Thursday, September 13, 2012

Three Things Thursday


OK - I admit it ... I'm obsessed with Pinterest.  I joined this summer and have been pinning daily.  I can't help myself.  Things I like.  Things I want.  Things I want to do.  Projects for the kids.  Advice.  Places I want to see.  Organization.  Decorating.  Planning for the future.  Motivation.  Inspiration.  Living in the moment. 
I find a lot of my daily quotes on the site.  I have been enjoying collecting fun projects or free entertainment for the kids. 

Even if I don't use some of the pins immediately, the site inspires me to be more creative, more thrifty, and a better version of myself.  I can't explain it.

I warned you.

Are you on Pinterest?  You can follow my pins over (HERE).


Last week, Little Diva participated in her first Girls on the Run practice.  She is participating at one of the Girls on the Run Dane County (HERE) locations.  Girls on the Run is my absolute, favorite organization and I'm excited that Little Diva wanted to give it a try.  This popular organization educates young girls on many aspects of their development - physical, emotional, mental and social well-being.  These lessons provide the girls with the tools to make positive decisions and to avoid risky adolescent behaviors. 

Meeting twice a week, along with the curriculum, they also train for a 5K event.  Little Diva and I will be running in the Girls on the Run Dane County 5K in Waunakee on Saturday, November 10 (HERE).  This GOTR event is one of my favorite running events of the entire year and I always look forward to it.  I can't wait to experience it with Little Diva this year.


Through my day job, I'm helping coordinate our fundraising efforts for the American Heart Association Heart Walk.  Our team from the University of Wisconsin will be walking the Heart Walk event on Saturday, October 13 in Madison.  I've agreed to help co-captain the event, and fundraise, even though I cannot participate.  A previously scheduled (and trained for!) marathon will be taking up all of my energy that morning.

If anyone in Madison is intersted in participating in a fun event for a great cause, please consider joining the SMPH (Simply Marvelous People with Heart) Team, by making a donation to my fundraising page (HERE).

Thank you for your support!


  1. My daughter is a 3rd grader this year and I asked her if she wanted to do GOTR. She said yes, I was so excited for her! Our season hasn't started yet, but I hope she loves it.

  2. I love Pinterest too! I hope Little Diva likes the Girls on the Run program - I've heard great things about it!