Friday, September 24, 2010

REMINDER ... 10/10/10 10K Virtual Race

One last reminder for the 47 of you that signed up for my 10/10/10 10K Virtual Race (HERE). I'm so excited that so many of you wanted to participate and get your chance to win some prizes! Oh yeah, it's free!

Several of you have asked questions about the rules. No rules. If you're running a race soon that is 10K ... or longer ... it counts (just devote 6.2 miles of the race to the bloggy world!). If you run it before the dates I specify, you're cool. If you want to split it up into two 5Ks, that's fine, however you can fit it in. Are dudes welcome to participate ... of course. No rules here. Just fun. And prizes. Run on the pavement, run on the "dreadmill", around the track, backwards. I encourage you to get your kids involved, too!

There is still time to sign up ... just comment on the original post.

Here are the details again:

In honor of October 10, 2010, I’ll be he hosting a 10/10/10 10K Virtual Race. Whether you are training for a fall marathon, looking for some motivation after racing season or are just competitive (you know who you are …), I hope that you will join me.

I’ve actually never run a 10K before and am looking forward to seeing what I can pull off at that distance. On October 10 I will have had exactly one week to recover from my third marathon.

Create your own race bib, featuring the #10, to be eligible for extra prizes!

Here are the details.

When: Anytime October 1 – October 15

Email me [ runningdivamom at charter dot net ] with a link to your race report, photos and finishing time by midnight on Sunday, October 17. Race reports and prizes will be announced on October 18.

Distance: 10K (6.2 miles)

Cost: FREE


Fastest Time: Five packets of Gu Energy Gel

Most Creative Race Bib (featuring the #10): One Pair of Chrissy’s Knee High Socks

One Random Winner: One Pair of Ryders Eyewear Sunglasses w/ Case

Now, go ahead! Simply, LEAVE A COMMENT (HERE) to let me know you’re committed. Feel free to repost about this virtual race on your own blog. Thank you for spreading the word!


  1. you've motivated me to run 10 miles on 10/10/10! Thanks!! :)

  2. that will be a great way for me to get back running after the short break I plan on taking after Sunday's 1/2 marathon. :D

  3. I'm in! I have 7 on my schedule that weekend so 6.2 will be dedicated to this vitual race. :-)

  4. I am running the Chicago Marathon that day- does that count??? I can devote 6.2 ( maybe the last 6.2) to you!! I will need all the motivation/ inspiration at that point.

  5. Ok Im in but am running a 1/2 marathon the next weekend, will that do? Will post my info that night (oct 17th) k?

  6. I'm in!! I have 16 that day so 6.2 will be for this race. Can't wait. How fun!!

  7. I'll be doing the Komen 5K that day and I'm not sure I'll be able to fit in the extra miles. It's a great idea and I'm looking to do a 10K soon - it's a distance I haven't run yet. You know what that means - automatic PR :)!

  8. LOVE this idea, fantastic!! I am not even close to being back to 10K yet (or even two 5K's right now, haha!) But I love reading your blog to keep me motivated!!

  9. Okay, I'm new at the idea of virtual races, so I have some questions. Does it have to actually be a 10K race? Or do you just run 6.2 miles on your own, take photos and blog about it, and that counts as an entry?

    Amy Lauren

  10. Ok so yesterday I ran the 6 miles and here's my link to it.http://nikerunning.nike.com/nikeos/p/nikeplus/en_US/plus/?sitesrc=fbk_ab_plus#//runs/detail/875012214/1371170556/all/allRuns/
    Will post on my blog the bib sometime this weekend.