Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Custom Training Program Sale - THIS WEEK ONLY

I'm a busy mom of three. I know how busy life can be!! But I also know that running and following my passions have made me a really awesome mom and spouse! I just finished my 14th marathon this month and have another 60 half marathons under my belt.

I want to help you make yourself a priority, too! If you are interested in starting a running/walking program or want to run your first 5k or half marathon - I can totally help you design your fitness routine around your famil...y's busy schedule. Together we will make you a priority -- and I will hold you accountable with my weekly check ins and motivation. I have worked with more than 700 women to help them realize just how awesome they are!!

This week I'm offering my custom training programs at the reduced, one-time rate of $75. This also includes weekly accountability check ins. Reach out and I'll send you my custom training program survey so that we can get started on your journey ...


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