Saturday, January 18, 2014

Catalyst Couch to 5K - Freeze for Food 5K Race Report

The latest Running Diva Mom couch to 5k group crossed the finish line this afternoon. They have been training at Catalyst for the past few months and ran the Freeze for Food 5K today - snow and all! 

We had a difficult couple of months with one of the coldest winter's in history.  We also had a two week break from class over the holidays.  But, they stuck with it.

These ladies made it!!  The snow was coming down as we were bundled layer upon layer at the start line.  They ran the entire 5K at Vilas Park - no walking.  They even conquered that hill near Edgewood College, too.  The route was great and a nice out-and-back course.  It was a different route than the other races I've ran at Vilas Park.  I love out and back courses - especially for groups - as they can retrace their steps to the finish line.  These ladies are absolutely amazing!!  And I feel so privileged to have crossed paths (literally!).

 Congratulations - Tina, Andrea and Beth!!

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  1. Looks like a fun one! Congrats to the ladies who worked hard and achieved their goal! :0)