Wednesday, February 3, 2016

CEP Run+ Compression Short Sock Review

CEP​ started selling their line of medical-grade compression products over sixty years ago.  Their compression products were designed to treat poor circulation.  Their products expanded into an athletic line, which I have loved since I discovered running.  I love all of their brightly-colored compression socks.  Match a pair of knee-high compression socks with a cute running skirt and you have an adorable - and functional - running outfit.  My favorite for long-distance runs.  I also like wearing compression socks before, during and after after twenty mile training runs and marathons.  The technology also keeps my legs fresh mile after mile.  Many pro-athletes agree.
Now CEP is offering their technology in a shorter version (two styles) for those that aren't interested in the knee-high variety.  I was sent a pair of CEP Run+ Compression Short Socks to review. 

I wear a womens size 10 running shoe and was sent a size 3.  See the size chart below for the size that will work for you.  I also love the left and right markings on each sock, so that you are guaranteed the right fit.  These socks are currently offered in black, white and red.  I would suggest offering a few more colors, especially for female athletes that like to match all of their running outfits.

I was sent the short version of the socks and realize that I would have ultimately preferred the no-show variety.  They are more my style and more comfortable.  These "mid-size" socks will work best at home on the treadmill or under tights in the winter, when I don't want to layer with knee-high compression socks, yet keep warm.  The length was too high for summer running when you are watching tan lines.  But I loved what the circulation did for me. 
They made my legs feel quick and comfortable over a six mile treadmill run.  I also noticed that my right ankle was no longer bothering me during or after my run.  Perhaps this was because the socks also offer proprioceptive ankle and arch stabilization?

The benefits:
  • Extra-strong compression for maximum performance
  • Reduction of muscle vibrations
  • Maximum stability for muscles and joints to help prevent injuries
  • Proprioceptive ankle and arch stabilization
  • Improved coordination
  • Faster recovery

  • Quality:

  • Seamless toe box or extra-flat toe seam prevents pressure points
  • Each sock is manually inspected multiple times
  • Extreme durability thanks to the use of filament fibers
  • Outstanding workmanship, Made in Germany
  • Custom measurements for optimum compression

  • Function:
  • Optimum heat and moisture management thanks to the use of polypropylene, which does not absorb any moisture into the fibers
  • Minimally padded foot section for a perfect fit in tight-fitting sports shoes
  • Approx. 30% lighter than CEP Progressive+ Run Socks 2.0
  • Perfect anatomical fit for maximum effect
  • Antibacterial, odor-reducing properties


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