Sunday, October 31, 2010

Race Results: Running Diva Mom's 10/10/10 10K Virtual Race

I announced back in August that I would be hosting another virtual race, this time in honor of the date, 10/10/10 (HERE). The cost was free and I would be giving away a few fun prizes.

The distance was a 10K. This could be completed in one run, or multiple runs, inside or outside, by your lonesome or with your family by your side, even as part of a "real" road race of a longer distance. Flexibility is everything. Fit it in when you can fit it in.

About that .... yeah, well ... it's officially 21 days after the 10th of the month and I still haven't posted the race results. Bad race director! Little Diva is playing and reading and hubby and Little Dude are napping. So again ... Flexibility is everything. Fit it in when you can fit it in.

Alanna @ Running 42km (HERE) - Ran 4 10k's in a Marathon! (fastest 10k: 1:01:55)

Ruth @ Running it Off (HERE) - Participated in the Autumn Woods Classic 10k! (1:14:20)

Sophia @ Tales of an Ambitious Slacker (HERE) - Please, please PLEASE, read her "safety girl" story! (1:11:03)

Kiesha @ I am a Fitness Junky (HERE) - Who had a really great glow-in-the-dark race bib! (44:59)

Stacy @ Dare to Tri (HERE) - Woke up at 4:30 am for her 10k! (1:11:34)

Rebecca @ Running on Stilts (HERE) - Who made a fun and lovely animal print bib! (no race race time)

Laura @ Laura Elaine Designs (HERE) - Who enlisted a neighbor to watch her little guy, so that she could get her 10k in! (1:07:20)

Jen @ Adventures of Badgergirl (HERE) - Who literally ran in circles! (1:05:00)

Mari @ Bookworm with a View (HERE) - Who fit this 10k into her busy training schedule! (49:50)

Tobi @ Busy Running Mama (HERE) - Who created an awesome, motivational race bib (1:02:00)

Megan @ Little Daily Escape (HERE) - Who sported a cute Bondi Band and finished the 10k over two days! (1:00:03)

Theresa @ The Amherst Shuffle (HERE) - Who completed the Tufts 10k for Women! (50:58)

Pamela @ Running from the Law (HERE) - Who wore a fun blinged-out race bib made by her stepdaughter and was extremely thankful for her run and loving life that day! (1:04:36)

Lisa @ Chasin' Bunnies (HERE) - Who created a nice color-coordinated bib and sported a cheetah and pink running skirt! (1:03:34)

Aimee @ I Tri to Be Me (HERE) - Who had her little guys decorate her race bib and who was paced by a stranger! (51:38)

K Smith @ The Journey Begins Again and Again (HERE) - Who completed the virtual 10k!(1:07:18)

Jesse @ Track Coach and His Adorable Wife (HERE) - Who created a great "sandwich board" race bib and PR'd with Adorable Wife and the little guy cheering him on along the course (46:06)

Linda @ Mom Running from Cancer (HERE) - Who rocked a beautiful Bondi Band that matched the beautiful fall colors during her run! (58:21)

Michelle @ Running with Attitude (HERE) - Who completed the Tufts 10k for Women with a gal pal (1:07:53)

Jennifer @ Just Me and the Ones I Love (HERE) - Who made a sweet scrapbooked race bib, documented her "after workout glow" and pushed her way to not just a 10k, but 10 miles! (2:15:38 for 10 miles)

Kerri @ Running for Life (HERE) - Who devoted the first 10k of the Chicago Marathon to the virtual race and sported a Bondi Band for the very first time! (1:25:03)

Christa @ Run Mommy 4 (HERE) - Finished the Chicago Marathon! (no 10k time)

H Love @ Keep on Keeping On (HERE) - Completed the Portland Marathon! (no 10k time)

And, here are the winners ....

Fastest Time: Five packets of Gu Energy Gel
Kiesha @ I am a Fitness Junky (HERE) - (44:59)

Most Creative Race Bib: One Pair of Chrissy’s Knee High Socks
Jesse @ Track Coach and His Adorable Wife (HERE) - (46:06)

One Random Winner: One Pair of Ryders Eyewear Sunglasses w/ Case
Jennifer @ Just Me and the Ones I Love (HERE) - (2:15:38 for 10 miles)

Thank you to everyone that participated
and for following my journey!!


  1. sounds like a good race.
    looks like everyone had fun! yay!

  2. I love the summary style, gonna go read about some new bloggers now:)

  3. Congrats winners!

  4. This was so much fun!!
    Congrats everyone!!

  5. Congrats to all those that participated and the winners! Thanks for hosting a fun virtual race! Without it, I probably wouldn't have gone the distance! :)

  6. Jamie, thanks for hosting such a fun race! And hey, you gave us plenty of time to fit in the 10k so in return you can have just as long to post results. Your race helped give me the motivation I needed to run right now. It felt great! I'll get you my address if I haven't yet. Thanks again!

  7. Congratulations to everyone and thanks Jamie for hosting this event. I hope to run in another one or two before race day.

    ps: I ran 28 miles this weekend, need to blog about it later this week but whew...

  8. Congrats for another great virtual race!