Wednesday, February 17, 2016

1:36 mins running in place

I dropped the two older kids off at school this morning.  I got home and had an entire day with nothing to do.  Well, as a busy mom you never have NOTHING to do.  But we had nothing scheduled for the entire day.  I played with and read to my baby.  I ate a light breakfast.  I changed her.  I fed her.  And she drifted off to sleep mid-morning. 
What was I going to do with the next couple of  hours??  I had cleaned the house yesterday.  And, I also finished my grocery shopping.  I didn't even need to pick up my older children from school today, since they will be gone for the next five days.  With only a couple of loads of laundry and a dishwasher to empty, I was feeling a little lost.  I am absolutely loving every minute of being home.  But sometimes you get lost in the dirty diapers, feeding, pumping, and laundry.   The lack of structure gets to me at times, too.  It's like I need some discipline with my time management right now.  I love to snuggle with my baby on the couch while taking in a talk show or a game show.  But, I find that it's easy for me to fall asleep with her in my arms.  There is nothing wrong with that.  And I've enjoyed many of these precious moments.  But, I've found that a quick cat nap can easily turn into two to three hours of deep sleep when I have no where to be.  I was determined not to chill on the couch while she took in her morning nap..
I had a few miles on my agenda.  So, I headed to the basement.
And, ...
1 sleepy baby
1 bottle of PowerAde Zero
1 bottle of water
4 sticks of gum
2 chaffed inner-thighs (oops, forgot the Body Glide!)
1 stop to switch loads of laundry
8 weeks post-partum
and, 1:36 minutes later ...
I finished 10 MILES on the treadmill.
I LOVE when that calorie counter rolls over - YESSSSSS!!!
10 miles staring at this yellow wall.
Running in place.
10 miles staring at this precious, sleeping baby. 
When I got off of the treadmill, I felt better.  And, honestly it wasn't very mind-numbing running in place that long - without a tv in front of me.  My tunes carried me most of the way. But, my thoughts made time pass even faster.  When I hit stop I had a whole mental list of things in my head.  Things to do with the kids.  Things to write about on this blog.  Things to purchase at the store.  Things to say to my husband.  Projects at home.  Things to do for myself before returning to work.
I was recharged.  I felt reenergized - mentally and physically.  "Run" was only one item on my list for the day.  I was more motivated to cross those other tasks off of my list this afternoon.

And when I got on the scale before my post-run shower, it reflected that I have lost eight more pounds of baby weight since last Monday.  That is eight pounds in nine days.  There are still eight more pounds that I am determined to lose before I return to work next month.  Here's to a few more energizing runs over the next couple of weeks to get me there.

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