currently (2/12/16), the races are at the following capacity:
5K (15%)
Half Marathon (35%)
Weekend Experience (65%)
Hop on over to the Her Madison Half Facebook page and commit to running.


You may see me running around town ... frequently ... in this amazing Her Madison jacket.  It doesn't get much girlier than this!  A few weeks post-partum, I enjoyed eight blissful miles in this jacket.  It helped me to have a goal on my race schedule finally.  Something to focus on.
I can't wait to participate in this event with other women - just like you and myself.   Women who struggle with "fitting it all in".  Busy moms.  Busy wives/spouses. Busy professionals.  We run before dawn.  Over our lunch hour.  In between appointments and commitments.  In the evening after the family is in bed.  We get it done.  For ourselves.  And it makes us better women because of it.  I've already reigned in a few friends and clients to participate with me.  I hope that you will consider joining us.

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