Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Long Run ... I'm Ready!

Yesterday was my last long(ish) run before my 26.2 mile journey at Lakefront Marathon next Sunday. I had ten miles my schedule. I headed out the door in pink shorts, hot pink CEP Socks (HERE), a long sleeve top from iRUNLIKEAGIRL (HERE) and pink winter gloves ... and NO BONDI BAND (gasp!)! I opted for a hot pink winter hat to keep me warm. I was definitely advertising that I was a running chick yesterday!! It was chilly and sunny when I headed out at 9 am for ten miles.

I looped around in my neighborhood and on some pedestrian paths. I returned home to my mailbox and had finished ten miles.

I mentioned earlier. I have been marathon training all year long. Happy to have this last long run behind me. I finished a marathon over Memorial Day weekend. And then started a whole other training cycle again in June. I'm really to run for fun again and have some fun races on my schedule this fall.

I am soooo ready for this marathon. I am so excited to see what I can do in ideal weather this time and on a flat course.

I have been having some problems with my feet. I think it stems from the high heels and pointy shoes I wear to work. It's causing major problems (bunions) and aches and pains in the top of my feet. I am going to be taking great care of my feet over the next week. And, hopefully that will convince me to take care of them forever.

I also have been having some strang groin pain. This started after my last 20 miler. I am not sure if I strained something as I pushed through those last couple of miles, making my legs move under me. Sometimes this excrusiating pain will strike for no reason. It was terrible when Little Dude and I were out on a walk last week. I even had to find a bench to sit on for a bit. I hope that this doesn't decide to show up next Sunday.

I used my Yurbuds again yesterday. It was chilly and a little windy. They held up perfectly for my ten miler. Never moved, sounded great, never fell out. Nothing. I found myself adjusting my pace and my stride with each song. I'm enjoying running with music again, when I want to. and, I thank Yurbuds for that opportunity.
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In other news this weekend .....

Little Dude and I opened Target at 8 am on Friday morning. We picked up we needed and I remembered I had a coupon for a $3 latte. Sweet. I ordered my ___ (insert complicated drink name here) and waited. I asked what I owed and she said, "Oh, I accidentally ringed your coupon up as a free drink. Consider it a Friday treat." Sweet. Free Starbuck's!

Little Dude was so into my whipped cream, that they gave him a Starbuck's cuncoction of his own!!

Saturday, I headed through a different Starbuck's drive-thru with the kiddos and tried to use a gift card I had. I ordered a Pumpkin Spice Latte and tried to use my gift card. Puzzled, she said, "Our gift card system isn't working this afternoon. Consider it a treat.". I couldn't believe it. BTW ... free Starbuck's tastes even better than regular Starbuck's!

I was at the mall with Little Dude and Little Diva on Saturday. Little Diva had been talking about getting her ears pierced for her birthday this winner, or maybe earlier. We walked past Claire's and she asked if she could get them done. I said sure, assuming she'd be hesitant and backout. After Grandma said that she'd treat for the special occassion, we both were excited about doing it!

Little Diva picked out her earrings and the second piercer came over so that they could do them at the same time. It takes three nurses and myself to hold Little Diva down during shots at the doctor's office. So, I was fearing the worse. She cried a little but sat very still, as I sat in front of her and talked to her straight into her eyes. I held her hands. And, they pierced both ears. She took a huge breath and said it wasn't so bad.

Tears wiped away and a very, very proud Little Diva.

On Sunday, the four of us took a two hour trek to Gays Mills, Wisconsin (HERE). We had this visit on our calendar for a month or so. And, it happened to fall on the weekend of their Apple Festival (HERE). Gays Mills is the Apple Capital of Wisconsin. It's a nice scenic drive with hills and valleys and the fall colors are pretty amazing right now.

It was crazy busy when we arrived and there were cars and people everywhere. We headed up the hill to to orchards and purchased all sorts of amazing apple and pumpkin items: honeycrips apples, McIntosh apples, apple butter, apple pizza, apple pie, turtle candies, and mini pumpkins.

