Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miles for August

I had high hopes for August of reaching close to 200 miles for the month (for the very first time) and only taking four days of rest. I had hoped to get some doubles in during the evening hours with Little Diva on her bike. But, after her incident earlier this month, we haven't gotten back out there together ... yet.

I ran two half marathons in August and just barely missed breaking two hours with both. I have not worked on speedwork at all. I met up with all sorts of cool bloggers out there (hi peeps!) at the Chicago Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon and the Madison Mini Marathon.

I enjoyed the end of summer to the fullest and spent a lot of time with the kids outside and in the water. I took four unplanned days of rest, due to going out of town and/or family events (and didn't get up early to run). Though I made running a priority .... I didn't make it my FIRST priority. And, that's fine with me. I still ran over 150 miles again this month. And, that's not too shabby.

August: 158.9
July: 150.5
June: 101.8
May: 163.9
April: 145.2
March: 115.9
February: 116.7
January: 132.5

Total for 2010: 1,085.3
Miles 'til 1,400 mileage goal: 314.7

Total Rest Days in August: 4 planned / 8 taken

5 Long Runs in August: 13.1, 13.1, 22,13.1, 20
Looking on to September .....

I took yesterday off, because I am not feeling well. Though I wanted to get those four extra miles in for the month ... I didn't. I've been feeling achy and tired for the past couple of days (ever since my 20 miler on Sunday). I even have been getting cold sweats (especially in the evenings). I'm not sure if I'm just exhausted from the awesome summer I had with the kids ... am tired from all of the miles I've ran ... or if I'm getting sick. But, I'm listening.

We dropped Little Diva off at first grade this morning. She seemed happy and confident to be back at school today. Afterall, she's an "upperclassman" now! None of us even shed a tear. She is going to have a great year.

After Little Diva and Little Dude were safe at their destinations, I returned home to my quiet home. I have decided to take the day off of work to rest and relax. I never stay home sick from work (and do feel really guilty about it), but I really do need this. I will be spending the day napping, watching tv, reading blogs and maybe even reading a book (gasp!). Nothing else. My butt will be on the couch all day long. I am taking another day off of running and will enjoy it. Normally, I would have a list a mile long of things to tackle, having the house all to myself ... but I'm ignoring it.

Starting tomorrow, I will be tackling my final month of marathon training. I will only have Little Dude home with me on Mondays and Fridays. So, that means we'll be logging a lot of miles, while I push his plastic car around the neighborhood again. Our treadmill also died earlier this week. So, that is just fantastic. I'm hoping to log 168 miles during the month of September. Afterall, that's what the training plan is sayin' ... staring at me in the face ... on my refrigerator ...

Speaking of the refrigerator ... recently, I've seen so many running peeps posting pics of their refrigerators and what's inside.

Here's what was inside our refrigerator earlier this week (our essentials):

  • Lots of milk for the kids (hubby and I only drink it with cereal and cookies!)
  • Gatorade and G2
  • Fuel Belt bottles and GoLite bottles filled with water and Gatorade
  • Eggs
  • Reunite (though we never seem to have the time to drink it on the weekends, because there is always a long training run or race the next day!)
  • Lots of sugar-free coffee creamer
  • Lots and lots of fat-free yogurt (I eat 3-4 cartons a day)
  • Fresh strawberries, blueberries and raspberries (for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner)
What items are always stocked
in YOUR refrigerator??
Did you achieve your goals for August?
How will things change for September??


  1. wow, nice job! that's still a lot of miles!! little diva ia adorable! hope she has a great school year! Ryan and i ALWAYS have red peppers and milk stocked in our fridge! good luck with september!

  2. Congrats on a good month. 158 is still a whole lot of miles. My fridge:is usually bursting with dairy products. When all other things run out we still have dairy, bread, and eggs.

    September changes everything because I'm headed back to work. My goal: keep head above water.

  3. Wowza - 158 miles?! I felt awesome doing 87 miles, but you put me to shame! My goal was 80, so I'm happy. My goal in Sept. is to stick to a schedule so I won't forget to swim, bike and lift instead of just run all the time.

  4. That's good for August, even if you didn' meet your goal.

  5. she is too cute!

    great job on your miles!

  6. Little Diva looks adorable! My fridge always has milk, salad mix, yogurt, and bacon bits. How embarrassing! Even when I've just shopped it is empty!

    Way to go on your miles. Sometimes it is good to let life get in the way!

  7. I'm new to checking out running blogs, and trying to start one of my own to help motivate me to stick to my training, and complete the Portland Marathon in a decent time. You have a great blog, and some inspiring posts. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the motivation.:)

  8. You had an awesome running month! Woohoo!
    I'm sorry you're not feeling well, but I think you are doing the right thing by staying home and resting. I hope you feel better soon!

  9. Such great pics of the kids! Little diva looks so cute and so grown up next to her brother.

  10. How cute is she with her little backpack! Fridge is pretty empty at the moment...August running goals were not achieved because of vacation and laziness....And September is going to be a better month of running at least 3 days per week!
    Hope you are feeling better!

  11. great job on august! hope you are feeling better and had a nice day off!

  12. Still an impressive month in terms of miles.

    Hope you're feeling better. Glad you are listening to your body and resting!

    My refrigerator always has water, powerade zero and fruit!

  13. Great stats for August! Looks like you need to adjust the 1400mi goal cause you'll be there way before 12/31! I hope you enjoyed your day of R&R, thy are good to have every now and then to recoup.

  14. I love back to school photos! And pig tails ROCK!

    Didn't you see the outside of my 'fridge? Do you really want to see what the inside looks like? Really?

  15. Great mileage for August. It's really high. I think your marathon was in May and you almost matched that month.

    Your kiddos are so cute in those pics.

  16. Seems like a lot of people were really fatigued this week. I think the heat really got to everyone. I'm excited about Lakefront! Only 1 month away from today!