Saturday, July 7, 2012

10K Runners Crossed the Finish Line

Last fall I met a group of fun and determined women through the Couch to 5K women.  These women were dedicated to their new outlet.  It was time for themselves (many of them mothers).  It was a good social outlet.  It was structured group exercise that fit around their busy life.  The GOTR 5K in November gave them a goal to focus toward.  And they conquered.

When they asked me to start a 10K training group in the spring, I didn't think twice.

Over the past several several months, a structured training program has become a way of life for these women.  A part of them.  Many have run several more 5Ks.  They have packed their running shoes in their suitcase when going on family vacations or work trips.  They have become fund of the many paths and trails that our lovely community has to offer.  It has been fun watching them transform way beyond what I ever imagined I'd see.

They ran a HOT practice 10K back in mid-May, just to see what it was like to tackle the distance on their favorite new local trail.  They showed up ... together ... and they finished ... together.

After three months of running together, the ladies finished their 10K event at Sun Prairie's Strawberry Festival two weeks ago.  They each finished at their own pace on a very sparse 10K course (most participants competed in the 5K).  But they didn't care.  Because like I always tell them, they were doing it for themselves ...not anyone else.  This is their journey.  And, again they came back out to finish with the last runner and help her cross that finish line.  Who says that running is an "individual sport"??

But, I know that the finish line wasn't the end for these ladies.  Some have already ran another 10K over the Fourth of July holiday and several are talking about tackling a half marathon for the fall.

Congratulations to all of the 10K RDM Runners!!


  1. Congrats, ladies! It's exciting to see how they started with the program and have kept up with it over the past several months, taking it farther than they may have ever expected. But that's the cool thing about running... once you get into it, you never know where it will take you!

  2. Great job fellow runners! Keep it up!