Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Hospital Bag - CHECK

One more thing was crossed off of the to do list this past weekend.  My hospital bag was packed for December.  I had to laugh after the whole five minutes it took for me to stuff the suitcase and zip it up. 
Twelve years ago, I packed my first hospital bag, with the impending arrival of Little Diva in December.  I made a list, checked it one, two, three, (more!) times.  I packed cute matching pajamas and comfy socks, I shaved my legs at the hospital, and I remember that I packed tall, black high-heeled boots to wear home with blue jeans and a blouse.  I wore full makeup every day at the hospital and I even packed my hot rollers.  I remember sitting with the newborn near my bed, while I rolled my hair in rollers eight hours after she was born.  The nurse walked in and asked what I was doing and I told her this was my morning routine.  She must have thought, "Man, is this girl's life going to change".  And it did.
On to my third child and a lifestyle change in every which way, I am more comfortable in my skin and more comfortable being ... well, comfortable.  This time, I packed a hairbrush, some elastic hairbands, toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, two pairs of sweatpants, some race shirts, a pair of leggings and some new nursing bras, the baby book.  I made a short list of things to throw in in a pinch:  the camera, chargers, the car seat and yes - my makeup bag for a little touch up.
It literally took me five minutes to throw everything in.
I'm less concerned this time about how I will appear to visitors.  How I will look in pictures.  I just want to be comfortable and content and enjoy those precious moments.  All that matters is that when that little girl looks into my eyes; that she bonds with her mommy, recognizes my voice and feels safe and comfortable in my arms.

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