It was fun picking up something at most of the orchards and bakeries. There were petting zoos, little play areas, free samples, bakeries, antique shops and we even did part of a free corn maze.

We headed downtown and looked at the craft show and put the kids on a few rides at the carnival. The carnival was small, but was a nice way to make the kids happy at the end of the day.

I think it was worth the two hour drive. And, the kids had fun. We'll definitely be back in the future.

Do you and your family have a
favorite, kid-friendly
fall destination?


  1. You had a busy weekend! Enjoy your taper before your upcoming marathon!!

  2. Sounds like a fantastic weekend!! Good luck at your marathon!

  3. We go to Apple Hill every year (sam etype of thing you went to).

  4. I agree free starbucks way better than the ones i pay for :)
    Make sure you gently stretch the hip flexors. Maybe they are just tight.

  5. Loved your pink run!

    Free coffee is even better!

    Congrats to little diva for being brave.

    Looks like a great weekend.

  6. Sounds like you guys had a fun weekend! We have a fun place called Port Farms. They have hay rides, corn mazes, huge slides, lots of fun things. I can't wait to take my boys for the first time!

  7. Awesome job on the last long run. I'm so ready for the race, too.

  8. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Can I ask a question? When you first started to run, did you like it right away. I have tried running various times in my life, and every time I give up after a few runs because I just feel sick. Does this go away after a while?

  9. Free Starbucks x2!! Score! Congrats to little diva - all grown up.

  10. Hope the feet and groin both feel great as you get ready to head to your next marathon. You've done the training so I bet you'll do really well!

    Free Starbucks - the planets must have aligned for you!

    The apple festival sounds like a lot of fun.

  11. ok, SO not ready to see gloves and hats yet! eek! good luck to you!
    congrats to little diva, what a big girl! i can't believe how much she looks like you! she is just adorable!!!

  12. What a fun post to read! Free starbuck--twice! Little Dude getting his own Starbucks (his little smile is very cute). And Little Diva getting her ears pierced (isn't that such a neat moment for mother/daughter?).

    Good luck next Sunday! You have trained so hard and so long. The weather will be perfect.

    So glad you got a treadmill too. Just in time to hibernate.

    Finally...where is Gays Mills?

  13. Oh my gosh... Little Diva looks so proud of her pierced ears! I love it! :) And you should go buy a lottery ticket... with your luck at Starbucks you are certain to win!

  14. CONGRATS on the last long run, you will rock! As far as the feet go, it could be the heels for work, I have the same problem but can't bring myself to switch to flats!

  15. Yipee for free Starbucks! Way to go on your training! You have been working really hard so now is the time to enjoy your labor!

  16. Free Starbucks - YAY!
    Free Starbucks, twice? Girl, you have some good luck going there!
    Little Diva is brave. I remembered piercing my ear when I was 17 and I was such a chicken. Big chicken.
    Your kids are adorable!

  17. We love apple picking in the fall too! We've gone twice already. congrats on the last long run! ummmm and I think that pic of little diva is the CUTEST ever!!!!

  18. Yay for getting in your last long run! You are going to do awesome in your marathon!
    Yay for free Starbucks...that just rocks!
    And, Yay for little Diva getting her ears pierced!

  19. OMG so jealous! Love the bux!

  20. Last long run = taper. I always find the taper to be difficult. After so many months of training and adding the miles it's hard to cut back. It's all so mental.

    I ran my first marathon last Sat and because I'm sharing this with pretty much everyone here's a link if you would like to take a peek

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  22. Just found your blog, and I love it! I am running LFM this weekend, too! I am looking forward to it (being over)! ;) Good luck!

  23. Wait... It's knit hat cold where you live already? Dang! I was excited about lows of 64 this week.

  24. It seems that you are really ready, I like the picture and the post. The run looks great!!!

  25. This place sounds adorable. I wish is wasn't so far away.

  26. Sounds like a great weekend! Hope taper went well and good luck this weekend!