Friday, February 19, 2016

Running off the Girl Scout Cookies

If you're like me, you've been approached by several adorable little girls or the mothers of those adorable little girls, selling girl scout cookies.  I love what these sales do for these young ladies.  I love that it helps them step outside of their comfort zone and approach family  members and neighbors for sales.  I love the confidence that the sale gives them.  I appreciate the rewards that the next generation is reaping from the annual sales of these cookies. 
I also love these cookies - tremendously.  They are tasty.  I rarely can bring cookies, chips or ice cream into the house, because the serving size is not recognized in my home.  I simply cannot limit myself to two or three cookies.  It's easy for me to devour a whole sleeve - or an entire box on my own.  They somehow disappear into my belly.  They're gone just like that.  Blink.  Leaving my belly full and achy and my heart empty, sad and full of regret.  Why do we do this to ourselves?!
I've been doing tremendously well on working out lately and have really cleaned up my diet.  An eight pound weight loss in nine days left me feeling less bloated and a whole lot better about myself, as I work on getting this baby weight off and fitting into my pants.
In the past few days, I was approached by several friends to purchase girl scout cookies.  And of course I wanted to help support all of these young ladies.  I ordered a couple of boxes here and there .... and then they started arriving.  One by one.  Two by two.
I opened up my favorite package of peanut butter cookies.  And I at one ... two ... a handful.  Then a whole row.  Then and entire friggin box was gone.  An entire box in my tummy.  At the end of an entire day of incredibly clean eating and an active afternoon.  One day after I ran in place for ten miles on the treadmill ... I consumed the number of calories that I burned in one regretful sitting with this empty orange box of cookies sitting next to me.
OK, it's done.  I'm human.  It happens.  But, more are on their way.
Sure, I could have my family eat them.  But, my kids don't need them.  And my hubby consumed an entire box on his own, too.  And I don't trust myself with them.
So, I opted to follow up with my remaining orders and tell them to please donate my cookies to the local food pantry.  And, I will also be giving the leftovers to my grandmother to enjoy.
Today I started my morning with my favorite Naked Juice and a run.  Those three miles are what I needed to set the tone for my day.  I ate lunch at my son's school and packed another Naked Juice, some Harvest Snaps, almonds and an apple.  After some errands and a visit to the library, I also opted not to sit on the couch and try to resist those leftover cookies in my freezer.  I ended up lacing up my running shoes again and headed downstairs for another round of three miles.

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