Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Running Mama's Saturday

I love being a mama (most of the time!) and am obsessed with my running (most of the time!). Since hubby is not home today and our treadmill is still broken, I still haven't gotten my run in today!!!

However, my day still seems to revolve around the kids ... and my running ...

I WILL get that run in later ...

I love to hit thrift stores. I visited my local Savers and got all of this for less than $15.

A running skirt for Little Diva, an sports bra and to wicking running tops. All in my size and all my style. Love it!

Little Diva had a dance team clinic this morning, held by the high school dance team. Little Dude and I ran some errands and then picked up Little Diva after her camp. That girl loves to perform! She sported her new running skirt and her rainbow knee high socks from Pride Socks (HERE). Lots and lots of comments on those socks today!!

I can't wait to see her perform their routine at the football game, to "Baby" by Justin Beiber. Now, I have had that song in my head all day.

The kids and I headed towards the other side of town to the running store. I knew that there was a McDonald's in the area that we hadn't visited before. They also had a nice play area, including one for toddlers. I love the excitement on their faces when we go somewhere new. The way they run towards the play area, ready to play for hours. Even if it's the same old crappy food, it's still a new, fun experience for them. It keeps things exciting.
I also love that since I've discovered so many new parks, places and picnic spots on my long runs ... I often take the kids somewhere new. Today, when we showed up at this McDonald's (about 15 miles from our house), Little Diva asked ... "How did you know about this place?! Do you run over here?!".

The kids and I headed over to Fleet Feet Sports in Madison (HERE). I had received a call that my new pairs of Brooks Adrenalines had arrived. I had stopped by last week, during Ironman, and they were out of my big size 10's. They had a nice kids play area and table to entertain the kids while I shopped. Little Diva also enjoyed looking over the assortment of Sweaty Bands!
I was able to try on an adorable running skirt that was 50% off and I got it for only $30!! I also loaded up on some energy gels and bars. I was able to use my $15 off coupon from the Running Diva Mom bloggers meet up last month -- yeah! Still a hefty bill when I checked out ... but cheap considering it all came from a running store!!
I loaded up on some old favorites and some new items that I wanted to try, including Bonk Breaker Bars in (chocolate peanut butter and also PB&J), and Accel-Gels. I can't wait to try some of these on my long runs and at my marathon ... in two weeks!!

On the way back home, the kids and I stopped at Bean Sprouts Cafe (HERE) in Middleton, WI. We have been there a few times before. It's always a fun experience. The kids get a kick out of the special little things they thought of when creating this cafe for children. If you're ever in the Madison area with your children -- you definitely need to check it out. And, for those of you that read this blog ... and that have been there with our kiddos ... we need to go back soon. You know who you all are!!
The cafe also does birthday parties, tea parties, free story time and fun, interactive cooking classes (HERE) for children. I hope to get Little Diva over there someday for one of our mommy/daughter dates.
We rarely eat out with the kids anymore -- it's just not worth the time or the effort for how quickly we try to scarf our food down before there is a tantrum. Bean Sprouts is totally geared towards kids. Just look at this ...

Stroller parking!

Big Sprouts / Little Sprouts Doors
The kids continue to get a kick out of this!

Big Potty / Little Potty in both of their restrooms
Kids potty supplies, too!
Thank you, Bean Sprouts ...
I had been trying to get Little Dude to sit on the potty all day ... success!!
Bumbo Seats everywhere for the infants
Sorry, Littla Diva ... you're a big girl now

Step stools everywhere

Since our visit last year, they have also added a kitchen and grocery store to their play area.

Bins for placing toys with germs

Fun play area with chalkboards

Floor seats and booster seats everywhere

Drawing / creation station

The cafe features a food menu (with entree sizes for children and adults), snacks and drinks and smoothies. The menu is available online (HERE). The prices are a little more than fast food, but totally worth the healthy options you get there and the experience. We've tried several of the items on their menu during our four trips to Bean Sprouts. We've never been disappointed.
Today we tried the Pink Patootie smoothie (they gave me an extra cup with the leftovers - yum!), chocolate milk, fruit salsa with baked cinnamon chips, and a fun chocolate cake lollipop from the bakery case.
They also sell tons of organic foods, yummy baby foods (aka Baby Bites), playdate platters, and healthy sides.

Do you eat out with your kids?
Where can you take them and avoid a tantrum?!


  1. Little Diva in those socks is too cute!! And what a score at the thrift store!

  2. What an awesome day!! Love the skirt your scored! And that BeanSprouts place looks great.
    I do eat out with my kids some, alone...usually just some place like Chickfila where I know that 1. they will eat the food and 2. they have a nice play area and the kids will play so I can eat.

  3. What a score on the thrift store shopping trip! I can never find stuff like that when I go, but I'm going to be expanding my horizons in that area soon. That restaurant seems amazing! I wish I could find somewhere like that to take my kids to... mine do a pretty good job of not melting down when we go out to eat but there is always that possibility lurking in the shadows....

  4. Sounds like a fun day! I would be lost without my treadmill, though!

  5. Love that new running skirt.

  6. Sounds like a great place - wish we had one here in MA!

  7. Awesome shopping. Chocolate cake lollipops! I need one of those!

  8. I love the Accelerade products - hope they work well for you!

  9. Who ever came up with the Bean Sprouts idea is genius! Looks like a fun place. I don’t think we have anything like that in Dallas although I don’t have kiddos (yet) so maybe I have my blinders on to fun suff like that.

    Looks like you hit the jack pot at the thrift store! Love the fun colors! Workout stuff can be pretty pricey.

    Girl I have piles and piles of junk! Wait until you see my laundry room. I have a picture I took of it before I did my mini make over…whew it looked like a bomb went off in there.

    Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

  10. I love it! I want to go to Bean Sprouts! Color me jealous! Those kiddos are adorable!

  11. I am so jealous of that restaurant... how awesome! If I had the money, I'd open one up. Great concept. And totally envious of your running skirt find... that looks like a skirtsports skirt, so $30 is a steal!

  12. Bean Sprouts looks like an awesome place! The only place we can reliably take the girls is Moe's. They love having a taco and a cookie on the same plate!

  13. I love Bean Sprouts. I keep telling my husband that we need to take Jaden there the next time we are in Madison. Kid friendly and vegetarian friendly. Love, love, love it!!!