Friday, August 8, 2014

Running with Style

I was so thrilled to be interviewed by Abigail Becker of The Star recently.  Her full article, Running with Style, was recently featured in our local newspaper in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin.
Running with Style: Local mom’s blog aims to inspire others to a more active lifestyle
By Abigail Becker
Despite her complete Running Diva Mom persona—from her brightly colored tennis shoes to running classes and her running blog—Jamie Adcock was not always a runner.
Adcock started running about nine years ago and said moms can relate to her story because she does not fit the mold of a stereotypical runner.
“I think that’s why people have identified with me because I’m not the typical runner,” Adcock said. “I didn’t run track and cross country in school; I don’t look like the typical runner.”
Adcock may be more well-known as the author of the Running Diva Mom blog, which has “exploded” since she started the site five years ago as a way to document her own personal training history.
On the blog, Adcock writes about her own experiences with running, reviews running courses and races in addition to rating products. National advertisers have also taken notice of the site, and companies often send her products geared toward active families to review.
Adcock said keeping up with her blog is a great way to stay up-to-date on the running industry and connect with other runners, moms and those interested in pursuing a healthy, active lifestyle.
“It’s been really amazing at trying new things and [letting] my kids have new experiences,” Adcock said. “Meeting like-minded individuals is a key point.”
One of her goals is to help other moms carve out time for themselves each day and help them realize it is not selfish to take personal time to exercise and be fit. She leads running classes and has coached more than 500 women in the Madison area.
“It’s an unintimidating atmosphere for people to try something new,” Adcock said.
Three local groups have taken advantage of Adcock’s coaching and will be put to the test in the upcoming Book’n It Run for Literacy that will take place Aug. 2 in Sheehan Park. Adcock is coaching three separate teams: a group of women, a group of young girls and a Mom & Me group
She is also planning a Women’s Running Retreat scheduled for Nov. 1 to provide resources to women in the area as well as provide a forum for networking.
Although Adcock primarily works with women, men are welcome to attend classes such as one focused on stroller pushing, which is designed for the parent with young children still in strollers.
Adcock said her own personal running goals, routines and priorities have transformed her family.

“My kids really think it’s normal to work out every day,” Adcock said. “It’s nice to get them unplugged once in a while.”
She has even influenced her husband to become a multi-marathon runner.
“My husband wasn’t a runner, but I told him if we’re going to hang out, you’ve got to do something or we’ll never see each other,” Adcock said. “Now he’s running his third marathon this fall.”
While running has not always been Adcock’s passion, she has embraced all aspects of the sport: the health benefits, coaching, blogging and lifestyle.
“I wasn’t involved in extracurriculars or sports because I was super shy and intimidated, so running has been a whole new outlet for me,” Adcock said.
Running has provided an outlet for exercising and building community that has affected all aspects of Adcock’s life.
“I’ve really transformed as a person,” Adcock said. “I think I’ve found myself and it’s helped me … gain confidence.”
Check out Adcock’s blog at runningdivamom.blogspot.com.


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