Friday, February 5, 2016

Mama & Baby Yoga

I've been really trying to mix things up with my running routine.  I've been trying all sorts of fitness DVDs from the library.  I was happy to find this yoga DVD that incorporates your baby into your yoga and stretching routine.  I tried this yesterday after my morning run.  We moved the furniture in the living room, put the dog outside and bonded together over this DVD.  I pushed play on Shiva Rea's Mama & Baby Yoga DVD.
We completed the first two segments before she was ready to move on and be fed again.  I am not much of a yoga person, but enjoyed the stretching and felt that the movements and the pace were a great introduction for me.  It felt really good to stretch out my legs, open up my hips and focus on my core.  My body is all out of whack from pregnancy and my body has been getting a little extra sore after running.  Yoga will be a great way to stretch all of these things out and this DVD also gives me time to bond with my baby and incorporate her into my exercise routine.
I loved how movements incorporated your baby.  But the instructor also had babies set on nursing pillows in front of her yoga mat.  This allows you to interact with your baby through facial expressions and the sense of touch.  However,  you are also able to do some stretching and movements on  your own.  I felt that the DVD gave baby enough time to interact with you on a physical level just enough and then you allowed the child to rest by themselves.  When they were ready to be picked up again, you were ready to start the next segment with them.  The instructor also encouraged you throughout the DVD to push pause or pick up your baby as necessary to make them happy.  I didn't feel added pressure to complete the DVD just like the instructor did each segment.
At first she wasn't too sure about what we were doing.  But soon she enjoyed the movements.  It also gave her some tummy time, which is always encouraged.  She also became quite curious and alert as we were moving our bodies together in new ways.  She loves looking around and checking out her surroundings.  This DVD offered her a new way to do that.
I already have renewed this DVD from the library so that we can enjoy it for an extra week!

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